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Bright Gastown Loft Photo studio
  • $95/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (29)
  • 29
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
Our space is an entire floor of a heritage building built in 1910. The space has undergone lots of renovations and design recently to offer a truly different type of photo, film and event space. This space is amazing for photo and film and with it being 2300 sq ft you will have more then enough room for your crew to hangout and to shoot those long lenses if you need to. We offer a fully functional very large kitchen as well as multiple living spaces and office space for your clients. Our space is unique in that it offers so many furnished areas while still allowing room for back drops and any other set up you may need to do. We have more windows than you would ever think you would need in a space and a MASSIVE 6 ft by 9 ft skylight that brings in a ton of natural light even on those cloudy days.
Bright Loft Creative Photography Studio
  • $75/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (59)
  • 59
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
A vibrant haven for those who enjoy the extraordinary. Natural light studio with massive warehouse windows and a high ceiling lettings in lots of sun for your shoot. ⠀ Core Features: * Original hard loft in old Wrigley Building * High 14 FT Ceiling with built in corner columns. * Massive north facing warehouse windows letting in lots of light! * Original and authentic vintage furniture and decor with modern aesthetic * Well loved by major retailers & local businesses, featured in many editorials. * Heart of Leslieville, easy access from wherever you’re coming from. * Clean and sanitized studio before each booking Perfect Space for: * Content Creation * Photography (product, lifestyle, editorial, etc) & videography * Client Meetings * Wedding Ceremonies & Intimate Gatherings * Workshops, live streams, podcasts etc * Commercials * Pop-Ups Extras: * Elevator/Accessibility * Street Parking * Clothing rack, hangers, & steamer * Full access to private bathroom+kitchen * Makeup/Vanity Station * Wifi * Variety of props * Projector + Screen * Complimentary coffee, tea, water, snacks We look forward to having you! Please note: we change our decor from time to time to keep our space refreshing and exciting for clients. If there is a particular piece you wanted to confirm will be available on your schedule shoot day, feel free to send us a message.
Our uniquely designed studio is perfect for creators, influencers, small business owners and photographers alike. The perfect canvas to shoot content, collect brand assets, and the best backdrop for your next social campaign. ​ With Everyday Joy Studio you have access to affordable pricing, great light and natural sun exposure, and a beautifully curated space to be inspired to shoot amazing content.
Mid Century Vintage Boho Loft Studio
  • $88/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (94)
  • 94
  • Instant book
  • Montréal, QC
*PRICING INCLUDES 15% PROVINCIAL SALES TAX *I only accept full day booking requests now on this platform. You can book hourly or day for lower rates on my website. * sol.atelier.montreal showcases the studio's current look and updates if you want to follow along *Business related shoots only during lockdown. Personal (family) will have to wait. What makes the space so stunning is the natural light from south west facing factory windows. The lush space also boasts 14ft ceilings, brick walls, wanescotting, an open loft kitchen with fridge and stove, bathroom, dining room, and bright living room decorated with unique vintage mid century furniture, Morrocan rug, mini fireplace library, and lots of harmonious neutral tones and textures from leather, to marble, art, books, white brick walls and exposed pipes, pottery, tall curtains, wood floors, plants, vintage decor pieces. Furniture aside, you can utilize the white walls as a backdrop for a more simple set up. Furniture is destined to change position based on time of month as the space is transformative. Please inquire if you have any furniture layout requests, otherwise, you can expect a living room and dining room with the furniture featured, just perhaps in a different set up than featured. The main living room is 16x16ft, and the kitchen/dining room/washroom is another 16x16ft. So it is a smaller space, photos are taken on iphone not to adjust dimentions. Small crew size only. 2021 I'll be moving to a bigger space so stay tuned! Additional features include: *Clothing Rack *Hand Steamer *Professional Makeup Mirror *Wifi *Music Player *Private Washroom *Heat Temp Control, portable AC *Freight Elevator (9am-5pm) *Free Street Parking (subject to availability) RATES Full Day (8hrs) $700 *Full day bookings are subject to an additional one time $58 maintenance/service fee. *Pricing on this platform includes a platform service fee so there is a difference in price versus pricing on my personal site. *No holding dates. All bookings made final via payment. See cancellation policy. Building Rules: * Parking is available on the street. Please do not park where no parkings signs are in back of building. *Absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY, NOISE, LOITERING, STORING THINGS, PUTTING UP SIGNS in the hallways. The rental of space is for this studio only. Do not disrupt the neighbours who live/work there. OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE *WINTER MONTHS* UNIT IS HEATED BY RADIATOR PIPES AND THEY ARE HOT!!