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Cultural And Artistic Space
  • $26/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (17)
  • Instant book
  • Montréal, QC
We are a non-profit community event space in the Mile End area of Montreal, Quebec. This sunny 400 sq. ft. studio has hardwood floors, white walls, and a large exhibition window overlooking Parc Avenue, making it ideal for all types of cultural events, including workshops, pop-up shops, vernissages, readings, launches, meetings, and photo/video shoots. Rentals include: exclusive access to the 400 sq. ft. space (keyed entry) with hardwood floors, white walls, vitrine window, private washroom, electricity, wi-fi, sound system, projector, sandwich-board sign, 4 folding tables, 20 folding chairs, racks, and a cord and hook system for mounting artwork on the walls. Pricing details: Weekday (M-Thu): $203 / day Weekend (F-Sun): $271 / day 2+ day discount Weekday (M-Thu): $135 / day Weekend (F-Sun): $203 / day One week or more: $925 / week
Beach Theme Bar in Illinois
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Waukegan, IL
Tiki Bar is a chill place to stay and relax at our beach theme bar located in the heart of Illinois.
Luxe Game Room/Lounge with lots of natural light.
  • $55/hr
  • New
  • 4.7 (12)
  • Instant book
  • Brooklyn, NY
Luxe game room/lounge. Features: pool table, ping pong tabletop, shuffleboard table, dartboard, mini fridge, large plants, natural light. Please keep in mind the listed rate is primarily for daytime shoots Mon-Thur. Nights and weekends are priced differently, but we are happy to work with you!
Large Meeting Space
  • $40/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (3)
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
With 600 sqf of flexible, multi-use space in the heart of the city, our studio is an inspiring space that is perfect for your next meeting, workshop, or small conference. We welcome young people, educators, city-builders and the communities within Vancouver to use the studio space to network, dialogue, experiment and deliver real-world projects. This includes: - Non-profit organizations - Social enterprises (or for-profit entities with a special purpose) Flex + Work Space - open studio with natural lighting - 40 people seated, 60 people standing - 4 smaller breakout rooms (4-6 people) - 3 banquet tables, 4 benches, 10 small tables, 50 chairs Kitchen - Fridge, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, kettle - Cutlery, dishes, glasses, mugs, utensils (max 60) - Basic serving utensils Disposable cups, utensils and water bottles are not allowed in the studio. Equipment - Projector (additional charge outlined below) - Whiteboards and chalkboard - Free WiFi Availability Evenings 5:00pm - 10:00pm* Weekends 6:00am - 10:00pm Additional Pricing Information: Security Deposit: $120 Daily Projector Rental Fee: $30 ** IMPORTANT: Organizations or individuals renting the space must have liability Insurance of $2 million per occurrence.
Need help finding the perfect Convention venue?
Need help finding the perfect Convention venue?
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What people say about Convention on Giggster

Miguel C.
$ 1200
8 hours
40 people
3 years ago
Our tiny convention fit perfectly into this cottage with outdoor space. For a small event, this was a really nice location. Any larger, and we might have overflowed the space---but the outdoor garden was also nice for breaks.
James G.
$ 300
2 hours
55 people
4 years ago
Nice spot for our small convention. John and Keaton were very helpful in getting us loaded in, and the accessibility made it all easy and smooth. Highly recommend! Great space!
Faizon C.
$ 1500
10 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Held our small convention here. John and Keaton were very pleasant, helped us to load in. The location made it easy to find. Highly recommended! Good deal all-around!
Barney G.
$ 800
4 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Our tiny convention fit perfectly into this cottage with outdoor space. For a small event, this was an ideal choice. Any larger, and we might have overflowed the space. The outdoor garden was grace for breaks and some fresh air.

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About Conventions

While there are many types of conventions, ranging from corporate-oriented conventions to ones centered toward fandoms and everything in between, one thing remains the same: every one that shows up to a convention shares a common interest in the topic of the event. The key to drawing in more people to show up to your convention lies in choosing the ideal venue in which you host the convention.

Conventions are massively popular thanks to their focus on a common interest. To ensure that everyone attending has a fun and enjoyable time, choosing an event space that has some synergy with your theme is important.

It helps make the convention more memorable and allows guests to enjoy the various stalls and sections within your convention venue. Ensure that you get everything from enthusiasts to potential sponsors from larger corporations by utilizing a convention space that stands out from the rest.

