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  • $40/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Sacramento, CA
UP TO 14 PEOPLE $40 HOURLY / $320 DAILY Our meeting rooms are the perfect place to impress clients, conduct memorable trainings, or deliver a sales presentation that will wow. Our fully-serviced meeting spaces can be booked by the hour, day or consider a monthly plan with deeply discounted hours. Our dedicated support staff will be on hand to ensure your meeting runs smoothly. • Complimentary Wi-Fi • Use of small events space • Spaces configured to suit your needs • Book for 1 hour or more • Break-out areas • Our receptionist greets your invitees • Catering options available • 24/7 Access • Presentation equipment available in
Suite 203 - Sunlight-Filled Office
  • $25/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Sacramento, CA
This Suite is located on the second floor of our elevator serviced and historically preserved Mediterranean style building. The double French door entry is located adjacent to our lobby and include beautiful hard wood flooring and four windows providing abundant natural sun light and a view our courtyard and it’s spectacular water feature. Furnished with an executive style desk and two side chairs, this office suite is ideal for professional users and has been a favorite to our lawyers, CPAs as well as other professions that prefer a traditional room configuration with a desk and credenza. The Executive Offices are always fully furnished and provide plentiful free on-site parking. This professional space with 24/7 access, enables the flexibility to work when and how you want. Rate includes utilities, building services and property expenses Office intensive layout Partitioned Offices 2 Workstations Space is in Excellent Condition Reception Area Wi-Fi Connectivity Balcony Security System Corner Space Recessed Lighting After Hours HVAC Available Emergency Lighting Fully Built Out as Standard Office Fits 2 - 3 People 1 Conference Room 9’ Finished Ceilings Central Air Conditioning Kitchen Print/Copy Room Private Restrooms Closed Circuit Television Monitoring (CCTV) Secure Storage Natural Light Bicycle Storage
Private Glass Boardroom In Shared Office
  • $35/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (4)
  • Instant book
  • Ottawa, ON
Where entrepreneurs pursue their passion and we taken care of all the details. Avoid all the distractions of the neighbourhood cafe to workshop ideas or meet with clients. We're offering a floor to ceiling glass boardroom; the space is an unlimited whiteboard where you can explore your ideas.
Workshop Meeting Room
  • $70/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (17)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Location West Los Angeles. Near the 405 and the 10 Freeways. Santa Monica Adjacent. Workshop/group room space Available in an attractive 3 story atrium building. Smaller classroom accommodates 30 people classroom style, more theater style. Whiteboard, overhead projector, WiFi. Larger classroom seats 40 people classroom style.
Need help finding the perfect Coaching location?
Need help finding the perfect Coaching location?
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What people say about Coaching on Giggster

Kayden P.
$ 1040
5 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Great place to concentrate and get down to work. Nice space with wooden floors and intimate feel. My coaching group meets here and we really love this space. It is a winner!
Michael J.
$ 810
6 hours
60 people
4 years ago
Very good small space for coaching clients. Small stage is great for having them practice presentations and elevator pitches. Works well for small groups. Nice space!
Cayden F.
$ 675
5 hours
20 people
3 years ago
Very large fitness studio works great for coaching. The natural light is very nice, the atmosphere is good for concentration, and the space is wide open. Easy location to work with!
Mary W.
$ 66
2 hours
30 people
4 years ago
Stylish homes with classic finishes and ecclectic decor. We used this for group coaching sessions for my clients in the area and we found the neighborhood very nice, the host helpful and then invisible, and all was as promised. Good communicative host! Thanks!

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About Coaching

Coaching is all about imparting knowledge to others. The beauty of coaching classes is that you don’t need to have many years of experience to partake in a coaching event, even those who have recently learned new ways of doing things can impart their knowledge to others. Whether you’re arranging a small coaching session to teach your friends and family a new skill or gathering a large workforce to coach them on new techniques to utilize in the work environment, there is bound to be a venue that’s perfect for your needs.

Choosing the best coaching space is vital as it can help your attendees feel welcome and as a result, more receptive to the coaching they receive. Utilizing different venues for different coaching courses can make it easier for you to impart knowledge. For instance, choosing an office as a venue for a coaching class that’s centered around working in a building environment is a great choice as they have features like presentation rooms that will come in handy.