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND DON'T TOUCH, LEAN THINGS AGAINST, THE PIPES! THE THERMOSTAT ALSO CONTROLS THE HEAT, PLEASE LEAVE AT 0 WHEN LEAVING. *SUMMER MONTHS* BECAUSE IT IS AN OLD BUILDING AND IT FACES SOUTH WEST, IT GETS GREAT LIGHT, BUT IT DOES GET ON THE HOT SIDE. There is a portable AC, it's not running all the time cuz electricity bill would be crazy. Turn on when you arrive, turn off when you leave. LIGHTING South West facing windows will get direct light from early afternoon to dusk. My personal fav lens for this space (as a natural light photographer) is a 35mm, and a 25-70mm. 50mm would work strictly for portrait. Unit is 14ft wide and 35 ft deep and photography is done on a 35mm. COVID-19 *Studio capacity during lockdown is 5 people max in the studio at a time *If you are not a model you must wear a mask Cancellation Policy is here: Building Rules: * Parking is available on the street. Please do not park where no parkings signs are in back of building. *Absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY, NOISE, LOITERING, STORING THINGS, PUTTING UP SIGNS in the hallways. The rental of space is for this studio only. Do not disrupt the neighbours who live/work there. Studio Rules: *NO PETS (unless hypoallergenic) please ask if ok. *NO GLITTER *NO SMOKING *NO ALCOHOL (special request if used as props may be permitted) *NO outdoor footwear is to be worn past the entrance door for hygiene of the studio and to protect the floor and rugs. Treat it like your home please. *DO NOT DRAG FURNITURE. Pushing/dragging furniture across the floor ruins the floor AND the furniture. Grab a friend and lift the furniture if you want to move it, or else don't move it please. Don't ever store things outside unit. *Enjoy the sound system, but don't abuse it - keep noise to a fair level to respect the neighbours. *Your booking begins the time you book for, no earlier, and ends the time it's booked, no later. If you require extra time to move things, load/unload, then please book appropriately. You will be charged extra for every 10 min after your booking. *Cleaning and maintenance fee is for regular cleaning and maintenance, NOT for cleaning up messes. Please respect the space and put garbage in the garbage can, and put furniture back where you found it before you leave and wash any dishes you've used. Strict no glitter policy. If you leave a mess, or if props or furniture are left NOT where you found them/disheveled- you will be charged an automatic additional fee of $50 for cleaning and or reorganization. *Return all furniture and props back to where you found them before leaving. *Damage policy is if you break, stain, rip, any form of damage to property, you will be charged for repair or full replacement of the damage as inspected by the owner. *Bathtub/shower is strictly off limits and inaccessible for use in any way as it's my personal storage. If you touch or remove things a $100 damage deposit will be charged. *The studio is monitored by video camera as a security measure and will be used to confirm any damage/theft/leaving studio late.
Ageing Retro 1980s Electronics Laboratory
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (55)
  • 55
  • Instant book
  • Alhambra, CA
Welcome to the Retro Electronics Lab! Racks of electronics equipment, microscopes, spare parts, soldering irons, and computers make this ideal for your mad-science lab needs! Managed by filmmakers for filmmakers! Fast response times, easy scouting and knowledgeable, film-friendly site-reps. --Scouting-- We are open for location scouting between 9am and 2pm Monday through Friday by appointment only. Off hours scouting subject to availability and additional charges may apply. --Gear Available-- Message us for rentals. We have a wide selection of Red, Blackmagic, Sony cameras, Cine lenses, Litepanel, Aputure and Quasar lighting, grip equipment and much more. Rent where you shoot - save time, save money! --Equipment-- While you are welcome to film the pieces on display, they are still considered "in-use" and must be handled, turned on and moved by our site-rep. Any damage to the electronics equipment or lost or missing tools or parts will be charged for as damages. We highly encourage productions to come scout our location. We do not guarantee any specific items seen in the photos above will be available or in working condition. If you don't see or test it on your scout, don't count on it on the day! Come see what it's like for yourself before booking! -- Multi Site Bookings -- Martinsound hosts some of Giggster's most exciting locations including the Abandoned Grungy Apartment, the Retro Electronics Lab and the Grungy Warehouse Stockroom all in the same building! We're happy to offer the convenience of hosting shoots that use multiple sites in our fantastic location! To make things fair, simple and straight forward, here's our multi use booking policy: All multi site bookings will be booked individually. Each must have their own start and stop times and each space will be billed for individually including overtime (if the crew or gear is in the room past the booking, it goes into OT). Each site will be billed at it's standard rate per crew size starting at $100/hr unless otherwise discussed but we will only charge the site rep fee once! Often we will book multiple sites in one day with consecutive or sometimes overlapping crews (just as a studio with two sound stages would book multiple stages per day) and we need to ensure our ability to maximize the space in order to keep our costs down and our prices affordable for everyone! If you require access to the entire building or half the building in one booking, we offer package rates starting at 5 and 10 hours to accommodate your needs. Message us to discuss! -- Booking Policy -- All bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. If you do not have an approved booking here on Giggster your dates are not reserved. Inquiries about the location or coming by to scout the location will not place any form of hold on your dates. We will however provide a soft hold for specific dates by written request only once you've completed a preliminary scout. During a soft-hold we will alert you to other clients requesting your desired filming dates and will give you approximately eight hours to make your formal booking before approving the competing booking.
East Van Studio For Photography And Video
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (92)
  • 92
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
East Vancouver Studio near Clark Drive and Hastings! GROUND LEVEL, steps from free parking! 600 sf ( 20' x 25' length - note: 8 foot ceilings only ) The studio has white walls and a 9 foot seamless backdrop. West facing, with ample sunlight streaming in through large glazed windows for diffused-lighting conditions. Ideal for corporate, realtor, greenscreen, acting headshots, fashion testing, product, as well as classroom/ workshops). Features: Wi-fi Bluetooth stereo system Large bathroom w/ironing board Full kitchen upstairs ($$) for food prep and island for food/still life shooting EXTRAS (LIGHTING) : •3 Godox strobes (AD 600) •60 inch octo soft box/ 42 inch umbrella / 22 inch beauty dish mod. •Reflectors/Transceivers •Mods and 3 Mathews c stands/ V 4x8 flats *** Apurture Nova 300 (flat panel video light) : additional $100 --- The studio manager will personally be on set to setup the entire lighting gear as well. ** KITCHEN RENTAL : 2nd level loft available with large living room & kitchen/ island upstairs available for commercial food product photoshoots ( see pics ). ** Please enquire regarding rates! OT Rates after "full day" (9 hours): $100/hour
