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Epic Loft With Massive Roof Top Terrace
  • $70/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (15)
  • 15
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
Nabootique is a traditional artist hard loft. 12 ft ceilings With a huge rooftop terrace. 1000sqft main floor and 500sqft private rooftop terrace. Gatherings and events are cool, but no party parties where booze is the main focus, please don't ask. Outside entertainment available: Comedians, magicians, pole dancers etc etc... Thanks
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Need help finding the perfect Auction location?
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Hayes W.
$ 396
4 hours
40 people
4 years ago
Auction to benefit our charity went very well. We help our event at this nice indoor/ourdoor space with nice amenities. Very private, but really accessible to the neighborhood. Warm location with good vibes!
Emerson L.
$ 750
3 hours
15 people
4 years ago
Charity aution went off perfectly at this Hollywood loft space. Very nice location with wide open space, lighting, and quiet. Kitchen/bar area was useful, and the views were nice too.
Henry N.
$ 1500
6 hours
15 people
4 years ago
The airstream trailor in the space is a nice touch, and we ended up using it as the "office" to collect checks at the end of our auction. This event space is really nice---brick walls, modern feel, high ceilings. Terrific location and Angel was a very helpful host.
Emma N.
$ 80
2 hours
25 people
3 years ago
Nice DTLA space for charity auction. Cool space, very well maintained. Michael, the site host, was terrific to work with. He helped at every turn and the event was a success. Thanks, dude!

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About Auctions

Going once, going twice, sold! Auctions can be tense and exciting affairs for vendors and bidders, but they can be even more stressful for organizers. Hosting an auction requires a lot more hard work than you might expect — there’s a great deal of planning involved to ensure that the event runs smoothly and the bidding is competitive.

One key decision you’ll need to make during the planning stage is choosing the best auction venue. Whether you’re hosting an antiques auction, a silent auction for charity, or even selling your house, there’s a hugely diverse range of auction spaces available. But if you can find a space that matches the size, scope, and theme of your auction, you’ll set yourself up for a successful event.

The Best Auction Venues

The best auction venues help you take your event to the next level. They provide a comfortable environment for bidders while at the same time creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. They also allow for plenty of back and forth between bidders and the auctioneer, helping to add to the theater of the occasion. Here are a few examples of auction locations well worth checking out.

  • Hotel Ballrooms
    Hosting a glamorous auction for charity? Turn it into a chic and sophisticated social event in an elegant hotel ballroom. Picture chandeliers on the ceiling, a three-course degustation menu, and a room full of guests dressed to the nines and ready to spend big for a good cause.

  • Community Halls
    Humble community halls make excellent auction venues. They’re usually uncomplicated but highly functional, offering easy accessibility and allowing the auctioneer to develop a real sense of connection with the bidders. Best of all, they’re usually very affordable spaces to hire.

  • Function Rooms
    Function rooms are the sort of all-purpose venues that are easy to transform into wonderful auction spaces. You’ll find them in a variety of sizes, layouts, and design themes at hotels, business centers, and even sporting clubs. They’re usually flexible enough to be tailored to suit your needs and have all the equipment and facilities you require to ensure a successful event.

  • Auditoriums and Theaters
    Watching an auction is a lot like watching a show or performance, so why not hold your event in an auditorium or theater? The bidders get comfortable seating and a great view of the action, while the auctioneer gets to take center stage and enjoy easy communication with the audience. And with venues varying in size from small and intimate to much larger spaces, you’ll be able to find a location that suits your needs.

What to Look for in Auction Spaces

Finding the right venue is crucial to finding the right price when the hammer goes down. But choosing an auction venue isn’t as easy as you might expect, as there are several important factors to consider before you can find the ideal space.

  • Size
    The size of a venue is important for a couple of reasons. You obviously want enough space to fit in all your attendees, but at the same time, finding the perfect-sized venue can increase the sense of competition among buyers and boost the atmosphere of your event.

  • Location
    Your auction location should be easily accessible for as many people as possible. This often means looking for something central, but your choice of location can also be influenced by what’s going under the hammer. Don’t forget to consider traffic and travel times for attendees, whether a venue is easy to reach on public transport, and (if necessary) how close it is to the airport for bidders flying in from elsewhere.

  • Facilities and Equipment
    Next, take a closer look at exactly what amenities and facilities an auction space has to offer. Factors to consider include private parking, accessibility, seating arrangement and layout and AV system. This list could be quite short or pretty extensive depending on your needs, so take your time working out all the essentials.
  • The Right Atmosphere
    The auctioneer no doubt plays a crucial role in building an atmosphere of excitement at any auction. But the venue is also a key contributor, so take some time to find a space with the right feel for the type of auction you’re hosting. Depending on the type of auction, this could mean anything from a cozy and intimate space to something that feels much more extravagant and exclusive. Make sure you know exactly what sort of vibe you want to create before you start comparing auction locations.

Auction Inspiration

Searching for that perfect auction space but don’t know where to start? From stylish to basic, an auction can look however you want as long as the efficiency for selling is there. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

  • Exclusive Affairs in Rooftop Restaurants
    Hosting an exclusive event for high-end buyers? Go above and beyond by booking out a stylish and glamorous rooftop space, creating a sense of occasion and importance for everyone who attends.

  • Functional Function Rooms
    If you’re searching for an auction venue that puts practicality above all else, start comparing function rooms near you. Each space can be tailored to suit a wide range of purposes, which should allow you to set up the room exactly how you like.

  • Putting on a Show in an Auditorium
    Let the auctioneer take to the stage in an awesome auditorium. The right space will allow them to connect with the audience of bidders instantly, while the atmosphere in the venue can help create a sense of occasion and excitement.

  • Creating From Scratch in Blank Canvas Spaces
    Want to create a particular theme to match whatever it is you’re auctioning? A studio space offers the perfect blank canvas that you can mold and shape into whatever you want. Add some furniture, artwork, and decor and you’ll be amazed how different a room can feel.

  • Finding Something Truly Unique
    Maybe you want an auction venue that offers a unique character and ambiance all of its own. If that’s the case, look for spaces with funky design, eye-catching decor, and locations where you wouldn’t expect to find an event space. This street art-inspired hangout, with its gritty industrial aesthetic, is a perfect example.