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Modular Office in Culver City
  • $32/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (55)
  • Instant book
  • Culver City, CA
This large, clean, modern modular office can be used for presentations or to bring your team to work on a project. Interview potential employees, Auditions & more. We also have a private Conference Room that sits 8 people. Free Parking -Make your own Coffee here
Corner Cafe
  • $75/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (31)
  • Instant book
  • Long Beach, CA
Customizable for different projects cafe in the corner unit of a 2 story, 9 unit apartment complex built in the late 1920' or early 1930's.
90s Retro Office Space
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (39)
  • Instant book
  • Alhambra, CA
An abandoned 90s Retro Office Space just 9 miles east of Downtown LA with fully functional power. This location features a reception area, a hallway with multiple offices, a blue-walled "bull-pen", and a set of vintage computers and desks from a range of periods perfect for your hacker movie or "Office Space" type film! In the same building you'll find a comfortable dining area, clean restrooms and friendly site-reps to make your shoot a breeze! Managed by filmmakers for filmmakers! Fast response times, easy scouting and knowledgeable, film-friendly site-reps. --Scouting-- We are open for location scouting between 9am and 2pm Monday through Friday by appointment only. Off hours scouting subject to availability and additional charges may apply. --Gear Available-- Message us for rentals. We have a wide selection of Red, Blackmagic, Sony cameras, Cine lenses, Litepanel, Aputure and Quasar lighting, grip equipment and much more. Rent where you shoot - save time, save money! --Furnishings-- We highly encourage productions to come scout our location. Shelving and items on the shelves is "as-is". We do not guarantee items other than the shelves themselves will be there on your shoot. If you don't see it on your scout it's not included with the rental! Come see what it's like for yourself before booking! -- Multi Site Bookings -- Martinsound hosts some of Giggster's most exciting locations including the Abandoned Grungy Apartment, the Retro Electronics Lab and the Grungy Warehouse Stockroom all in the same building! We're happy to offer the convenience of hosting shoots that use multiple sites in our fantastic location! To make things fair, simple and straight forward, here's our multi use booking policy: All multi site bookings will be booked individually. Each must have their own start and stop times and each space will be billed for individually including overtime (if the crew or gear is in the room past the booking, it goes into OT). Each site will be billed at it's standard rate per crew size starting at $100/hr unless otherwise discussed but we will only charge the site rep fee once! Often we will book multiple sites in one day with consecutive or sometimes overlapping crews (just as a studio with two sound stages would book multiple stages per day) and we need to ensure our ability to maximize the space in order to keep our costs down and our prices affordable for everyone! If you require access to the entire building or half the building in one booking, we offer package rates starting at 5 and 10 hours to accommodate your needs. Message us to discuss! -- Booking Policy -- All bookings are on a first come, first serve basis. If you do not have an approved booking here on Giggster your dates are not reserved. Inquiries about the location or coming by to scout the location will not place any form of hold on your dates. We will however provide a soft hold for specific dates by written request only once you've completed a preliminary scout. During a soft-hold we will alert you to other clients requesting your desired filming dates and will give you approximately eight hours to make your formal booking before approving the competing booking.
Spacious Old-World Victorian space in DLTA
  • $99/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (27)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Great open space with Victorian drapes and old world furniture. Has refrigerators, restroom, bar area, WiFi, photo booth room to set up for pictures, old pump organ, walls of Victorian frames, faux fireplace, sound system and two large projectors that project on the walls if desired. Think Disney haunted mansion vibe. Perfect for film shoots, vibey birthday parties or a corporate event. Has an outside gated area and also 6 parking spots. There is a separate space upstairs great for dressing area, changing, storage or filming also!
7,200 sq.ft. versatile Victorian/modern DTLA space
  • $80/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (60)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Our venue is multi-functional, versatile and spacious. The 7,200 sq. foot space is divided into three smaller rooms in the front with a combination of exposed brick walls and luxurious wallpaper and chandeliers, and a large art gallery/ballroom-style space in the main hall with white brick walls, bow truss ceiling, polished concrete floor, four impressive chandeliers, a bar, stage and balcony. One of the smaller rooms in the front is designed as a Victorian-style boudoir, another a cigar room/library, and the third one a Victorian-style parlor/sitting room. The main hall's open space lends itself to a variety of set-ups, including long tables for weddings, product launch events, photography, music video and film shoots. With dozens of eclectic pieces of furniture and other decoration that come with your rental, you can dress up this place to make it your own. A staircase from the main hall leads to the balcony that is set up as a restaurant/VIP section. The rental also includes a club-style restroom with two men's and two women's stalls. A second restroom is a Victorian-style unisex, handicap accessible restroom. We would love to show you all the possibilities this venue can offer. USEFUL INFORMATION: The rates published on Giggster are solely for music video/film production. Due to COVID-19, we are very selective as far as booking events. We have A/C/heater in the entire building. We charge $15 per hour to A/C/heater usage. For events, the