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About El Segundo

El Segundo was once known as “The Aerospace Capital of the World” back in the 1960s. Today, the city is known as a refinery town and takes the role of a quieter town that is often overshadowed by the nearby Los Angeles City. El Segundo is located close to the beach which offers a wider range of activities and events to occur within the quaint town.

As a little-known fact, El Segundo’s Parks and Recreation staff are the basis for the iconic tv-series Parks and Recreation. The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of LA city, El Segundo offers visitors a unique, laid-back atmosphere that makes it a perfect place to host an event.

Attractions in El Segundo

With El Segundo being one of Los Angeles County’s many beach cities, many people often overlook how loveable this town becomes to those who visit it. Although the town’s main attractions are centered around shopping and dining, there are several hotspots found within El Segundo that are worth mentioning.

  • R6 Distillery
    Family owned and built on tradition; the R6 Distillery is home to what some would call the best spirits found within El Segundo. Throughout the distillery’s lifetime, they have come to partner with many sorts of companies and work with them to create various spirits. With a mission to provide memorable experiences through service, education and quality spirits, R6 Distillery makes a name for itself as one of the top distilleries in the area.

  • ESMoA
    Considered an art laboratory, ESMoA is run by the artlab21 Foundation, and they aim to spread creativity through showcasing and educating visitors about the visual arts. Admission to the laboratory is free and programs are available for all people, ranging from students to families to adults. The laboratory has 3 core pillars which it stands for, mainly, experiences, programs, and ongoing artists in residence whose works are shown for exhibition in ESMoA.

  • Automobile Driving Museum
    With over 130 vintage, antique and muscle cars, The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum is one of El Segundo’s hidden gems. This Automobile Driving Museum has a large range of activities for all who visit, including activities for children and adults alike. There are many educational programs occurring at the facility, including restoration programs and various special events that take place throughout the year.

Production Locations in El Segundo

With the beach being a stone’s throw away and the city in your background, there are many options to consider when planning a production in El Segundo. Whether it’s a photo shoot or a film that requires professional equipment, knowing what production you plan on hosting can help narrow down the many locations that are available within this beachside city.

  • Studios
    Although often more expensive than houses or other venues, studios offer much more in terms of equipment that is located on-site. Professional studios in El Segundo have a wide range of equipment which include green rooms, scissor lifts, studio control rooms as well as cycloramas. Whether your production revolves around filming or photo shoots, there is an abundance of studios available within El Segundo that can cater to your needs.

  • Vintage and Exotic Vehicles
    Enhance your upcoming production by adding a vintage car into the mix. Many acclaimed films in the past had a memorable car on set such as the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor which was the iconic Ectomobile for the film Ghostbusters. Even using a vintage car in your upcoming photo shoot location in El Segundo can up the production value by a considerable degree, as long as it fits in with your theme. Rent a vintage pink Cadillac that can bring your production to new heights.

  • Offices
    Many films, as well as photo shoots, take place within an office environment. From the well-known film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy to the award-winning tv-series The Office, it’s made clear that offices are a staple in the production industry. Whatever production you plan on hosting, from an office-oriented photo shoot to films that need an office scene, there are many available office spaces within El Segundo that can be rented out.

Event and Meeting Venues in El Segundo

El Segundo offers a wider range of venues that can be rented out for different events. Whether it’s a baby shower or a corporate party, ensure that you find the right location for your upcoming gathering.

  • Houses and Estates
    There is a wide range of differently styled houses within El Segundo to cater to different preferences and events. With a more personal feel, houses allow guests to be more relaxed and can serve as the perfect party venue in El Segundo. Whatever event you plan on hosting, from a bridal shower to an anniversary celebration, you can’t go wrong with choosing something as comfortable as a bungalow with a backyard in El Segundo.

  • Studios
    Studios aren’t only used for the production of films and photography. All the open space within the studio can be converted into the ideal meeting space given the time and money. With the large open space to work within studios, it allows you to begin experimenting with what kind of meeting spaces you can plan for. From team-building workshops to corporate meetings discussing the annual expenses of a business, booking a studio in El Segundo is the perfect solution to your venue needs.

  • Office and Meeting Spaces
    Ideal for a professional atmosphere, office and meeting spaces can make for the ideal work-related venue. Being in a corporate environment can help you to be more productive and allows for no distractions compared to other venues that are used as meeting venues, such as restaurants and houses. Office and meeting spaces are often furnished with most of the required equipment for your meeting which means that you only need to hire a few extra services or rent a few more pieces of equipment to complete your meeting preparations. El Segundo has a couple of office spaces that allow you to experiment with a wide range of events.