Infinity Room in Brooklyn
  • $75/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (16)
  • 16
  • Instant book
  • Brooklyn, NY
Infinity Room is a 1500 sq. ft. Photo & video studio for cars with drive-in access, Mirror walls on both sides, and a fully controllable RGB Ceiling. Mirrors on both side walls show off all aspects of automotive and the RGB ceiling bring life to photos/videos by adding colorful surrounding from all directions. Our Studio is available for all types of Photoshoots and Film Shoots. Kindly contact us directly for more information. Note: The car shown in the images is not part of the rental. We have limited staff, but we will respond to you! Your kindness and patience are appreciated. Please read our rules for the details. All our spaces are booked very quickly! Availability times are VERY time-sensitive. Your booking request should include the time for set up and break down. Reservations are placed back to back. Please keep this in mind while requesting your booking. Happy (photo/video) shootings! Also inside the stage: - makeup station with dimmable lights and two stools, - 1 x clothing rack (no hangers), - changing area, - 1 x speaker with bluetooth/aux cord, - mini-fridge. Rates exclude cleaning/damage fee (billed only upon occurrence). -Additional strobe head is available at $35 (includes a strobe, a c-stand, power cord, and available light modifier). - Stage is not soundproof. Dance Shoot, Film Shoot, Promotional Video, Car photo studio, Black Cyclorama, Ground Access, Roll-up door, Web Series Shoot, Documentary Shoot, Production, Kickstarter Video, Workout Video, Filming, Fitness Video, Music Video, Video Shoot, Casting, Mixer, Networking, Apparel Shoot, Clothing Shoot, Commercial Photoshoot, Fashion Shoot, Head Shot, Photo Shoot, Photo Studio, Portrait Photoshoot, Product Shoot, Promotional Photoshoot, Workshop, Class, Collaboration, Workshop
Mt Pleasant Photo Studio - Alpine Studios™
  • $75/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (25)
  • 25
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
Welcome to Alpine™ @alpine.studios Open photo / video studio for commercial + editorial use. Perfect for: - Editorial photography - Live on demand fitness videos - Portrait - Small Video Shoots - E-commerce studio White walls + white concrete floors exposed wood beams. 11 foot ceilings. Main Street area bordering mt. pleasant / South Flatz District / Emily Carr. Close proximity to Flashpoint Rentals, Mt. Pleasant, and Olympic Village. Walking distance to Kranky Cafe, Red Truck Brewing, Tractor Foods, Vancouver Soup Co. and Nemesis Coffee. Included: - Floor Fan - 1 x Rolling Garment Racks - High Speed WIFI - In-Studio Private Washroom - Various sized black and white foam bounce / flags Not Included: - Seamless Paper or Tripods Rental notes: - "One day's rental" is from 9am - 6pm. Additional time will be charged $50 / hour. *Please note the space requires going down 5 steps so please ensure your load-in accounts for these short few stairs. This studio sits on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples–Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Nations.
Large Professional Studio with Natural Light
  • $30/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (41)
  • 41
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Brand new, beautiful, large 1200 sq ft photo studio for photography and video shoots, meetings, auditions, and workshops. Centrally located in the Arts District of DTLA with lots of parking and free lighting gear. Great value for the amount of space and amenities it offers. It has white walls/floor for a seamless look, gray, red, black, and faux grass wall. It also has a living room set with 18 ft x 9ft GREEN SCREEN for video productions. It has big windows overlooking downtown LA for interviews, photo, and video shoots. Open 7 days a week, 24 hrs/day. FREE PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTING WITH RENTAL: 2 800w Alien Bees strobes, 1 18 in dimmable ring light 1 480 LED Video Light 2 C-stand, boom, 1 Alien Bees beauty dish, 1 giant parabolic umbrella, 6 ft folding table, 4 folding chairs, and sandbag are included FREE. Spacious 1200 square foot studio perfect for photoshoots and video productions. Make-up and hair table and chair. Couch and chairs for guests. Ample parking available around the building. Elevator and loading area just feet from the front door. Very big windows provide a generous amount of natural lighting. Curtains can be closed to control light. There are several parking lots around the building and very easy in and out.
Spacious and Fully-Equipped Private Photo Studio
  • $25/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (23)
  • 23
  • Instant book
  • Santa Ana, CA
Our space is perfect for any type of studio photography, commercial photography, small-production filming, teaching classes, and even just client consultations. We're conveniently located off the 55 freeway and Edinger in Santa Ana. The entire space has hardwood floors. The front includes a reception area with a well-stocked refreshment station, couch, chairs, smart TV, books, and magazines. The studio portion includes lighting, grip, and seamless for photo and film productions. At the back of the space is a large roll-up door for natural light, cars, and large items. We've built silks that clip to the rollup door for diffused light. There's a convenient Bluetooth surround sound system to ensure your production can rock out. We provide a clean gender-neutral restroom and a large makeup station complete with a steamer and rack. There's always 6 seamless rolls mounted and plenty of other colors to throw on a stand. A 12-foot pure white seamless is available for those who need it. We've created a custom headshot corner with flexible LED lighting for buttery falloff in your headshots, multiple backdrops to choose from, and plenty of modifiers.
Need help finding perfect Film Shoot locations?
Need help finding perfect Film Shoot locations?
Our concierge team will help you find what you're looking for.