cleaning fee is $200. There is an additional charge for our state-of-the-art sound system and stage lights. We can discuss the rates during your scout. We open the doors at the start time you requested. Depending on our schedule, we may be able to grant you a 15-minute head start OR a 15-minute grace period to load out. Any additional overtime will be charged the hourly rate in half-hour increments. OUR RULES: Some of the art work at the venue can be used only with the artist's release. Please ask before you use them for your shoot. Please do not remove books from the library shelves. The floor is polished and lacquered and can be damaged and scratched easily. We ask that you not drag the furniture or props across the floor. Please return all furniture and props to their original place. It's best that you take before photos. We reserve the right to charge $50 to return items not returned to their original place. Please do not use tape that could damage the floor or the paint on the walls. Please ask for permission to drill or nail anything into the walls. Please ask before you plug into any electrical outlet, especially if your device may draw more than 10 Amps or 1200 Watts. Please make sure to return all props and other items you borrowed from the staff. Please confirm with staff that you have returned the items. There will be a restocking fee for some items you borrow. Please leave the venue as clean as you found it. We will charge for any cleanup required beyond simple detailing and trash removal. If you use glitter, we will charge a $100 cleanup fee unless you clean it up yourself. PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow the use of drugs during film or music video production unless they are used as props. No alcohol consumption os allowed during production. The number of people in your booking request should include all cast and crew, extras, guests, family members and anyone else who will be physically present inside the venue.
DTLA Rooftop with Los Angeles Views -Photo/Video
  • $74/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (30)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Full pricing details below!! Youtube video: PLEASE NOTE: We have just added safety rails around the perimeter of the space. Please inquire for pictures/video. We have just renovated one section of the space to include fresh clear windows and white walls. Windows can be stained per booking in multichromatic colors - scroll through pictures to see the new features! Please note: At least 48 hours advance notice needed for the stained-window option. The multifaceted rooftop of a six-floor historical building Located in the heart of the Fashion District - next to the Cooper building, New mart, and California Market Center. Views include views of the Los Angeles city skyline, the fashion district, and the more laid-back side of town to the east. Ideal for photoshoots, and filming. 8,000 + Square feet. Restrooms available on 5th floor. Freight elevator + Passenger elevator. Free parking for bookings of 8+ hours. * Please note there is no access to second floor of the roof. PRICING FOR PHOTO/STILL PRODUCTIONS WITHIN OPERATING HOURS: $74/hour up to 3 people +25 4-7 people +55 8-12 people +90 13-18 people +130 19-25 people STILL PRODUCTIONS ON SATURDAYS: $89/hour up to 3 people $99/hour 4-7 people $134/hour 8-13 people $179/hour 14-20 people FOR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS AND COMMERCIAL PRODUCTIONS: $500 minimum - Please inquire for custom pricing This space can be used for: Photoshoot | Video Shoot | Apparel Shoot | Head Shots | Promotional Photoshoot | Product Shoot | Portrait Photoshoot | Filmed Interview | Audition | Casting | Client Meeting | Creative/Team Meeting | Dance Studio | Clothing Shoot | Fashion Shoot | Birthday Party shoot Best Friend Shoot | Portfolio Shoot | Social Media Promotion | Kickstarter Video | Film Shoot | Music Video | Filming | Promotional Video | Documentary Shoot | Fitness Video | TV Series Shoot | Film Studio | Workout Video | Production Shoot | Dance Shoot | Documentary Shoot | Filming | Production | Filmed Interview | Music Video | Promotional Video | Video Shoot | Video Studio | Web Series Shoot | Workout Video |Apparel Shoot | Clothing Shoot | Commercial Photoshoot | Fashion Shoot | Head Shot | Photo Shoot | Photo Studio | Portrait Photoshoot | Product Shoot | Class | Classroom | Coaching | Collaboration | Focus Group | Forum | Hackathon | Improv | Lecture | Orientation | Presentation | Seminar | Speaker Event | Speaker Panel | Summit | Training | Workshop Parking: street metered parking available (free after 6PM), outdoor parking lot available right behind the building with alley access, indoor parking available at the end of the block inside the Cooper Building. Special arrangements can be provided - please ask. OPERATING HOURS 9:30 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday *** 10:30 AM - 5 PM Sunday. Anything outside of operating hours will require an extra fee to be paid in cash to the onsite manager. Please note: Slight changes from the photos - mainly the graffiti has been removed, and the walls are now painted clean. Amenities listed must be requested for!!! When inquiring or booking, please include the number of people, equipment, how you will be using the space and if you will be needing any extra amenities. Thank you and welcome!
Training Hub
  • $42/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (7)
  • Instant book
  • Burnaby, BC
Welcome to Boundary Business Park! Come and enjoy this professionally equipped training space easily configurable as you like. Supplied with commercial tables and chairs to seat up to 25 people. Newly renovated, this bright space is a great option for meetup, auditions, seminar, classroom, lunch & learn, and more! Reception is available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm onsite. The space is configured for early morning or after hours independent access particularly if multiple day sessions are booked. Please message us directly so we may arrange building access information and instructions for you.
Need help finding the perfect Meeting space?
Need help finding the perfect Meeting space?
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What people say about Meeting on Giggster

