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About Eugene

Eugene is a medium-sized city in Oregon on the Willamette River. Though not as well-known as other major cities in Oregon, Eugene has plenty to offer for people living there and those who want to visit. Eugene is known for having plenty of green space such as lush parks and nature trails as well as its natural and Native American history. Being on the river also makes it a great location for outdoor enthusiasts who love water sports and just spending time in the sun.

Eugene is also known as a training hub for athletes and has gotten the nickname Track Town as a result. Some of the fastest runners and other athletes commonly go there to train, leaving Eugene to be a sports hotspot. If you're not into athletics, you'll find plenty of other options from entertainment venues to educational spots to hang out at when you have time away from your current duties of planning your next production, holding a bridal shower, or planning that big business meeting.

The climate in Eugene is fairly mild with it being quite humid and wet most of the year. The weather isn't entirely unpleasant, though you'll find that the temperatures do not range that far into the hot or cold zones. So, if you're not a fan of extreme temperature swings you'll be just fine while you're in Eugene.

Attractions in Eugene

While not a big city it is still nice to find fun things to do when you have some spare time and Eugene is not short on having things for the whole family to enjoy. Outdoor adventures are a must in the so-called Emerald City and when you have time, enjoying local food or arts is also a great idea. No matter what sort of entertainment you're into you can find something that will meet your fancy in Eugene.

  • Cascades Raptor Center
    For something truly unique and interesting to do when you have some time off, there's the Cascade Raptor Center. The combination of Nature Center and Wildlife rescues is a wonderful educational experience for anyone who enjoys natural wildlife that is native to Oregon and seeing them up close and personal. You and the whole family can take tours and witness any one of 40 different species of raptors that are native to the Pacific Northwest.

  • Willamette River Bike Trail
    The Willamette River bike trail is actually a portion of a trail that is much larger connecting the cities of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. This meticulously maintained trail features a number of paths that are perfect for bikers, walkers, runners, and anyone in between who just wants to enjoy the outdoors. The trail can be a bit strenuous as it is roughly 12 miles in length.

  • Owen Rose Garden
    If you're looking for a quiet little spot to enjoy some nature then Owen Rose Garden is the perfect place. Situated just beside the Willamette River, the garden features a number of amenities such as parking, electrical outlets, performance spaces, and multiple paths for people to walk and jog while enjoying the plants on display.

Production Locations in Eugene

Putting on a great production takes a lot of preparation and hard work. It certainly means you can't skip on the details like having the right props, cameras, and crew. One thing you really shouldn't forget though is making sure that the setting for your production is just right. Besides the nature that you'll find all around Eugene, there are also plenty of other locations for you to film or hold an interview or whatever other type of production work it is that you've got going.

  • Industrial Sites
    An abandoned warehouse is the perfect spot for all sorts of productions from a trendy cop show to a zombie thriller. The many sites in Eugene not only have some fantastic spaces but also showcase some of the history of the city. From renovated and modern venues to empty, ghostly spaces, you will be spoiled for choice here.

  • Parks and Other Outdoor Spaces
    No matter what type of production you are filming, Eugene has a lot to offer as far as outdoor spaces. Having all four seasons presents you with the opportunity to show real-world atmospheres as well. From cozy city parks to huge national forest spaces, there is something for every kind of production need in Eugene.

  • Hip Studio Space
    If you're looking to put together a performance of some type then this luxurious hip studio space is a perfect spot. It is quaint while at the same time being professional, so you'll have everything you need to put on your performance or production without having to worry. What's more, is that it is very affordable and has many other attractions and amenities located nearby. Though the space is designed for holding performances, it could easily be used for other types of production such as interviews and filming in calm and quiet settings.

Meeting and Event Venues in Eugene

If you're the one put in charge of planning a big event like a family reunion or the next big executive board meeting then you want to make sure that you have all the little details put together just right. This means making sure that you have all the amenities you need and that you picked the right location for whatever's going on. Whether you need executive board room space, a quiet restaurant together with your friends, or something larger for a big gathering of people, Eugene has it.

  • Conference Space
    A convenient place to hold any type of meeting is in pre-made conference spaces. You can find a ton of different options around Eugene that are sure to suit the needs of your specific meeting type. Conference spaces are typically furnished with seating, tables, and even AV equipment too, so you can save money on these things.

  • Co-working Space
    Another great option for getting business done is in a co-working space. These shared office spaces have all the amenities and tools you would need to hold any type of meeting whether it is an executive board meeting or an idea session with your entire workforce. This combines accessibility in freedom with the ability to actually get things done in one space.

  • Private Office with a View
    If you need somewhere to get things done that is quiet and secluded then perhaps this private office with a view is just the ticket. It comes complete with all the amenities you need to get work done without any of the hassles of being around other people or having to deal with the city noise and distractions. This makes it a great choice when you're trying to just get work done alone but don't have your own office space.