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Emily D.
$ 390
6 hours
50 people
4 years ago
Great deco location. Interior finishes were just what we needed for our film shoot. Elevator access for equipment was good, and the concierge was helpful. This is a perfect film shoot location if you need a deco interior!
Asher P.
$ 1100
11 hours
20 people
4 years ago
Convenient and affordable location for our film shoot. Accessible, loads of parking, and very flexible space. Quiet and good for sound. Thanks for a good day!
Lana C.
$ 134
2 hours
25 people
3 years ago
There are lots of deco spaces you can rent, but The Argyle really has the location and finishes you need for a bar/retro shoot. We filmed during the day, and parking was not too hard, but not easy either. Access with the elevator was good and the manager, Idessa, was easy to work with.
Axel V.
$ 600
3 hours
50 people
4 years ago
Perfect place for our low-budget film shoot. Really good space, easy load-in, and upscale finishes. For a small crew, this was perfect. Pod was a great host. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average Film Shoot location cost to rent?
Film Shoot location rates typically average $68 per hour.
What is the attendee limitation of average Film Shoot locations?
Attendee limits often vary with the size and features of a Film Shoot location, but average 30 people per booking.
What is the average hourly minimum of Film Shoot locations?
The average minimum booking time for Film Shoot locations is 2 hours.
What is the average square feet of a Film Shoot location?
There's a great range of Film Shoot locations available, with an average size of 1122 square feet.
What are the most popular Film Shoot locations on Giggster?