Katie D.
$ 198
6 hours
15 people
3 years ago
A secluded hills home for creative meeting. So nearby by feels very private and is quiet. Absolutely lovely house and furnishings and good host. I would recommend this place!
Emma L.
$ 480
3 hours
45 people
3 years ago
Erica was a great host for this lovely rooftop space. She helped us with everything for our after-work meetup. The views are great, the space is well-maintained, and most of all, Erica is a gem of a host!
Joshua A.
$ 300
6 hours
25 people
4 years ago
Good location for a Meetup! Our smallish group (about 20) had a really nice time in the space. Good location for us. Really enjoyed!
Jacob H.
$ 416
2 hours
50 people
3 years ago
Comfortable room for a meetup in convenient location. Access was good and everything went smoothly.

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About Meetings

Successful meetings are an integral part of doing business. Meetings help organizations of all shapes and sizes make important decisions, overcome challenges, and plan for the future. They’re also essential for building relationships and encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

But planning a successful meeting is a lot more difficult than you might think. Once you’ve put together an agenda and a list of attendees, you’ll also need to find the best meeting space near you with all the right amenities and equipment. Ensuring that the meeting runs smoothly is an essential skill too, and is just one of many factors that can determine whether or not you achieve your goals.

The good news is that there are meeting venues out there to suit any occasion. Whether you’re organizing a formal board meeting, a casual brainstorm, or anything in between, you’ll find a meeting location near you that ticks all the boxes.

