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Top Funeral venues

Historic restored Chapel
  • $160/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (12)
  • 12
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a few hours
  • Decatur, GA
Spacious, Cozy, Versatile Colonial Church
  • $150/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (16)
  • 16
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a few hours
  • Queens, NY
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Need help finding perfect Funeral venues?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average Funeral venue cost to rent?
Funeral venue rates typically average $127 per hour.
What is the attendee limitation of average Funeral venues?
Attendee limits often vary with the size and features of a Funeral venue, but average 158 people per booking.
What is the average hourly minimum of Funeral venues?
The average minimum booking time for Funeral venues is 2 hours.
What is the average square feet of a Funeral venue?
There's a great range of Funeral venues available, with an average size of 5187 square feet.
What are the most popular Funeral venues on Giggster?

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About Funerals

Losing a loved one is amongst the most heart-wrenching events in life that some of us have the misfortune of having to live through. It's hard to come to terms with such a loss but we also have to make sure that our loved ones receive a worthy send-off.

A funeral service allows family and friends to give the deceased their final respects by honoring the memory of the one they’ve lost. The process of organizing one is an emotional one and sometimes, it can become exhausting. There's a long list of details to consider; from logistics to picking the readings for the funeral service. Perhaps the most crucial and toughest part is finding a suitable location that guarantees the deceased a unique send-off.

There are resources to help with the grief process and assist in planning the burial. Think about funeral spaces near you as you plan this important occasion.

The Best Funeral Venues

A funeral is a somber occasion that emphasizes respecting the deceased person's final wishes. Sometimes a funeral venue has already been chosen beforehand but in most cases, it's a decision left to family members.

  • Taverns
    Taverns provide spaces where people can enjoy drinks and selections of roach meats as well as cheeses. They equally serve as ideal funeral locations for people who want to toast their departed loved ones. The venues vary from one to the next and some might require you to outsource catering as well as other services needed for the occasion.

  • Cafes and Coffee Shops
    Cafes and coffee shops provide a laidback and intimate atmosphere that is ideal for hosting a funeral reception. They are ideal funeral venues because most offer catering services, and it's even more sentimental if the establishment was the deceased's favorite joint or they serve your loved one's favorite dish.

  • Bayside Restaurants
    A bayside restaurant provides a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that is suitable for a funeral function. Located near the edge of a water body, these dining establishments provide the perfect retreat for family and friends who are mourning. They are also ideal funeral spaces because most offer catering and planning services. Maybe a New York Restaurant Overlooking The Bay is the ideal funeral reception venue.

  • Industrial Brewery
    The perfect ode to a loved one who enjoyed a good brew is to host their funeral reception at an industrial brewery. It's more sentimental if they frequently visited the establishment or it was something they always wanted to do.

What to Look for in Funeral Spaces

Organizing a funeral takes you on an emotional trip because it means fully coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. No one should have to walk the journey alone, and with the right support as well as a rundown of what to have in mind, the process will be marginally bearable.

  • Planning
    You'll need all the help you can get when planning a funeral. Besides being an emotional process, there are certain permits or paperwork that you might need to obtain/submit at various points. Most funeral venues offer planning services and can get you all the relevant permits or certificates needed during the process.

  • Reservations
    Most funeral locations prefer working with advance reservations, particularly in the case of busy venues. Booking a funeral venue ahead of time also gives you the peace of mind that your loved one's affairs will be handled with respect to their interests. It helps to find out about unforeseen circumstances that might require making changes to the reservation.

  • Restrictions
    Just about every funeral venue comes with diverse restrictions. For instance, some locations don't have the capacity to host religious ceremonies and others won't allow you to host animal-release activities. It also helps to find out about all these restrictions ahead of time.

  • Equipment
    If you want to have screens playing slideshows capturing the departed person's life, go for a funeral space fitted with the necessary equipment. Again, this can apply to the funeral reception and it's important to ask about such facilities before locking down any venue.

  • Parking
    With family and friends driving to the funeral location, it's important to make sure that they have access to ample parking during the function. It's better if the venue has an on-site parking lot dedicated for use by visitors.

Funeral Space Inspiration

A funeral service typically involves a religious or non-religious ceremony as well as a burial. It's tough to figure out how to best honor the interests of your loved ones while also giving them a beautiful and honorable send-off. Here are a few ways that you can include some sentimental elements in the funeral reception.

  • Livestream at a Showroom
    Showrooms are versatile spaces that can host various functions including funeral receptions. Such venues are ideal if you want to Livestream the occasion for friends and family who can't attend in person. They also work for reception activities that involve displaying the departed person's collectibles or pictures.

  • A Fireworks Display at a Bayside Restaurant
    If the restaurant has the necessary permits, an outdoor restaurant by the bar would be an ideal venue to host a fireworks display as part of a funeral function. Most people find it fulfilling to watch such a display and some even fill fireworks with the ashes of the deceased to scatter them in a grand fashion.

  • Open Mic at an Industrial Brewery
    An open mic session allows friends and family members to share their memories about the departed with people who share similar sentiments. Such an occasion is also best held at an industrial brewery where the deceased regularly frequented or always planned to visit.

  • Food Party at a Cafe or Coffee Shop
    Host the funeral service at the departed person's favorite coffee shop or cafe. The menu for the occasion should include the deceased's favorite meals to further make the function more sentimental.

  • A Themed Funeral at a Nightclub
    Many people are now embracing unique funerals and that includes hosting a themed reception. For the departed person who enjoyed clubbing, it's a worthwhile idea to host a themed function at their favorite nightclub. If they were into superheroes or musicals, choose a theme along those lines.