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About Film Shoots

From conceptualizing an idea, penning down an award-winning script, to assembling the best pre-production, production, and post-production teams; it's fair to say, a lot goes into the process of putting together a film shoot.

Planning an on-location film production is often likened to the process of organizing a circus. Both bring together a collection of skilled people and props to stage a grand performance against the backdrop of an ideal setting. However, film shoots vary in nature, and the need for specific locations, be it a green screen room, vintage vehicle, or a mid-century abode, equally varies.

Take care of one of the biggest problems by considering selections of suitable film shoot locations across various cities. Once you’ve identified ideal film shoot spaces, all that's left is to turn up with your team on the scheduled day equipped with what’s needed to call “action.”

The Best Film Shoot Venues

Film shoot locations essentially act as canvases when working on a video project. More than likely, you'll need at least two or more venues to bring your project to life. In that case, here are some cinematic locations worth exploring.

  • Empty Parking Structures
    With a creative project lined up, a parking structure provides a large enough space for your scheduled activities. Whether it's a dance shoot, a video production scene that involves a large number of extras, or perhaps you want to build a specialized set from scratch; an empty parking lot serves as the perfect blank slate.

  • Vintage Cars
    Whether your production is based on a historic setting or you simply want a cinematic boost; you can't go wrong having a vintage car on set. It doubles a prop that can dress up an otherwise empty space particularly when filming music videos. Consider renting an eye-catching 1982 Pink Corvette for your scheduled creative project.

  • Loft Studios
    A loft studio provides high ceilings, plenty of light, and lots of space which are all aspects needed for a good film shoot. These spaces also work as blank canvases and with the help of props and some set building, you can convert a loft studio into your desired film location.

  • Unfurnished Homes
    Renting a home for a film shoot gives you access to several filming locations rolled up in one. You’ll come across selections of stunning houses varying in style ranging from mid-century, minimalistic, Old Hollywood, and super luxurious. A majority feature minimal furniture and furnishings allowing you to dress them up as needed.

  • Fully-Furnished Homes
    Using a fully-furnished home as a film shoot space saves you the hassle of dressing it up yourself which can often turn out to be a costly affair. These residences are tastefully furnished giving them a homey feel and with the vast choices available, you'll undoubtedly find one that works for your production.

What to Look for in Film Shoot Spaces

A film shoot brings together producers, directors, camera operators, talent, and several other professionals. Regardless of the scale, you'll always need a spacious location to accommodate everyone as well as the filming equipment. Several more considerations should guide the film shoot space selection process.

  • Capacity
    Naturally, you'll need a spacious video shoot location, even if you are working on a small indie project. Film equipment like lights can easily heat up a space and make things uncomfortable for everyone. Account for the crew, cast, equipment, and props when scouring around for suitable film locations.

  • Accessibility
    Given that a film shoot includes a team of professionals and equipment; it's wise to choose an easily accessible location. It reduces your overall budget when it comes to transportation, saves you from hauling equipment around, and you'll avoid wasting time when moving between locations.

  • Amenities
    Certain amenities like access to functioning power outlets and heating/cooling systems are perhaps non-negotiable when organizing a film shoot. Other perks like parking, WiFi, and access to kitchen facilities are an added plus. Again, it depends on your preference but most locations don’t disappoint because they come bundled with several helpful amenities.

  • Parking
    Going back to the equipment factor, depending on the nature of your film project you might need to set up a mobile studio somewhere. Having access to a dedicated parking lot provides extra space to convert into yet another production space, set up caravans for the cast/crew, and simply park the vehicles providing transportation.

  • Ambiance
    Even an empty space exudes a certain charm and you want to go for a film shoot space that aligns with the overall theme of your project. It reduces the work that goes into converting the space for your intended purpose and also lowers your props budget if the location includes furnishings.

Film Shoot Inspiration

A film shoot provides an opportunity for a team of professionals to showcase their talents in a creative way. You also want to impress the team working on the project off the bat, and it starts with selecting the best film shoot spaces.

  • Dance Shoots on Roof Tops
    A rooftop provides the perfect vantage point to film establishing shots, music videos, brawl scenes, dance shoots, and interviews. It equally works for chase scenes, think of the "Die Hard" sequences, or romantic settings.

  • Music Videos in Wine Cellars or Basements
    Wine cellars and basements are the perfect spaces to film chilling thriller or horror scenes. It doesn't hurt if the cellar/basement is accessed via a stairway because it provides yet another set to use at a single venue.

  • Productions in Vintage Bathrooms
    Some restored locations have Art Deco or vintage-inspired bathrooms that would serve as great sets for historical scenes. With proper set dressing, a bathroom location can also work for a music video or horror film scene.

  • Video Shoots in Home Offices
    A home office is a versatile space that can function as a private investigator's office, business premises, or the principal's office. Generally, any scene requiring an office set-up can work in this space.

  • Filming at a Movie Theater
    A small theater or home cinema room can provide the perfect setting for a church scene. There are other possibilities to transform the abstract room into varied cinematic film shoot locations, particularly if the pews are movable.