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Need help finding the perfect venue in Kansas City, MO?
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About Kansas City

Sitting pretty on the banks of the Missouri River, and on either side of the Missouri/Kansas border, Kansas City is Missouri’s largest city. Also known as KC and the City of Fountains, this metropolis is known for its jazz music, its Art Deco architecture, and some of the best BBQ spots anywhere in the country.

Boasting a fascinating history and a rejuvenated downtown area, Kansas City is one of those places that blend the old and the new. This is great news for filmmakers and photographers, as it means there’s a unique and diverse range of Kansas City production venues to choose from. Meeting planners and event organizers are similarly spoiled for choice, so let’s take a look at how you can find your dream Kansas City venue.

Attractions in Kansas City

Kansas City boasts a rich history along with a number of memorable family-friendly attractions. Here are just a few of the spots worth checking out if you’re spending the day being a tourist in the city.

  • National WWI Museum and Memorial
    America’s official WWI museum and memorial, this must-visit site is home to an amazingly diverse collection of objects and documents relating to WWI. Located in the downtown area, it offers a remarkable and important insight into the courage and sacrifice of those who served in the war that was meant to end all wars.

  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
    Craving some culture? The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is the city’s favorite cultural attraction and showcases artworks dating from 5,000 years ago right through to modern times. Best of all, admission is free.

  • Kansas City Zoo
    Family-friendly fun doesn’t get any better than spending a day at the Kansas City Zoo. This 200-acre-plus zoo is home to over 1,700 animals, including Humboldt penguins, orangutans, big cats, and many more.

Production Locations in Kansas City

Kansas City production venues are a pretty diverse bunch. Large and small, historic and modern, industrial and residential — the options are pretty much endless. So regardless of whether you’re scouting around for the perfect Kansas City filming location or searching for photoshoot spaces, be sure to compare a host of options before deciding on the right venue for your needs.

  • Office Spaces
    Need to capture authentic workplace scenes in a real-life office? You’ll find a host of offices and workspaces available for hire as production venues in Kansas City. Shop around to find one that captures the unique ‘day-to-day grind’ vibe you’re trying to recreate.

  • Bars and Breweries
    Kansas City has bars and breweries that reflect a variety of scenes and themes. From swanky jazz clubs to modern sports bars, Irish pubs to wine bars, there are options to suit myriad visual needs. This underground club is an ode to Kansas City’s rich jazz history and offers an elegant backdrop for creative projects.

  • Private Homes
    From humble family homes to modern mansions, there’s an eclectic range of private homes available for hire as filming locations in Kansas City. Compare a range of options to find a space that matches the look and feel you’re going for.

  • Exhibition and Event Spaces
    From exhibition halls and function rooms to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that have been repurposed as event venues, you’ll find an eclectic range of backdrops on offer. Many also provide a taste of Kansas City’s history, adding an extra layer of interest and character to any scene.

Event and Meeting Venues in Kansas City

Choosing the best Kansas City event space is a matter of deciding exactly what sort of event you want to create — the ambiance you want and the key features the space simply must-have. There are similar factors to consider when comparing Kansas City meeting venues, so develop a clear idea of your needs and wants before you start comparing spaces in the area.

  • Office Spaces and Meeting Rooms
    Ready to get down to business and make some important decisions? Meeting rooms, conference rooms, and office spaces are your go-to venues. You’ll also find meeting spaces in Kansas City to suit everything from casual brainstorming sessions to formal board meetings, plus rooms to suit two people or a couple of dozen.

  • Cafes and Coffee Shops
    Cafes and coffee shops work well either as Kansas City event venues or meeting spaces. If you’re planning a lazy Sunday morning brunch with a handful of close friends, for example, a comfortable and intimate cafe could be the perfect setting. And if you’re in the mood for an informal meeting, find a quiet corner in a cafe and chat over coffee. This rustic cafe in the eclectic Crossroads Arts District is ideal for casual and cozy meetings.

  • Bars and Breweries
    Kansas City knows how to party. So if you’re looking for somewhere to sink a few drinks and let your hair down, you’re spoiled for choice. Bars and breweries in Kansas City offer vibes to match whatever occasion you’re celebrating, whether you’re hosting a swanky corporate bash or a raucous 21st birthday party. The key is finding the bar or brewery that has just the right atmosphere for your social or corporate event.

  • Patios and Terraces
    Outdoor events and celebrations can sometimes have a little touch of magic that many indoor events lack. If you want to treat your guests to an event they’ll remember for years to come, why not consider the best outdoor event venues in Kansas City? Outdoor patios and terraces offer the sort of laid-back elegance that suits cocktail parties, social soirees, and even corporate events, so it’s worth comparing a few awesome alfresco spaces to find exactly what you’re looking for.