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How to rent Storefront locations in Chicago, IL
Find the right location for your next Storefront. Browse a wide variety of local Storefront locations through out Chicago, IL and book your venue in minutes on Giggster.

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A diverse range of local event and filming venues

2. Book

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Top Storefront locations

Looking for a unique Storefront location? Save money by booking directly with local hosts

Cozy and Eclectic Bookstore in Chicago
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Chicago, IL
Two-storey shop. Brick-walled street-level floor with tin ceiling with amazing patterns. Large washroom. Furnished basement. Inside are shelves of tens of thousands of categorized books, sheet music, CDs and DVDs. We also have comfortable reading areas. Light fixtures that provides a wonderful glow to the place. Rugs on the wooden floor (2nd floor) that gives that homy, inviting vibe.
Lovely Shopping Mall in Chicago
  • $190/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Chicago, IL
Excellent location at a high-traffic intersection with access to I-55, in a densely populated area. Our Shopping Center is available for Photo Shoot, Pop Up, Retail, Filming, Film Shoot, Influencer, Production, Video Shoot, Dance Shoot, Music Video, Sound Stage, Art Exhibit, Art Show, Corporate Event, Meeting, Corporate Meeting, Outdoor Event, Event, Gathering, Function Please contact us directly for more information
Cozy Shopping Center in Chicago
  • $150/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Chicago, IL
In a primary shopping destination and one of Chicago’s wealthiest neighborhoods with superior visibility. Our Shopping Center is available for Photo Shoot, Pop Up, Retail, Filming, Film Shoot, Influencer, Production, Video Shoot, Dance Shoot, Music Video, Sound Stage, Art Exhibit, Art Show, Corporate Event, Meeting, Corporate Meeting, Outdoor Event, Event, Gathering, Function Please contact us directly for more information
Creative and colorful artistic setting
  • $75/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Chicago, IL
Studio is located at workshop4200 in the heart of Hermosa in Chicago. The space is in the center of the gallery. Perfect for a photo shoot, to host a paint and sip, small gathering or meeting in a creative environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for Storefront locations in Chicago, IL?

The price differs based on the length of rental, but majorly 1-hour booking will be in the range of $75 to $190

Which Storefront locations are most popular in Chicago, IL in 2022?

How do I book a location on Giggster?

Once renters find a property they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information, and if everything looks great, book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Giggster will handle payment processing and all other backend details to guarantee everything on the project goes smoothly. Detailed instruction

How do I cancel a reservation request?

You can read the booking conditions on this page.

Find Storefront locations in Chicago, IL

About Chicago

Chicago is a metropolitan area that means business, and it's even lent it one of its nicknames - The City That Works. The late Richard J. Daley is credited for coining the term during his tenure as mayor when he frequently referred to the Second City as a blue-collar and hard-working city.

Speaking of being the "Second City," the Windy City was rebuilt from scratch following the 1872 Great Chicago Fire. It could also refer to the fact that Chi-town is the nation's second-largest metropolitan area. The slew of nicknames alone tells you that Chicago is the Heart of America, which is a term bestowed upon it because the city boasts of having one of the nation's largest transit systems and it was once positioned near the center of the country.

If The 312 sounds like your kind of city, then you should think about booking a storefront location in Chicago for your pop-up, launch event, or start-up.

Storefront Location Options in Chicago

If you are exploring the different storefront locations in Chicago it implies that you are planning a pop-up, launch event, photoshoot, or even venturing into the retail market. In either case, a lot of planning is involved and the local experts can help you out.

  • Location
    Location is key regardless of the reason why you need a storefront space. It could be you want to set up a seasonal pop-up to boost sales, explore a new location, or test-drive your products or services. It's not only enough to go for a location where there's enough foot traffic, you also want to go where your target market frequents.

  • Furniture Rentals
    The goal is to transform your chosen storefront location in Chicago from a vacant space into a hotspot. The furniture rental stores in Chicago have selections of furniture and furnishings to get you started.

  • Event Rentals
    You want everyone walking into your storefront space to have the right experience. Crafting an experience leaves people with a lasting feeling which further strengthens your brand. Get interactive event rentals like holograms, for instance, to help in this regard.

