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Top venues in Mosman, AU

A French Burgeois Vibes Restaurant
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a day
  • Mosman
Waterside Restaurant with Stunning Views in Mosman
  • $250/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Responds within 1 hr
  • Mosman
Need help finding the perfect venue in Mosman, AU?
Need help finding the perfect venue in Mosman, AU?
Our concierge team will help you find what you're looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for locations in Mosman?
Booking prices vary with the property type, features, and rental length, but rates generally range from $50 to $300 per hour for spaces in Mosman.
What is the most popular attendee range in Mosman?
Group size varies with the type of event or activity, but 1-5 people is a popular range in Mosman.
What is the average hourly minimum for locations in Mosman?
The average minimum booking time is 3 hours for locations in Mosman.
What is the average square feet of locations in Mosman?
There's a great range of spaces in Mosman, with an average size of 1450 square feet.
What are the most popular locations in Mosman?
How many locations are available for rent in Mosman?
There are currently 4 locations available in Mosman.
Which location types are most popular in Mosman?
Mosman is a popular spot for Restaurant/Cafe and Event Space locations.
How many location types are available in Mosman?
Right now, there are at least 2 of different types of locations in Mosman.
How do I book a Mosman location on Giggster?
When you find the right venue, you can connect with the host to get additional info and work out the details. Once everything is all set, you can book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Learn more about booking locations.
How do I cancel a Mosman reservation request?
You can contact our team to request a cancellation. Learn more about our cancellation policy.

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About Mosman

Mosman is an active town located in Lower North Shore Sydney, one of the largest cities in New South Wales, Australia. It has a vibrant economy due to its strategic location, which lies eight kilometers from Sydney's central business district in the northeast region of Sydney. The Mosman suburban area is an active area that has promoted events, meetings, production, and content creation.

Mosman, Australia, has witnessed a surge in demand for major events, contributing to economic growth. The weather conditions are not harsh. The summer is short, warm, and dry compared to the long winter, which is always windy, cool, and wet.

Interestingly, Australians attribute economic growth as one of the benefits of major events. Most of these events are sports, popular music events, food, and wine. Mosman is the centre of several events, so you need to find a suitable venue for your meeting, event, or conference.

Attractions in Mosman

Mosman has several popular attractions that have remained the centre of tourist visitation. You will find more than 15 top sights in Mosman, Australia. These include parks, museums, historic sites, art galleries, and more. Mosman has many benefits to offer to both residents and foreigners. Several blockbuster movies have used different areas in Mosman in their movies. One of the movies is Fact of Life Down Under (1987), with several scenes set on Sydney Harbour, Taronga Zoo, Cremorne, and Cremorne Point.

  • Taronga Zoo
    One of the top sights in Mosman is the popular Taronga Zoo. Opened in 1916, the zoo remains the most anticipated place because of the wildlife and other animal exhibitions. The zoo has almost 70 acres with over 2,600 animals in 250 species. Some of the different exhibits include Great Southern Oceans, Reptile World, Tiger Trek, and the Rainforest Trail.

  • Headland Park
    Headland Park is a famous historic site that was once a military base. This is where the military stayed to look out for approaching enemy ships during the second world war. Take a hike through natural bushlands and the coastline with stunning views of the Sydney Harbour, Manly, and Vancluse. You can also enjoy a nice French meal at Frenchy’s Café.

  • Mosman Art Gallery
    Another great site to visit in Mosman is the art gallery. It remains a great asset to the economy of the suburb. Some of the programs that visitors anticipate include the Artists of Mosman exhibition, the Mosman Youth Art Prize, and the highly anticipated art competition. The art gallery has maintained its value in Mosman because of these programs. There are also continuous exhibitions that have contributed to the surge of visitors to the gallery.

  • Balmoral
    Balmoral is a lovely suburb that includes a beach with beautiful sights, eateries, and clean water. But Balmoral is more than just a beach. You can also enjoy a spa day at the Balmoral Baths, take a hike at Balmoral Park, or get a stunning view of the whole area from Carroll’s Lookout.

Production Locations in Mosman

Mosman keeps attracting innovators from all over the world. The city has several production spaces with amazing views, functions, class, and elegance. You’ll also find different production spaces, such as home apartments, film studios, location houses, and other sites for conferences, meetings, and events.

  • Estates and Homes
    The apartments in Mosman have important features like the kitchen, pool, gardens, and tennis courts. You can conveniently browse a variety of spaces from houses to studios throughout Mosman and book a venue in a few minutes. You can hire a conference room space and photography studio for content creation and production.

  • Studio Spaces
    Our range of studios also allows you to be in control of the setting, lighting, and scene while ensuring that you adapt to the space. You can always access several production spaces by booking photography studios, houses, and warehouse spaces for your projects, regardless of if it is a video shoot or a photo shoot.

  • Parks
    Looking for a filming location or standing set? Mosman's attractive parks are perfect spaces for filming, photoshoots, and content creation. These production sites offer convenience and ease for your projects to ensure a smooth creativity flow. The parks in Mosman are known for the movie theatres, arts, gardens, lakes, and more. You might need authorisation before you can start filming.

  • Shopping Centres
    Shopping centres require that you follow their policies regarding the privacy of other visitors. There are several shopping centres in Mosman that can be used for production. However, you have to follow the necessary guidelines. Explore Giggster to book the perfect shopping centre or mall for your next event.

Event and Meeting Venues in Mosman

The style of the venue remains the first thing people pay attention to during an event. Mosman has several meeting and event spaces, including homes, churches, restaurants, libraries, and gardens. The capacity of a venue is a factor to consider, and we offer diverse options that can best suit your project regardless of the size.

  • Conference Venues
    Conference venues often feature overnight accommodations. They are ideal for everything from a small company training to a large industry convention, as they can accommodate hundreds or thousands of people. Dual-purpose event spaces can give a more open and clear area for delegates to gather and discuss formal affairs, resulting in a more productive and uplifting environment.

  • Wedding Venues
    The wedding venues in Mosman are unique in that they can reflect the couple's preferences to create a more memorable and expressive celebration. The Sergeant’s Mess is a popular event and wedding venue right on the harbour that can accommodate up to 350 people. From churches, mansions, and parks to empty warehouses, stylish ballrooms, and modern townhomes, you can find what you are looking for in Mosman.

  • Event Centres
    There are several event spaces in Mosman where visitors can choose whichever suits their occasion. Some of the opportunities for events include hotels, banquet rooms, and conference rooms. You can also find historic sites that may be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Bars and Restaurants
    Looking for a space for a small gathering or a break after a conference meeting? Mosman offers excellent bars and restaurants for relaxation, networking, and socialising. Renting a bar or restaurant for a meeting or conference gives you everything you need including food, drinks, and restrooms. Zest, The Spit is a luxurious boathouse on the water where you can enjoy seating for up to 200 people.