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About Los Gatos

Los Gatos is by all accounts a small town compared to its neighbor San Francisco. Though considered part of the San Francisco Bay area, the community itself is situated in the Santa Cruz foothills. What you wind up with is a small town atmosphere that is just a short drive away from all the big city attractions.

One of the best parts about Los Gatos is that you get stunning bay and mountain views wherever you look and there’s plenty of nature and outdoors to explore. If you’re looking for a filming location, a place to hold a meet and greet, or a picturesque photo shoot, you’ll find it in Los Gatos.

The weather is slightly cooler than other parts of SoCal and thanks to the bay, it’s also a good deal less dry with much more humidity in the air. This makes Los Gatos a great place to stay where you’re far enough away from the big city to relax, but still have all the comforts and luxuries you need for whatever event you’re planning.

Attractions in Los Gatos

The downtown area of Los Gatos boasts plenty of greenery and over 3.000 businesses. Getting a wedding venue decorated or planning a retreat location any time of year is easy. Local attractions are meant to be visited at the same time!

  • Vasona Lake County Park
    If you like nature, then you’ll like the combination of elements in Vasona Lake County Park. Part outdoor nature experience with the surrounding park, and part relaxing lakeside retreat, this welcoming area offers trails and exploration for those who are adventurous, as well as the ability to enjoy fishing in its namesake Lake Vasona. The park is open year round from morning to sundown for everyone to enjoy.

  • Castle Rock Falls
    Looking for something truly breathtaking? The hike up to Castle Rock Falls is certainly worth it. At the summit of the Castle Rock hiking trail is the namesake Castle Rock Waterfall. The falls are just off the beaten path and a part of Kings Creek. Whether you like hiking, or just enjoy a spectacular view, the trip is well worth it once you see the view from the top.

  • Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad
    The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad and W.E. Mason Carousel is part of a historical preservation society that aims to give children and families a well preserved look at authentic railroads and carousels of the 1800s and 1900s. If you’re in for a trip down memory lane or to see things as they were in the past, this is a great stop. They have regular events and fundraisers to keep the place open, including the opportunity to adopt animals like horses.

  • Limekiln Trail
    If you’re up for a little out and back exploration, Limekiln Trail is just that. This 9.5 mile hiking trail starts at a reservoir and ends atop Mt. El Sombroso. Ready to work up a sweat and seek adventure? This is definitely something you’ll enjoy while you’re in Los Gatos.

Production Locations in Los Gatos

Any production worth putting together is worth doing right. With that said, there is much to consider when putting together any sort of production whether it’s a podcast, studio film session, or a blockbuster movie. Apart from amenities, you’ll want an excellent filming location and Los Gatos has several options.

  • Vineyards
    What doesn’t scream a great production location like the breathtaking views from a California vineyard? A spacious and bright vineyard is ideal for filming any type of show, movie, or documentary. If you’re looking for an open-air location, then a vineyard gives you that with fantastic scenery to boot.

  • Restaurants
    For commercials or short films, seek something that offers a bit more of an intimate setting than wide open spaces. Consider a restaurant as your ideal production location. You have a choice of small cafes and urban restaurants and breweries to choose from that will allow you to find something to match your specific style of production.

  • Old Schoolhouses
    For something out of the ordinary, look for an old turn of the century schoolhouse. Of course, modern day high schools are also popular filming venues all over California.

Meeting and Event Venues in Los Gatos

Meetings and events typically require a lot of space. After all, you can’t hold a rehearsal dinner or a training seminar just anywhere. This can make finding the proper venue a bit more difficult if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, Los Gatos has plenty to offer in terms of venue options.

  • Wine Tasting Rooms
    What better place to hold a party than a place that’s actually designed for drinking wine? You can rent out an authentic barrel and wine tasting room and use it for your next big event. It’s sure to be a smashing success.

  • Private Offices
    Another choice if you need to conduct business in a private but well equipped setting is to rent out private office space. You’ll find several options so that you can hold your next meeting in privacy and comfort without having to worry about being able to get business done.

  • Restaurants and Cafes
    If you need to seat a lot of people for an event and there needs to be food involved, a great option is to rent out one of the restaurant spaces that are available. This will typically give you the ability to host a large group and feed them as well. A corporate party venue or interview location fits in well in a restaurant, especially one that has private rooms or quiet corners.