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Need help finding the perfect venue in Cedar Park, TX?
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About Cedar Park

One of the fastest-growing suburbs within the Austin metropolitan area, Cedar Park is known for its excellent “family” atmosphere. The suburb is recognized as one of the best areas in the United States to raise families due to the many amenities and relaxed lifestyle that can be seen throughout the area. Cedar Park not only is appealing to families but also to businesses and companies as it offers a rapidly growing market of consumers who all have different preferences.

No doubt, Cedar Park has its fair share of events that occur throughout the year and there are more than enough venues to not only accommodate the growing population, but also the various events that people plan on hosting. Explore the options within Cedar Park to find a venue that would be perfect for your upcoming event.

Attractions in Cedar Park

Cedar Park, although mainly a suburb, still has attractions that interest those that come to visit the area. With many attractions to consider that range from natural to man-made, you can be sure that Cedar Park will have something that can keep you busy and intrigued.

  • Veterans Memorial Park
    Unveiled to the public on November 12, 2011, the Veterans Memorial Park Monument is one of the highlights of visiting this park. The park is dedicated to those who devoted their lives to preserving peace on US soil. Each base panel found on the Veterans Memorial Park Monument honors a different part of the military namely: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Merchant Marines, and Coast Guard.

  • Brushy Creek Lake Park
    The 90-acre park is one of the most visited parks within Cedar Park and offers guests activities that range from active to natural resource-based recreation. The daily hours of the park range from half an hour before sunrise to 10 PM, which means that you’re sure to get enough time to enjoy the expanse of the park. Trail maps of the park can be found online which allows you to explore the different routes within this massive park, ensuring that you can truly immerse yourself in nature.

  • H-E-B Center
    Opened to the public on the 25th of September 2009, the H-E-B Center is a multi-purpose venue within Cedar Park that has attracted tourists from all over the city as well as the state. The capacity of the center ranges from 2,500 to 8,700 guests depending on the event, as there are numerous events that occur throughout the year at this venue. Additionally, the H-E-B Center also has numerous food and concession stands, so you can be sure that every visit to the area will be filled with food and fun.

Production Locations in Cedar Park

When considering possible production locations, it’s wise to think about the amenities as well as the features of each venue to ensure that everything will flow smoothly on the production date. Depending on the production type, you may need to consider a variety of venues before settling on one that you like.

  • Homes and Estates
    These locations can serve as the perfect backdrop for your upcoming production. Homes offer versatility since every venue looks different from the last, ensuring that your photoshoot location in Cedar Park won’t be the same every time. These venues can serve as great production locations for lifestyle shoots as well as settings for films and smaller productions. Consider a bright, white, modern luxury home as a possible production location in Cedar Park.

  • Restaurants
    Restaurants usually have dedicated themes which can help you filter out locations that don’t coincide with your production’s theme. Restaurants have many options for booking that range from partial rental to a full buyout, allowing you as a producer to save money when organizing these locations for your next production. Perhaps a partial listing of a spacious indoor dining space in cedar park is just what you need to complete your upcoming production.

  • Outdoor Venues
    Great for all sorts of lifestyle productions oriented towards organic products, outdoor venues can serve as a great production location with the right preparation. One thing to consider, however, when opting for an outdoor venue is the availability of electrical outlets, especially if you’re going to be using all sorts of filming equipment.

  • Warehouses
    Indoor venues with ample space to decorate make warehouses a viable option for a production location. Warehouses are large which allow you to wheel in all sorts of filming equipment onto the set as well as bring in a larger cast, should it be required. With many warehouse options to consider, you can be sure that filming in Cedar Park will be a breeze.

Event and Meeting Venues in Cedar Park

Before planning out the services and equipment you may need for your upcoming event, knowing how many people will attend can help you filter locations that cannot accommodate the projected headcount.

  • Event Spaces
    These can range from art galleries to all sorts of studios. Event spaces are often niche venues that can boost your event to an entirely new level especially if they line up perfectly with the theme. Take for instance an art exhibition event at an art gallery. One thing to consider, however, is that event venues, although unique, can be somewhat pricier compared to other venues whilst being smaller.

  • Outdoor Venues
    These locations are great for all sorts of large gatherings and events that range from corporate to personal. Outdoor venues have the advantage of having a higher capacity meaning that you can consider these venues as an option for large events like a possible wedding venue in Cedar Park. For all sorts of large events, consider the Haute Spot in Cedar Park as a possible location for your next event.

  • Conference Rooms
    These locations are great for sealing the deal as well as making a great impression on bosses. Conference rooms exude professionalism which means that any corporate activities can be done with a good amount of productivity.

  • Restaurants
    Great for when you’re looking for a venue that doesn’t require much change, restaurants can serve as your next party venue in Cedar Park in the blink of an eye. Restaurants have the advantage of having all the required services and amenities close by. This allows you to host all sorts of celebrations without having to worry about hiring additional help.