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Antique Industrial Studio With Large Architectural Window

  • 45 people
  • 2 hr min
  • 967 sq/ft
Toronto, CA
Cos Studios is a pop-up rental studio in the heart of downtown Toronto's entertainment district. This one-of-a-kind studio-loft to be one that inspires you to stick around and create. For photographers, videographers, content creators, events, or workshops - we are here for your rental needs. Loaded with many living plants, props and a themed corner for you to play with, you'll have endless opportunities to create here. With 20ft high ceilings and an old-school window coupled with a classic radiator, our studio offers an open and safe* space for all to create in. Did we forget to mention we have a beautiful mezzanine with rustic wooden stairs for a backdrop?

Category and style


Art Deco, Bohemian, Craftsman, Dated/Retro, Industrial, Mid-century Modern, Zen


Available parking lot or parking structure nearby

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
967 sq ft

Location Rules

Catering allowed
BOOKING: 1. Choose your desired times according to your needs. 2. While booking, let us know - what is your intended use of our studio? (see USES for appropriate rates - if you book incorrectly your booking will be cancelled and you will be contacted by Cos Studios to resolve your booking. If upon your arrival our management assess your booking was made incorrectly or for improper use, the remainder of the fee will be adjusted or alternatively the session will be subject to cancellation without refund if your usage is not following our protocols.). 3. How many people do you plan to have in our loft at any given time? Please plan for no more than 45 guests in total to be in the space at once. 8. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please let us know. ​ PERMITTED USES: - Photography - Actor self tapes / audition tapes - YouTube videos & makeup tutorials - Personal video project with less than 5 total people on set. - Film / TV / Broadcasting / Publicity - Music videos - Corporate workshops - Commercials - Popup shops -Classes or Workshops, ongoing is an option! - Private functions - Events & mixers - Personal Gatherings *Not sure what category your work falls under? Send us an email at [email hidden] and we will assist you with your booking.* ​ HOURS - We're officially open from 7am - 9:30pm. Have an event and want to book us past close? Just send an email at [email hidden] and we will give you our overnight rates. Please note this is fee is more than our day-time hourly rate. - Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your session and leave promptly by the end of your booking.Its better to book extra time for your cleanup, or you will be subject to an additional hourly charge. INCLUDED WITH EACH RENTAL: -Mini Bluetooth Speaker -WiFi (ask us for the password) -Private washroom COMFORTS -Complimentary themed corner in main studio. -Plants (multiple live plants - please be aware of them and take care if you move them!) -Portable A/C & Heating (Since A/C is portable, please ask in advance if you would like us to remove the unit from the window). - Furniture (couch, tables, chairs, mirrors, ottomans). -Kitchen loaded with a large fridge, cups, plates, utensils and filtered water also in the fridge (wash, dry, and putting back items is mandatory). OPTIONAL EXTRAS (additional fees) Props & Equipment available on our website for rental during your session. [link hidden] These uniquely curated antique props that are not otherwise accessible in the rental. Please inquire about these items at [email hidden]. STUDIO APPEARANCE We often add things, or take things away and haven't updated the photographs with the new additions, so if there's something in particular you LOVE from the pictures, please mention the item prior or day-of. If you move anything in the studio during your rental session, please also return everything as it was upon arrival. PROHIBITED ITEMS: Unless otherwise stated, the following are prohibited in our entire studio space. Kindly read this list carefully, to avoid incurring various clean up or restoration fees. If you have ANY questions or concerns about whether something is OK or not please inquire with us. If Management cannot answer your call, it’s best to assume that the answer is “no" until Management states otherwise. Falsely assuming the answer is yes, may lead you to incurring unwanted fees... For your safety, and the security of the studio, please: -Keep the main studio door closed, at all times. There is also a door to the main creation space you can keep open or closed for privacy. -Pack up any equipment and lighting gear back up the way it was given to you after you are finished your rental, unless otherwise specified in writing by Management. -Do not allow any strangers inside the studio without requesting identification from them. If they claim to be the next renter, have them wait until management is able to meet with them and address the situation. -Ensure that the studio door is fully closed before you leave. It automatically locks once it is fully closed. (Renter is exclusively liable for full damages incurred as a result of infraction). -The stairs to the mezzanine are decorated for your use, however access to the upper level is prohibited. Please do not go up the stairs or enter that area. To keep our air quality high, especially for those with compromised breathing and for as long as COVID-19 is an issue, we ask you to observe the following: -No haze nor fog machines of any kind. ($500.00 CAD fee for infraction) -No smoke bombs, especially none with pigments. ($2,000.00 CAD fee for infraction) -No smoking nor vaping of any kind. ($500.00 CAD fee for infraction) -No drugs or drug use of any kind. ($500.00 CAD fee for infraction) To keep our furniture, walls, and floors clean, we ask that you avoid the following, as they are a concern for stains and/or are extremely difficult to clean. Fees for infractions vary depending on the level of damage caused. -No dyes in any form, including but not limited to powders or liquids -No glitters -No alcohol or food (if you need an exception to this rule, you must request it in writing and have approval from us) STANDARDS OF CARE: -Kindly wear only clean, indoor shoes inside of the studio. -Please move all furniture and items back to the way in which they are arranged upon entry. -Place the couch, ottomans, all chairs, tables, plants back where they belong. -Only touch furniture and equipment with clean hands, shoes -Do not attempt to move any heavy items such as mirrors or couches alone -Kindly ensure that the washroom is free of any debris, and that all litter is placed in the garbage bin. -If anything appears out of place, kindly put it back or if it is rubbish, please remove it. -If anything is damaged, please send us a picture as soon as you discover it, and do not use the item by any means. You break an item, you replace or pay in full for it. -No events which are open to the general public. All events must have a clear guest list. -No abrasive or extremely loud music without warning - this is a commercial building that must respect all tenants. ​ *We do NOT charge a cleaning fee upfront because we expect YOU to leave the space spotless and in rentable condition for the next guest. Failure to leave the studio in as clean or cleaner condition than in which it was left for you will result in a $250 cleaning fee, and with a punitive charge if it was deemed that you treated the space with negligence or disrespect. *COVID-19 REGULATIONS* During this difficult time, please be assured that we are doing our upmost effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. After each session, we require 30 minutes to disinfect the studio space to the best of our abilities. Your safety is our upmost priority. PLEASE NOTE: -Cos Studios is NOT responsible for providing any PPE to renters or any guests associated. -Hand sanitizer will be provided to all individuals who enter and will be easily accessible in various places throughout the space. -Masks are mandatory indoors. -Please have no more than 15 guests at the studio at a time, including the documented renter. -Cos Studios requires any renters and all associated guests to properly utilize PPE during their session to ensure the safety of all in the space, including management. -If renters are not adhering to our Covid-19 protocols, Cos Studios and our management has the right to end any session and ensure the renter and associates guests leave immediately without refund.


Air Conditioning


Conventional Elevator
Dressing Room
Fire Escape
Straight Stairs

Crew access

Wheelchair / Handicap Access


  • Q: What's the maximum attendees I can have at this location?

    A: Candace allows 45 attendees on location

  • Q: What types of activities are allowed at this location?

    A: Candace allows production and meetings

  • Q: How many square feet is the location?

    A: Antique Industrial Studio With Large Architectural Window is 967 sq/ft

Featured Reviews
8 months ago
Lovely space and very responsive host!
9 months ago
Fantastic space and very accommodating host! Thank you!
10 months ago
Candace maintained great communication, was very helpful with any inquires and was present when needed. The space was great, very clean and well kept. Great experience overall.
Exact location provided after booking

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