No matter what venue you decide to choose, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure that everyone attending feels safe and comfortable. From considering the size of the possible venue to thinking about the amenities that will be available on-site, it's wise to look for a place that fits both your needs and the needs of your participants.

The Best Coaching Venues

When looking for a possible venue, thinking about its intended use can help you think of creative ways to decorate and utilize the place in your upcoming coaching event. Considering the features that each venue has can make your entire coaching course flow smoother.

  • Offices
    As offices are environments where people can focus on tasks at hand, these venues serve as a great place to host a coaching event. Offices are filled with equipment that can make presentations flow smoother like smart screens, which makes information exchange much easier. Many variations of offices are seen nowadays, so look through the possible listings to get a space that you think would work well as your next coaching site.

  • Studio Lofts
    These are generally built as bare rooms that range in size from small to medium. Studios offer you the flexibility to plan and decorate your room to your liking, ensuring that you can make your upcoming coaching event more inviting to those who attend.

  • Homes and Estates
    These are more personal environments that are perfect for smaller coaching lessons with friends and family. Although homes and estates don’t offer much presentation equipment, they make up for it with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that can make anyone attending feel relaxed. Moreover, many homes have additional features like pools and other entertainment facilities which can be utilized during break sessions.

  • Event Spaces
    Generally, event spaces can be anywhere from small to medium-sized venues and can be anything from art galleries to museum spaces that can be rented out. These venues are often unique and if you have a theme that matches the venue, you can be sure that the coaching event will be a sure success. Take for instance this Brick Room event space found in Los Angeles that can be utilized as your next coaching space.

  • Warehouses
    The bread and butter for all sorts of larger events, warehouses can serve as your upcoming coaching location in a jiffy. These venues are often bare and come with many entrances, most of which are large, allowing you to wheel in larger equipment should you need them for your upcoming coaching class. Consider the New York-style warehouse loft when looking for a warehouse to use in your next coaching class.

What to Look for in Coaching Spaces

Before you start planning the décor of the area, think about the various amenities and features that are located in each coaching space. Thinking about the features that are found within those sites can help you finalize your decision on which space you decide to rent.

  • Safety
    Depending on the type of coaching provided, you may need to consider extra safety protocols that are located on-site. More expensive equipment means that you may need to find a venue with additional security features like cameras to ensure that everyone is safe, and no crime occurs.

  • Location
    Making sure that everyone can get to your venue, whether it's through public or private transportation is a must. This can mean you get maximum attendance and allows as many people as possible to benefit from the course provided.

  • Size
    Your chosen venue should always be large enough to be able to accommodate the approximate headcount, if not a little more. This can prevent the participants from feeling cramped and can help them enjoy and remember the coaching session a little better.

  • Features
    Having a few features that make attendees comfortable can add up in a big way. These can be anything from multiple restrooms and designated break rooms where people can de-stress. Moreover, always having Wi-Fi at the venue is a bonus so looking for a location that provides that is always a positive.

  • Accessibility
    Ensuring that your chosen location has sufficient doors and entrances that are large enough to wheel in the equipment you plan on utilizing in your upcoming coaching event is vital. This can help everyone feel less crowded and can make the entire experience more enjoyable

Coaching Inspirations

With so many options out there, it may be challenging to know where to start looking for a potential coaching venue. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Virtual Coaching at a Podcast Studio
    Ensure that you get the best sound quality and can be seen clearly by everyone attending virtually, by renting out a podcast studio for your next virtual coaching lesson. These venues have green screens and professional recording equipment which can make your next coaching session a sure hit.

  • Corporate Coaching at an Office
    Teach team members the latest and greatest way how to be efficient with your workflow by showing them firsthand in an office environment.

  • Community Coaching at a Warehouse
    Warehouses can be modified to fit your every need. Having a large community gathering at a warehouse to learn new ways to do things to improve the neighborhood is a great idea for your next coaching place.

  • Cooking Coaching at a Kitchen Studio
    These studios are made for cooking classes and feature multiple counters and islands that are perfect for demonstrating new cooking techniques.