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Abandoned Vintage Apartment (1970s)

An abandoned 1970s vintage apartment just 9 miles east of Downtown LA. Grungy wall paper, stained carpets and yellowing walls are ready for you and your crew to take over and make your very own! This location features a vintage kitchen, living room, bedroom, two bathrooms and a central, enclosed atrium where lights can be placed for all four rooms and all sun light can be easily controlled. Managed by filmmakers for filmmakers! Fast response times, easy scouting and knowledgeable, film-friendly site-reps. --Scouting-- We are open for location scouting between 9am and 2pm Monday through Friday by appointment only. Off hours scouting subject to availability and additional charges may apply. --Furnishings-- While we try to keep a handful of small items around the space for productions to use, please consider the space unfurnished. Currently the speakers in the living room are in storage as most shoots don't use them, but they can be setup with advance notice. If you don't see it on your scout it's not included with the rental! --Wallpaper-- We highly encourage productions to come scout our location. The wallpaper is in a constant state of change from production to production due to wear and tear and its current state may not match the pictures above! Come see what it's like for yourself before booking! -- Overtime Policy -- Please note: Giggster's policy is to charge 1.5x overtime for any hours outside your booking. If you go one hour over and paid $100/hr, that hour would be $150! As a location, it's very important to us that we have an accurate idea of the exact number of hours you intend to book. If you contact us up to 24hrs in advance we will be happy to extend your booking hours at the base rate to avoid the higher overtime rate. Otherwise, overtime will be billed at 1.5x your booking rate. -- Booking Policy -- All bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. If you do not have an approved booking here on Giggster your dates are not reserved. Inquiries about the location or coming by to scout the location will not place any form of hold on your dates. We will however provide a soft hold for specific dates by written request only once you've completed a preliminary scout. During a soft-hold we will alert you to other clients requesting your desired filming dates and will give you approximately eight hours to make your formal booking before approving the competing booking. -- Offices -- Offices in the photos rent for $50/office/day and are not included in the rental. -- Multi Site Bookings -- Martinsound hosts some of Giggster's most exciting locations including the Abandoned Grungy Apartment, the Retro Electronics Lab and the Grungy Warehouse Stockroom all in the same building! We're happy to offer the convenience of hosting shoots that use multiple sites in our fantastic location! To make things fair, simple and straight forward, here's our multi use booking policy: All multi site bookings will be booked individually. Each must have their own start and stop times and each space will be billed for individually including overtime (if the crew or gear is in the room past the booking, it goes into OT). Each site will be billed at it's standard rate per crew size starting at $100/hr unless otherwise discussed but we will only charge the site rep fee once! Often we will book multiple sites in one day with consecutive or sometimes overlapping crews (just as a studio with two sound stage

Category and style




Private parking for 15 cars

Truck / motorhome on site parking: On property

Permit zone

Address most likely falls into the following permit zone: Alhambra. Please confirm with the host.
Giggster offers in-house permit coordination services for certain projects. Call (323) 544-4600 to inquire about pricing or visit our FAQ section to learn more.

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
1200 sq ft
Lot size:
1200 sq ft
Main floor number:

Location Rules

No adult filming
No pets
No cooking
No alcohol
Removal of certain items subject to additional fee.
Damage to current wallpaper will result in a $200 fine
Any trash or debris left by your shoot inlcuding water bottles, chip bags etc. will result in a $75 fine
No nails in the bathroom wallpaper (teal striped) this will be billed as damage to wallpaper
No staple guns or wood screws in ANY walls
Any indication of smoking on site will result in a $200 fine
Location and condition of props/furnishings are not guarnateed
We can move props for you in advance by request but will not reimburse time spent moving props
Offices are billed at $50/office/day
No painting without permission
Fake blood left on site will result in a $150 cleaning fee
Use of restroom(s) for a crew of 15 people or less is allowed




Conventional Ceiling
Wood Doors
Carpet Floor
Walk-in closet
Dated/50's to 70's Kitchen
Straight Stairs
Colored Walls
Texture Walls
Wood-Paneled Walls
Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
Slider Windows

Restricted Areas

Working Areas Downstairs

Crew access

Featured Reviews
Elizabeth S.
2 days ago
This space was sweet - so many props! There were so many spaces and rooms to shoot, we got a lot out of the space in a short rental. Just to be aware, the space is up a narrow flight of stairs - this makes loading gear a little difficult. So great otherwise!
Claire C.
24 days ago
awesome space, great for a dingy run down vibe. the little balcony area wasn’t accessible but we got great use out of the rest of the rooms. Thank you AJ!
Rony M.
a month ago
AJ was great, he was super accommodating and got us into the location on very short notice. He responded very quickly to all my request. All the staff are helpful and the location was perfect for what we were looking for. However, it is a small place so I wouldn’t recommend a crew size more than 15 people. It gets hot even with the AC on.
Luis J.
a month ago
Cool spot, definitely recommend
Pat M.
2 months ago
Amazing space
Exact location provided after booking