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About Encino

Nestled in the San Fernando Valley, Encino is a beautiful, quiet Californian city. With a population of 44,000, it's not the most populated area but what it doesn't lack is a plethora of fun activities. Whether you are visiting or setting up shop in the gorgeous Los Angeles community, you'll immediately be taken by Encino's small-town feel.

The city still offers an urban edge and lists of celebrities keep snapping up sprawling estates around the area. Encino has an equally vibrant dining and shopping scene with hundreds of retail stores alongside restaurants found within the locale. The neighborhood even served as the backdrop of various silver screen productions, and the 1984 movie Karate Kid is most notably credited for putting the area on the map.

Just a 15-minute drive away from Hollywood, the city is also highly accessible. A meeting, event, or production location in Encino makes perfect sense.

Attractions in Encino

Encino offers a quiet retreat from the bustle of Hollywood but with lots of fun activities to do and plenty of sights to see. From cultural monuments like the Encino Oak Tree to mini-retreats like the Encino Golf Course; the city offers a bit of something for everyone.

  • The Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area
    Appealing to youngsters and visitors, the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area is a vast and exciting playground with many tennis courts, golf courses, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, and bike paths. A lake bordered by thousands of pink cloud cherry trees enhances the recreational area's beauty, especially in the spring when they blossom.

  • Los Encinos State Historic Park
    Preserving Rancho Los Encinos buildings, the Los Encinos State features multiple interesting highlights. These include a pond, a natural spring, two-story limestone Garnier building, the original de la Ossa Adobe (nine rooms), a blacksmith shop, and exhibits related to the various owners. Activities here include making butter, re-enacting the arrival of a stagecoach, and designing cattle brands.

  • Encino Velodrome
    Cycling enthusiasts will fall in love with Encino Velodrome. The Encino Velodrome Association, a non-profit, runs the velodrome offering racing opportunities, instructional, and training for track cyclists. The historic arena once held international events like the Grand Prix of the United States, the Us Olympic Trials, and the US National Championships.

  • Encino Oak Tree
    Designated as a Historic-Cultural Monument, the Encino Oak Tree is an impressive tourist attraction. While only the stump remains, it was the oldest known tree in LA, recognized for its extraordinary longevity and size. It is believed that Encino was named after this magnificent oak which was felled by the strong El Nino winds.

  • Encino Golf Course
    Golf lovers will find the Encino Golf Course fascinating. Frequented by many Hollywood celebrities, it is a fun course boasting expansive greens. It is a wide and long golf course perfect for individuals who want to practice long hitters. Its open design also makes it an ideal location for golfers who wish to improve their skills.

Production Locations in Encino

Before the Southern California city transformed into a much sought-after locale, it served as one of the filming locations used to highlight the class divide in The Karate Kid. The characters played by Elizabeth Shue (Ali Mills) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) were portrayed to have lived in the Valley. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that various other production locations in Encino have made it to the big screen.

  • Production Offices and Film Sets
    Production offices and film sets have the characteristics needed to bring diverse scenes to life. The controlled and structured atmosphere is what makes them ideal filming locations in Encino. A majority are also fully equipped with various production gear as well as technical assistance to help with the production process.

  • Private Residences
    The residences in Encino range from modern tropical desert homes to stately ranch-style mansions. They provide a cinematic quality, as displayed in The Karate Kid where a picturesque residence at 4072 Alonzo Avenue served as Ali Mill's house. The Kardashian's original Encino home was also featured in the 2016 American Crime Story series.

  • Dance Studios
    Dance studios in Encino provide the perfect setting for music video productions as well as photoshoots. The space factor is what makes them worth considering for diverse creative projects. They are also great film shoot spaces, much like the wrestling scenes seen in the 1998 biographical flick Man on The Moon.

  • SUV Trucks
    There's no better place to cruise around aboard a convertible SUV than sunny Los Angeles. Land Rovers, in particular, have a way of setting the scene and adding some character to any L.A-based scene. Trucks also serve as great props as well as photoshoot and music video shoot locations. A 1994 Land Rover Defender SUV could be the ideal vehicle for an adventure film shoot in Encino.

  • Cafes and Restaurants
    At 5400 Wilshire Boulevard, you'll find the Express Restaurant & Nightclub which served as the 'The Orient Express Restaurant' in The Karate Kid. Likewise, cafes and restaurants work as great backdrops for food-related photoshoots, cooking show productions, culinary-driven documentary scenes, and commercial video shoots.

Event and Meeting Venues in Encino

The selections of meeting and event spaces in Encino are structured to host successful and memorable functions. Naturally, each venue varies from the next and your specific occasion ultimately serves as a deciding factor. Here are a few Encino event locations and meeting spaces to explore.

  • Stunning Private Residences
    There isn't a shortage of stunning private residences in Encino, ranging from contemporary and modern swanky pads to sprawling ranch-style estates. Whether you are hosting a staycation reunion with friends or a rehearsal dinner, you'll find selections of suitable event venues in Encino. The selling point of such a location is the homely charm coupled with access to various amenities. A modern 2-floor home with an outdoor open cabana and jacuzzi may tick all the boxes for your forthcoming event in Encino.

  • Dance Studios
    Dance studios are the perfect locations for functions that focus on allowing guests to show off their best moves. From dance recitals to graduation receptions and political campaigns; there are plenty of dance studios in Encino that will impress both you and your guests. Given that most function as blank canvases, such spaces also give you the flexibility to convert them into your ideal event space.

  • Gyms
    Perhaps you are launching a personal training business and want a fully-equipped gym to provide demo classes for your potential clientele. You might also be releasing an active-wear collection and want a space to showcase or sell your products. In either case, you'll get the most out of a spacious gym in Encino.

  • Hair Salons
    With a product launch coming up or a bridal shower circled on your calendar, you should consider booking a hair salon for the occasion. The venue allows you to treat your guests to celebrity hair cuts or other lavish treatments. Hair salons also work for small businesses launching hair care products or providing hair-related master classes.

  • Restaurants and Cafes
    Restaurants and cafes take the lead as popular meeting and event locations in Encino. They work for diverse business and social gatherings ranging from launch functions to birthday parties. Having an in-house team handle just about every aspect of the occasion, from catering to decoration, is what makes them great event venues.