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About Boulder

Though it is an incredibly small town with a population of roughly 250 people, Boulder offers some of the best scenery in the state. It has rustic charm and a quiet and calm atmosphere that those looking to get away from the bigger cities might enjoy. Even if you are just stopping in for a visit, it's worth hanging out to see some of the local attractions and meet the friendly people that live there.

Located in South Central Utah, this small town has been rapidly growing with an estimated 26% population increase since the last census. This makes it a prime location for those who are looking to settle down but don't want to be in a highly congested area. One of the standout features of Boulder is the sheer amount of nature there is to explore in this small town.

The rugged Midwestern Foothills are a stunning sight to see and there are plenty of local green trails, parks, and other attractions that are well worth spending a day when you have some time off. In fact, if you're looking for wide-open spaces, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better location than Boulder.

The town features a moderate climate with lows in the 30s and 40s and highs in the 70s and 80s, making it a very nice place to enjoy year-round. It is quite dry so if you're not a fan of humidity then you'll enjoy Boulder. You'll also notice that you have plenty of days of sunshine to spend exploring the great outdoors.

Attractions in Boulder

The one thing you want when you have some free time is places to go and things to see. Boulder may be a small city, but it still has its fair share of attractions and more nature than you'll ever have time to explore. It has parks and trails galore, making it an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Anasazi Indian Village State Park
    The Anasazi Indian Village State Park is a nationally protected state park area that features a museum dedicated to the cliff dwelling Anasazi People as well as a number of artifacts and exhibits from a time when the natives still dwelled there. It highlights Utah's history as well as the history of the indigenous people and is an excellent stop for both outdoor explorers and education buffs.

  • Devil’s Garden
    The Devil's Garden is part of Arches National Park and features several naturally occurring rock formations, fins, and archways that are a sight to behold. Besides that, it is also home to the Devil's Garden Trail, a hiking trail that traverses through the entire garden.

  • Vermillion Cliffs
    The Vermilion Cliffs is a nearly 300,000-acre National Monument dedicated to the preservation of desert land in Utah and Arizona. The stunning cliff formations are breathtaking and offer a unique look at the geology of the surrounding area. Plus, the area makes an excellent place to hike and explore.

Production Locations in Boulder

Sometimes all you need to make a movie or TV show better is the right location. If that location involves being outdoors with stunning scenery, then you'll find no better place to be than Boulder, Utah. With stunning cliffs and bright blue skies, the area surrounding the small town makes for an excellent backdrop for any type of production, and the quaint atmosphere of the town might be just what you need to make your production something special.

  • Saloons
    What better location to represent the old west is an authentic saloon? You can find several occasions like this in Boulder, and they all have the authentic charm that you're looking for in a movie or TV set. What's more, you'll have plenty of space so if you need to set up equipment or have a ton of cast and crew to deal with you won't have to worry about everyone getting cramped.

  • Homes and Cabins
    Sometimes the right location for a production is a home. you have several options in Boulder as to the type of location you want. their traditional style homes rustic cabins and everything in between so that if you're looking for that type of setting you'll find it with a little bit of flair to go along. You could even stay in a yurt if that's more your style.

  • Amazing Sky Deck and Sweetwater Creek
    If you want a truly stunning backdrop for your productions, this amazing sky deck overlooking Sweetwater Creek is a must. Not only can the sky deck itself be used for a variety of purposes with its loads of space, but the views you'll find are simply phenomenal. It can fit 100 people and has a nice flat space for meeting, dancing, meditating, or even yoga.

Meeting and Event Venues in Boulder

No matter what type of meeting or event you're planning, you want it to go well and be memorable. In Boulder, you'll find a variety of options for venues and some of the most impressive spaces around so that by the time your guests leave they'll be talking about it long after the event ends.

  • Yurts
    If you're the type that loves the outdoors and want to host an event in all of nature's glory, then one of the many yurts that are available is excellent as an event venue. You'll have plenty of space and nature surrounding you, making it perfect for a family gathering, barbecue, or other celebration.

  • Rustic Cabins
    If you prefer to keep your events indoors, one of the mini rustic cabins available around Boulder might be a great choice. They offer all the charm and appeal of a cabin from back in the 1800s with some modern upgrades in a minute so that you won't have to do without this to make them perfect for an intimate gathering with some friends or a nice getaway.

  • Country Style Event Space
    If you're looking to host a larger event, one of the best choices in Boulder is a country-style event space with a view of the garden. There is a fireplace for a cozy meeting or dinner by the fire, a wrap-around deck with stunning views, and it comes with several bedrooms. It is an excellent location for housing a large group for a business retreat, wedding reception, or something even more special.