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About Passaic

Located north of Newark on the banks of the Passaic River, Passaic is a city with a proud industrial past. Once known for textiles and metalworking, today it’s known as a peaceful, family-friendly place to call home. So, while the city boasts plenty of reminders of its industrial past, it’s also home to pretty parks and outdoor spaces, good shopping, and a welcoming atmosphere.

This eclectic blend of features makes Passaic an intriguing location for anyone searching for production venues. The mix of industrial, residential, and nature sites means there’s a wide range of possibilities for filmmakers and photographers to explore. You’re also spoiled for choice if you’re searching for a unique meeting space or event venue in Passaic, so keep reading for tips on finding the right venue to suit your needs.

Attractions in Passaic

Spending a day as a tourist in and around Passaic? Here are a few of the best attractions to check out in the local area.

  • Brighton Asylum
    Searching for a truly terrifying haunted house experience? Look no further than Brighton Asylum. This old asylum, which was shut down in 1952, has been transformed into a hair-raising walk-through haunted house with live actors, special effects, and setups to make you feel like you’re in a horror movie.

  • Third Ward Park
    If you’d like to experience something a little more sedate, make a beeline for Third Ward Park. Passaic’s favorite outdoor space, this pretty park is home to a peaceful lake and plenty of greenery. It’s the ideal spot for a lazy summer picnic or admiring the beautiful colors of fall.

  • Weasel Brook Park
    Another park well worth visiting if you’re keen to connect with nature, Weasel Brook Park is a 19-acre oasis amidst the city. Whether you’re strolling along a quiet pathway, letting your kids run off some energy on the playground, or taking in a concert or festival, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy here.

Production Locations in Passaic

From Donnie Brasco to Be Kind Rewind, an eclectic range of projects have been filmed in Passaic. That’s actually quite fitting because there’s an eclectic range of filming venues in Passaic to choose from. They include character-filled industrial spaces, humble family homes, peaceful parks, and much more, so let’s take a look at some of the best options the city has to offer.

  • Warehouses
    Want to capture an authentic industrial vibe in print or on-screen? Check out some of the old industrial spaces on offer for hire as production spaces in Passaic. Some feel like they’ve barely changed since their heyday, while others have been carefully repurposed to offer unique production or art spaces.

  • Loft Spaces
    There’s just something about the ambiance of loft spaces that translates to memorable images and scenes. Maybe it’s the high ceilings, maybe it’s the large windows and abundance of natural light, or maybe it’s the architectural features like exposed timber beams and brick walls that really draw the eye. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find a host of great loft spaces to choose from in Passaic. Like Zen Space, which is a 12,000-square-foot loft with warm natural light, exposed beams, and all the props and amenities you need for a stress-free shoot.

  • Studios
    Searching for a practical and versatile studio for your photo or film shoot? Compare Passaic studio spaces to find a venue with the right look, the right ambiance, and all the props, backdrops, lighting gear, and facilities you need for a successful shoot.

  • Private Homes
    Private homes allow you to present an authentic slice of real life to your audience. You’ll find an eclectic selection of family homes in and around the Passaic area, from the humble and quaint to the stylish and modern, so search around to find a space that has just the look you’re searching for.

Event and Meeting Venues in Passaic

Event venues in Passaic range from the casual and simple to settings much grander and more extravagant. There are diverse options in terms of meeting spaces too, depending on whether you’re planning an informal chat or a pow-wow to discuss serious business. Here are some of the Passaic event and meeting venue options worth considering.

  • Industrial Spaces
    Industrial buildings don’t just make great production locations in Newark, they can also offer the perfect setting for a memorable event. These venues are spacious, offer unique architecture and features, and boast the sort of authenticity you only get in a space that was used on a day-to-day basis by local workers for years. If you’re hosting an event with a difference, this massive old industrial building is spread over three floors and boasts spectacular city views.

  • Ballrooms
    From quinceaneras to corporate cocktail parties, some occasions just call for the opulence and sophistication of a beautiful ballroom. So, if your social event calls for something a little bit fancy, compare ballrooms in the Passaic area to find a space that offers the elegant touch you need.

  • Loft Spaces
    Lofts aren’t just suitable for filming and photo shoots; they also double as wonderful event spaces. They’re often open and airy, they boast beautiful decor and architectural features, and the natural light on offer creates a welcoming atmosphere. From gallery openings and auctions to brunches and birthday parties, they’ve got everything you need to suit an extensive range of social occasions.

  • Cafes
    There’s something about the smell of freshly brewed coffee that puts people at ease. Combine that enticing aroma with the subdued backdrop of a quiet and cozy cafe and you’ve got the perfect setting for a casual meeting. If you want your next business discussion to have an informal atmosphere, a cafe could be the ideal place for your meeting.