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About Alpharetta

Alpharetta is a small city located in central Georgia. It’s located just a short way from the major hub of Atlanta, making it a convenient place to live if you want to get away from the big city but still have close access when you have certain things you need. You’ll also find that Alpharetta has a ton of opportunities thanks to a plethora of tech companies that have decided to call the small-town home. It’s also known as an education hub for families with some of the highest-rated schools in the nation.

One thing that Alpharetta is known for despite being a smaller city is the large amount of nature there is to explore. You’ll find hiking and biking trails, well-maintained parks, and community gathering areas that are perfect for the kids and family. Alpharetta has just the right mix of city amenities with small-town charm that both visitors and locals love.

The weather in Alpharetta ranges from mild to downright hot. A Georgia summer can be quite taxing if you’re unfamiliar with it. You won’t find it quite as hot as the microclimate in Atlanta, but it’s still a good idea to wear your sunscreen and maybe spend those really hot days indoors planning your next girls' night out, company training session, or working on that film production.

Attractions in Alpharetta

Even though it’s on the smaller side, Alpharetta isn’t short on things to do and see. You’ll find great southern food, museums, and art, as well as plenty of nature to explore. Not to mention plenty of history and culture to go along with everything else. Whether you just want to explore on your day off or find something fun to do, Alpharetta has just what you need. Plus, Atlanta is only a short drive away if you’re craving some big-city excitement

  • Wills Park
    In terms of local attractions, Wills Park is much more than trees and nature. Not only does it have hiking and biking trails, but it also has numerous ball fields, a swimming area, an equestrian arena, and a dog park. Pretty much any kind of outdoor activity you can think of can be found in this one park. If you like doing things outdoors, then you simply have to check out Wills Park while you’re in the area.

  • Cogburn Park and Arboretum
    If you happen to be taking a walk near the main street in Alpharetta, then Cogburn Park and Arboretum is a nice little detour where you can relax and play some games with the kids. This small park just off the main street has games, play areas, and amenities that are free to use for everyone and offers a welcome distraction to a day of business meetings or event planning.

  • Mansell House and Gardens
    The Marshall House and Gardens is a fully functional antique southern mansion and surrounding gardens. The home stands almost exactly as it did when it was built in 1820 and is available for tours and events. If you want to experience a true piece of Southern history, then you simply must check out the Marshall House and Gardens.

  • Avalon
    Though the name sounds like something out of a fantasy novel, the Avalon is a multi-use shopping complex in the heart of Alpharetta. You can find high-end shops, exquisite dining, smaller boutiques, and more all in this one development. If you’re looking for a place to experience some of the finer things that Alpharetta has to offer, then look no further than the Avalon.

  • Big Creek Greenway
    Should you be feeling adventurous while in Alpharetta, you might want to take a tour of the Big Creek Greenway. The Greenway is an eight-mile stretch of walking, biking, rollerblading, and jogging path that is part of a trail that travels a portion of the length of Big Creek. For those that want to get some activity in during their downtime, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss to exercise and enjoy nature at the same time.

Production Locations in Alpharetta

When you’re putting together any type of production, oftentimes it’s the setting that can make all the difference. The wonderful thing about Alpharetta is that there is a lot to find in this small city. From quaint homes to historic buildings, to dense patches of nature, there’s a backdrop for almost anything you might want to produce, plus with great weather almost year-round, you’ve got plenty of days you can be outside if that suits your needs.

  • Milton Equestrian Estate
    When you need a place to get some filming done, you might as well go for the biggest you can find right? The Milton Equestrian Estate on 22+ acres is a dream landscape for anyone filming a movie or TV show. The stunning views, lush green lawn, and immaculate decor paint a picturesque setting that not even Hollywood could fabricate. Definitely worth a look if you’re in need of a production space.

  • Houses or Condos
    If you’re not up for something so massive, then you might want a regular home to film out of. There are a number of homes available in varying sizes and styles that could make for a great setting for filming, interviewing, or anything else you can imagine. Choosing a cozy beach house on the water or an elegant apartment with stellar views would be the perfect production space in Alpharetta.

  • Studio Spaces
    Since studio spaces are set up specifically for productions, choosing a studio space in Alpharetta for your shoot would be perfect. The city is packed full of great studios from the modern and spacious to the small and unique. Alpharetta has been used for many excellent films like Sully, The Change-Up, and Mother’s Day.

Meeting and Event Venues in Alpharetta

Planning a sales conference, business meeting, birthday party or even just a dinner with friends can be a very stressful time. Even more so if you’re in a new city and don’t quite know what to look for just yet. Alpharetta has a lot to offer visitors and locals and you’ll find that no matter what you’re trying to put together, there’s a place for it in Alpharetta.

  • Egyptian Style Restaurant
    If you’re hosting a birthday party or dinner party, then the location you choose should also be memorable. Why not choose something with a theme then, like an Egyptian-style restaurant complete with decor and trimmings. What better way to create some memories than with a venue that is sure to stand out?

  • Lots of Sports Bars
    Another option for getting people together is one of the many sports bars that are available for your next event. They offer a cozy environment complete with drinks, billiards tables, and plenty of room to relax. In fact, the perfect way to have a nice calm night out is at a sports bar.

  • Offices or Meeting Rooms
    What better place to have a meeting or corporate party than an office or meeting room? These spaces are typically furnished with seating and tables, décor, and restrooms as well as AV equipment and other office needs. Choosing an office or meeting room for your corporate party venue in Alpharetta is perfect.