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About San Rafael

San Rafael is a beautiful city in California situated on the north side of San Francisco Bay. Despite being on the smaller side with just over 50,000 residents, the city has everything you could need and then some. It has plenty of class and charm with structures designed and built by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. There’s also access to plenty of outdoor activities including water and national parks and forests.

An added benefit of being in San Rafael is that you get the comfort of being away from the big city without having to go far if you find yourself in need of something the big city has to offer. This makes San Rafael an excellent out-of-the-way place for filming, company retreats, and a whole host of other types of activities.

As far as the climate, you can expect the typical California heat most of the year except without the dryness of being in the desert. Thanks to being right on San Francisco Bay, you can expect a bit milder temperatures and increased humidity which can make those sweltering summers just a bit more manageable. This means you can enjoy the outdoors and everything there is to see and do in a bit more comfort than in other places.

Attractions in San Rafael

If you’ve spent all your time in San Rafael setting up that photo shoot, or planning that bar mitzvah, then you likely want to find something fun and exciting to do once you have some free time. Even if you’re new to the city, there are plenty of tourist attractions and out-of-the-way spots to check out in San Rafael. No matter your personal tastes, be they indoors or outdoors, there’s plenty to see and do that will pique your interest and just might have you exploring more of the city than you planned on.

  • Marin County Civic Center
    Besides going to the Marin County Civic Center whenever events are held, it is actually a fabulous place to tour in its own right. The building was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and after his death construction was completed by his protege in 1962. The unique style and design make taking a tour of the building a fun afternoon adventure for anyone looking to wind down after working on planning that birthday party, company meeting, or even filming that movie.

  • Museum of International Propaganda
    If you thought propaganda couldn’t be interesting, then you have to visit the Museum of International Propaganda. Featuring a collection of 30 years’ worth of exhibits from countries that are synonymous with propaganda like North Korea, Castro Era Cuba, and even Nazi Germany, there are plenty of interesting and educational things to see here.
  • China Camp State Park
    China Camp State Park is unlike your typical state park as it is situated on San Pablo Bay. It features a variety of different environments including grasslands and marshlands and you can see many different types of wildlife in their native habitat. This park makes a fantastic day trip once you’re free of birthday party planning, meeting planning, or other business.

  • WildCare
    For something a little different, WildCare is an open animal clinic that offers tours for the public where they can see all sorts of animals up close in a habitat or being worked on by the vets. There are even educational programs for kids and teens that help them learn about the different animals at the WildCare center.

  • Marin Center
    For a place to go for shows, exhibits or to pay your respects to fallen soldiers, there’s no place better in San Rafael than Marin Center. This spacious civic center features a combination of show and exhibit halls for different events and showcases, as well as a Veterans Memorial and meeting rooms for business. Definitely worth a stop when you have time

Production Locations in San Rafael

There’s nothing like a nice backdrop to make your production into something special. You can have great props and all the latest tech, but sometimes you need to be in the right spot to make things work. Whether you want a shot of classic California nature or one of the many homes and studios that dot the area, you can find a setting that is sure to be right for whatever production you’re putting on. From photoshoots to movie scenes there are lots to find in San Rafael.

  • Kentfield Treehouse
    If your production is one that needs serious views of nature, then Kentfield Treehouse is the perfect location to rent. With a balcony overlooking the trees, it makes the perfect spot to film intimate scenes. The rest of the home is a modern and spacious delight with plenty of surrounding nature and accommodations.

  • Studio space
    For a more professional look, studio space is a good option. There are several options that are perfect for setting up for recording or filming with all the light and equipment needed for a perfect interview or other production. Some of the major films shot in San Rafael include Gattaca, The Godfather, and American Graffiti.

  • Private Homes
    One of the bonuses of hiring a private home for your production or film shoot is that they have all the extras that you need such as restrooms, furniture, and décor. In addition, there are extra rooms for storing your excess equipment or to use as dressing rooms for the actors.

Meeting and Event Venues in San Rafael

Planning a meeting is certainly no fun. Neither is picking just the right restaurant for your rehearsal dinner. It helps if you have plenty of options. The great thing about San Rafael is that there are a number of options to suit whatever needs you have, including space, mood, and proximity to nature. So, if you want to be right in the center of town or out in nature somewhere, you’ll have options to choose from.

  • BBQ Smokehouse
    If you’re planning a dinner party for a bunch of people, then what better place to go than a barbecue smokehouse and craft beer lounge. It offers the perfect environment to celebrate or just to have a genuinely nice evening with family and friends.

  • Meeting Rooms
    When something more professional is in order for business, then you have a large number of meeting and conference room options to choose from that have all the necessary space and business accommodations you might need to get work done.

  • Museums or Art Galleries
    For a unique meeting or event, consider choosing one of the many museums or art galleries in San Rafael. Many of them have event or meeting rooms for a private space while also allowing your guests access to the main spaces of the museum. If you are an art or history buff, this is a fantastic choice.