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About Louisville

Well known for being the home of the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali, Louisville is one of the most interesting cities in the US. The unique blended culture of Louisville is unlike any other city in Kentucky. Ranging from horse racing to alcohol production to the iconic baseball bats, Louisville is a mixed bag full of activities and attractions for anyone who visits.

The city is well known for its low cost of living and the diversity found within the many neighborhoods. No doubt, with Louisville having tourism so high up on their list, you can be sure that there will be all sorts of venues available for different types of events. Whether you’re wanting to film a production or plan an event, Louisville is sure to have the right place for you.

Attractions in Louisville

With so many things to do within Louisville, you can be sure that you’ll have fun while staying in the city. Louisville has a wide variety of activities for people with all kinds of preferences ranging from outdoor activities to informative museums and points of interest.

  • Kentucky Kingdom
    Offering over 70 rides and attractions for all ages, the Kentucky Kingdom is one of Louisville’s premier water-based attractions. With recent additions being made since its reopening in 2014, the park is sure to be a new experience for anyone visiting. The Kentucky Kingdom not only has a water park but also has other amusement rides, which means that if you have no intention of getting wet, you can still enjoy the amusement park to its fullest. Within the park, you have access to one-of-a-kind attractions including the only Chances Rides Hyper GT-X Coaster in the world, dubbed as the Lightning Run.

  • Muhammed Ali Center
    Founded in 2005 by his wife Lonnie Ali, the Muhammed Ali Center is dedicated to the legacy that the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali left behind. Featuring exhibits that focus on Muhammed Ali’s core principles which are confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect, and spirituality, visitors can see what it was like to live like the icon himself. Many pieces of memorabilia are on display within the facility as well as a full-sized boxing ring which is located within the facility.

  • Conrad-Caldwell House Museum (Conrad’s Castle)
    Located in Old Louisville, the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum is an old Victorian mansion that represents some of the best Richardsonian Romanesque architecture and still contains many original pieces from its period. This mansion was created by the famous Arthur Loomis and is regarded as one of the region’s top historical destinations and attractions. Visitors can learn more about the history of this mansion as there are guided tours that take you through the premises.

Production Locations in Louisville

Louisville has both natural and fabricated beauty shown in the surrounding landscapes and the beautiful buildings respectively. With so many choices in terms of potential photoshoot locations in Louisville, the only challenge may be settling on a location to finalize your production.

  • Photography Studio
    Many photography studios often come with amenities and features which make them ideal for producers who want to control all aspects of their shoot. Although many photography studios are often plain, there are many within Louisville that have different designs and themes. Depending on your upcoming production, you may want to look around for the perfect photography studio that can complete your vision.

  • Houses and Estates
    Virtually every film or television series makes use of some sort of house or estate. Houses have the advantages of having a large variety of designs ranging from quaint cottages to massive manors and Spanish villas. Whatever you have planned for your upcoming production, you can be sure that Louisville has a suitable house that can accommodate your needs. Consider an 1890 house in urban bourbon country to complete your next production.

  • Outdoor Spaces
    Wide-open areas that can capacitate larger filming equipment and allow for more actors or models on the set, outdoor spaces are a regular feature in the production industry. Depending on what production you may be planning, outdoor space may be just what you need to complete it. With the aid of proper lighting and angles, you can transform the outdoor spaces of Louisville to fit your needs. With many outdoor options available, you can work towards finding the perfect location for filming in Louisville.

Event and Meeting Venues in Louisville

Whether you’re planning a get-together with some family and friends or organizing a corporate meeting, ensuring you know how many people will be attending your event can help narrow down the possible venue choices in Louisville. Luckily, Louisville has more than enough choices to ensure that you’ll find one that you like.

  • Bars and Clubs
    Ideal for smaller gatherings and parties, bars and clubs can be the perfect choice for those who want simplicity and comfort. Depending on the bar chosen, additional amenities and features may come with, including karaoke rooms and performance stages. With many choices to choose from within Louisville, finding the perfect bar will certainly be possible.

  • Houses and Estates
    Often offering a more intimate experience, houses and estates are a great choice for those who want to have a private and closed-off event. With how Louisville is planned, there are many houses within the area that offer stunning views of the landscape and may come with additional features like pools. You just need to look around Louisville to find the ideal modern house for your upcoming events.

  • Ballrooms
    These event spaces are spacious and allow for a wide variety of events to take place within. Ballrooms are excellent choices when it comes to acoustics and sounds can be clearly heard within these venues, making them ideal locations for wedding receptions and baby shower venues in Louisville. Look around the city to find a comfortable ballroom that you can use for your upcoming events.