When choosing a convention venue, thinking about who would attend as well as who would participate in the convention can help influence your decision. Everything from easy access to simple setup would help those setting up stalls and those attending the event to enjoy the venue and the convention much more.

The Best Convention Venues

Venues come in all shapes and sizes; the key is knowing which venue works well with what theme you have going on. With so many options to consider, starting off with some suggested venues may be just what you need to spark the creative process.

  • Indoor Sports Venues
    These indoor venues are great for medium to larger-sized conventions due to their size and customizability. Most of these facilities are bare due to the nature of their common use and this allows you to decorate the convention venue freely to suit the needs of your upcoming event. Look towards the Northridge Futsal Indoor Soccer & Basketball Venue as inspiration for your upcoming convention.

  • Warehouses
    Ideal for larger conventions and gatherings, warehouses are venues that are friendly to novice event planners due to the flexibility and the many ways in which you can modify the area to fit your needs. Many modern warehouses don’t have central support columns which allow you as a planner to collaborate with vendors to fit larger equipment and décor into the venue.

  • Outdoor Venues
    Great for conventions that are centered on nature or have an aspect of environmentalism in their theme, outdoor venues can make for a memorable convention space. Many of these venues are flat and have open space which allows you to designate sections that are focused on different topics and themes. With so much space, the only thing you need to consider when booking these locations is your proximity to electrical sources and outlets. For inspiration, look towards the various ranches and farms that are open to all types of events.

  • Event Spaces
    Whilst these venues are variable and can cater to a wide range of events, it's wise to look towards larger event spaces if your convention is sure to have a large turn-up. Many event spaces have different features and amenities so considering those whilst deciding on a convention site is important as it can help contribute to the success of your upcoming event.

  • Great Halls/ Banquet Halls
    Great halls are a great venue for a wide range of events, particularly conventions as there are many ways to organize the space to allow for both larger and smaller crowds. These venues generally have access to multiple outlets which means that you generally won’t have any problems utilizing electronic equipment whilst renting out a great hall for your upcoming event.

What to Look for in Convention Venues

Whilst looking for a venue is important, looking for features that contribute to your upcoming convention should also be considered. Having extra features and amenities already on-site means that there’s less for you to do, allowing you to enjoy the event more.

  • Security
    Depending on the nature of your convention, there may be expensive equipment located on the premises. Ensuring that everyone is safe and secure can make the event more enjoyable for those who attend. Consider venues that allow additional security services as well as venues that have designated entrances to ensure that nobody can sneak anything away through other accessways.

  • Size
    Generally, it is better to have booked a larger venue for your event than one that is too small. Having the right-sized venue is ideal but many venues are often larger than your convention. This seems like a problem but thanks to decorative partitions, the space problem can be solved to accommodate a smaller audience.

  • Location
    Having a location that can be reached by everyone taking part is vital. Choosing a location that allows everyone to reach it through any means, walking, public transportation, or private vehicles, is important as it can mean that a larger turn up for your event is guaranteed.

  • Features
    Having extra features on-site can make your convention flow much smoother. Features like Wi-Fi and many parking spaces are small features that, all together, add up to create a much more successful convention.

  • Themes
    Each venue has an overall theme that can either help or be detrimental to your convention. Ensuring that you have a theme that fits well with your upcoming convention can make it easier for you to plan and execute the event successfully.

Convention Inspirations

Finding the right convention space should not be too difficult. It mainly depends on the type of convention, how many people, and the theme. Here are a few good examples for inspiration.

  • Manufacturing Convention at a Warehouse
    What better way to utilize an industrial theme than by using a warehouse as your venue? These places are perfect for all sorts of industrial equipment, and it allows participants in the convention to bring larger equipment that would usually not be able to fit in smaller venues.

  • Comic Conventions at an Indoor Sports Facility
    Bright lights and open spaces, what more could you ask for? These venues usually have some sort of network available at the site, like Wi-Fi, which allows for more publicity as well as advertisement of the venue, which is always beneficial.

  • Hacker Convention at a Sectioned Event Space
    Allowing various teams to compete with each other as well as showing off various pieces of new technology, and sectioned event spaces can make a hacker convention much more successful.

  • Religious Convention at a Great Hall
    With many ways to utilize a hall, using it for religious purposes is not off the table. These venues have great lighting and have many conveniently placed outlets which allow for ideal speaker placement to let everyone attending hear the message clearly.