  • Catering
    In the case of seasonal pop-up stores, you want to entice people to visit and purchase your products/services. Host an influencer event to drum up digital traffic or simply have food/drinks available for those who stop by your store.

  • Photography
    During your time renting a storefront location in Chicago, use the opportunity to take marketing photos of your products and services. Work with a professional photographer, and also create Instagrammable moments that encourage shoppers to snap and post photos about your storefront.

Storefront Location Companies in Chicago

You'll need all the help you can get to set up a successful storefront in Chicago. Fortunately, you don't have to walk the road alone because the local experts are a phone call away. From digital marketers to prop rental stores and catering companies; several businesses can help you get your storefront going.

  • 108 Agency
    108 Agency provides digital marketing services geared towards according to your brand the needed visibility. Their services include data analysis, paid social media advertising, copywriting, and conversion.

  • Chicago Props
    Chicago Props is your go-to rental solution for backdrops, rugs, furniture, lighting, and more. Their thematic rentals cater to event directors, art directors, photographers, stylists, and filmmakers.

  • Brook Furniture Rental
    Brook Furniture Rental strives to get you up and running within no time. Their rental services extend to offices and homes. They are also well-equipped to outfit any home or office size with everything from desks, cubicles, beds, stylish sofas, to filing cabinets.

Pros and Cons of Storefront Locations in Chicago

The city’s conducive business environment makes it an ideal place to sell your merchandise. While searching for a storefront location in Chicago, you will soon realize that the windy city has its good and negative sides.


  • It’s easy to move around
    Chicago is home to one of the USA’s most significant transportation systems offering adequate rail and bus options. It makes your storefront location in Chicago easy to access for most people.

  • Exciting traditions
    Chicago is well known for its fun traditions like St. Patrick Day. It is an event that attracts more than 400,000 individuals, and you may be lucky to get clients from this massive crowd.

  • A robust and diversified economy
    Chicago has one of the largest economies, surpassed only by New York and Los Angeles. With a GMP (gross metropolitan product) of $770 billion, you can trust that residents have enough resources to make your Chicago storefront location a success.

  • World-class architecture
    The windy city dots aesthetically beautiful buildings in all corners. It gives you plenty of great options to choose a Chicago storefront location that suits your needs.

  • Delicious food options
    Chicago takes pride in its food offerings. With various premium food markets, restaurants, and bars, you will never miss something that tickles your taste buds.


  • Crime
    The windy city is notorious for its crime rates. Luckily, not all areas are unsafe, giving you plenty of options for a secure storefront location in Chicago.

  • Cold and long winters
    Winter in Chicago can be freezing, with blizzards and snowstorms causing snow pileups. Keep this into consideration if you will be doing business during this season.

  • Traffic
    Traffic can quickly become a part of your everyday routine in the windy city. Thankfully, the public transport system in the city is reliable and efficient, offering a great alternative to access your storefront location in Chicago.

  • High taxes
    Chicago charges some of the highest taxes in the United States. Put this into consideration when looking for an affordable Chicago storefront location

  • Neighborhoods define you
    Every well-defined neighborhood in Chicago offers its personalities and cultures. Be sure to choose a side that represents your business well.

Famous Locations in Chicago

  • Art Institute of Chicago
    Located in Grant Park, the Art Institute of Chicago is renowned for its curatorial efforts. The ancient museum is one of the largest across the globe. Every year, millions of people visit the museum to view its permanent collection of hundreds of thousands of artworks, including iconic works from famous artists like George Seurat, Pablo Picasso, and Grant Wood.

  • Willis Tower Skydeck
    This Skydeck is the perfect spot to enjoy majestic views of Chicago and more than four states on a clear day. Willis Tower Skydeck, one of the world’s tallest office blocks, opened in 1974 after three years to build.

  • Buckingham Fountain
    A fascinating water show awaits you at the Buckingham Fountain. Four seahorses surround the fountain adding to its impeccable beauty. The fountain bursts to life from 8 am to 11 pm, shooting thousands of gallons of water through almost two hundred nozzles to create an impressive display.