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Hill Valley Hay Farm

We have 14 acres just outside of the Dallas / Fort Worth area in a country setting. About 12 acres is usable property and is slightly overgrown as it is a working hay farm. One section of the property is highly secluded from the main road and would be perfect for a long term smaller set location. Rates can be negotiated for sets that are left on location for future use. We do have a rustic barn on site that would more for visual as only about 60% of it is walkable. Most of the perimeter fences are older barb wire or pipe fence, with the front fence being a newly constructed pipe fence with brick column gate. Being that it is a working hay farm most of the time the land will look overgrown. Sections of the property can be mowed to fit a specific shoot. There is a newly constructed shop on the property that is not available for shooting but can be rented for short shoots that require high valuable items that need to be stored. There will also be a new residence being built on the property that will be off limits and not be available for rental.

Category and style


Dilapidated/Neglected, Ranch Style, Rustic


Private parking for 50 cars

Truck / motorhome on site parking: On property

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
566000 sq ft

Location Rules

No electricity usage
No smoking
No pyrotechnics of any kind including items that produce open flames or explosions or related items due to tall dry hay


Gravel/Dirt Driveway
Long Driveway
Asphalt/Concrete Driveway
Large Grounds
Large Yard
Overgrown Garden

Crew access

Street Level
Exact location provided after booking