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Textured Vintage Rainbow Boarding House of Queens

See our other locations linked below! We do not accommodate discounts and cannot be flexible with minimum hours. You cannot book this location for a few hours. Do not message to ask. This lowers our conversion rate and damages our SEO. We will say no. Film and Video productions (as opposed to still photography) have an additional fee of +$175/hour (i.e. 200/hr (base) + 175/hr (film surcharge) = $375/hr for film projects This surcharge is due to the need for multiple scouts, heavier footprint, wear & tear, and EQ associated with these shoots. Large impact network/commercial filming will require a customised fee schedule. Rainbow House is a photo and film location located in Ridgewood. If you're looking for a visual photo or video project with a unique color palette, this is where you need to be. This unique NYC Film Location with many interesting corners and props all suit into one inspiring aesthetic.This multi-unit location offers a variety of different spaces spread out over multiple floors. All rooms have a unique, vintage and raw feel that is hard to find in New York. The building looks very untouched and dates back to back in the day. Due to the buildings' history, there's also some Italian influences to be found in this building. Blended with an abundance of natural light every colour seems to fall perfectly in balance in this location. The chipped painting on the wall give this space character like nowhere else. Combined with the amount of natural light and the vintage decor, Rainbow House will help you realise your creative vision for your project. We manage several locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn and have experience in production. When you book one of our spaces, you'll be connected to an on-site representative who will be with you throughout your production to orient you in the space and answer any questions. Please note, some rooms are upstairs. This is a great space for all crew sizes as the location is spacious and expansive. A certificate of insurance is required of all productions. Upon booking this location it's required to sign a Location Agreement. #1 Casa Americana #2 Huge East Village Vintage Manor #3 East Village Bright Manhattan Collegiate Library #4 Downtown Manhattan Holy Chapel #5 Wood-Paneling, Carpet, Colourful Rocky's House #6 South Brooklyn Mission Mansion #7 Vintage Wallpaper Carpeted House in Queens #8 Large, 6 Story, Vacant Private School in Brooklyn #9 Unrenovated 70s Style Home in Staten Island #10 Ornate, Luxe, Manhattan Greystone #11 Texture Vintage Rainbow House in Queens #12 Park Slope Vacant Mansion #13 350 Year Old Colonial Style House in Brooklyn #14 Rocky’s House, South Brooklyn

Category and style


Dated/Retro, Dilapidated/Neglected


Truck / motorhome on site parking: Street

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
2100 sq ft
Main floor number:

Location Rules

No adult filming
No smoking
No alcohol


Hair/Makeup area


Wood Doors
Tiles Floor
Dated/50's to 70's Kitchen
Colored Walls

Crew access

Street Level
Exact location provided after booking