The Best Meeting Venues

The best meeting space for your needs really depends on what you want to achieve. In some situations, a traditional boardroom setting works best; in others, a more modern and relaxed space, designed to encourage collaboration and creative thinking, is a better choice. It’s worth comparing a range of options to find the best meeting space to help you reach your business goals.

  • Convention Centers
    Convention and conference centers could be the ideal choice if you’re searching for a conventional meeting space. While these venues are commonly associated with larger functions and events, they also commonly boast meeting rooms for hire. These rooms typically offer a traditional boardroom setting and feature state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that they’re as practical as possible.

  • Business Centers
    If you’re looking for a little more flexibility when it comes to the layout of the room, a business center might be the answer. These multipurpose venues typically boast a variety of options to choose from, including everything from co-working spaces and small meeting rooms to spacious boardrooms. Perfect if you’re searching for a meeting venue that offers a variety of options.

  • Casual Meeting Venues
    Not all meetings are formal and serious affairs. Sometimes you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere to foster teamwork and collaboration, and encourage creative thinking. From cafes to bookshops, airy lofts to colorful retro lounges, the choices are practically endless. A sunny outdoor patio with good views and laid-back vibes is perfect for a casual meeting.

What to Look for in Meeting Spaces

You’re spoiled for choice when searching for the ideal meeting space, so finding the right venue can be a lot more difficult than you might expect. With this in mind, it’s important to have a clear picture of exactly what you need in a meeting room. Here are some of the key factors you’ll need to consider.

  • Size and Space
    The first consideration is finding a space with enough room to accommodate all meeting attendees. You want the venue to be comfortable and practical, but it’s also important to avoid anything that’s far too big for your needs.

  • Layout
    The best meeting space is one that has the right layout to suit your requirements straight off the bat, or that is flexible enough to be adjusted to match your needs. For example, you may want a venue with shared seating and lots of wall space to encourage productive brainstorming sessions, or perhaps a space with more of a classroom style for teaching or presentations. You may even want a venue that lets you switch up the layout mid-meeting, so shop around to see what’s out there.

  • Ease of Access
    Next, look for a meeting venue that’s easy for the majority of your attendees to access. Central locations are often convenient as they’re easily accessible by road and public transport, but attendees flying in from interstate might appreciate a meeting space that’s close to the airport. There are other factors to consider here too, such as whether the venue has private parking and whether it’s accessible for people with disabilities.

  • Amenities and Services
    Now it’s time to dig down into the nitty-gritty of what the meeting location has to offer. The best venues will offer comfortable seating, essential furniture such as a boardroom table and lectern, plus all the sound and tech equipment you need for any presentations. Clean bathrooms are a must too, while a reliable heating or cooling system will help ensure that your meeting stays on track.

  • The Right Price
    Budget is always a factor when you’re doing business. The right meeting venue for you is one that offers everything you need, but at a price that sits comfortably within your budget. It’s worth comparing a range of options to find the best value for money.

Meeting Inspiration

Every successful meeting starts with an excellent venue. And with such a diverse range of options to choose from, you can create an environment that’s sure to maximize productivity.

  • Traditional Meeting Spaces in Business Centers
    Business centers are designed from the ground up to make it easy to get to work. From the boardroom to every day meeting spaces, you’ll find a range of conventional spaces on offer. You’ll also find modern tech equipment and sound systems, ensuring a smoothly-run meeting from start to finish.

  • Casual Collaborative Spaces in Cafes and Coffee Houses
    Conventional meeting rooms aren’t always conducive to creative thinking. Take your team away from the everyday grind for a laid-back meeting in a cozy cafe. There aren’t many better ways to encourage collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Create Your Ideal Meeting Environment in a Blank Space
    Can’t find a meeting space that’s the right fit? Why not hire out a room that gives you a blank canvas you want and then bring in the furniture and equipment you need? It may require a little more time and expense to set up, but it’ll help ensure that your get-together is as productive as possible.