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Top Modern Office spaces in Austin, TX

East Austin Luxury Shared Office Space
  • $500/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (1)
  • 1
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a day
  • Austin, TX
Large Conference Room for 20 People
  • $32/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (3)
  • 3
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a few hours
  • Austin, TX
Small Conference Room for 8 People
  • $32/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a few hours
  • Austin, TX
Light-filled creative space
  • $300/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (1)
  • 1
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a few hours
  • Austin, TX
Hyde Park Creative Space
  • $300/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • 2
  • Instant book
  • Responds within a few hours
  • Austin, TX
Outplan Hanger
  • $833/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Responds within 1 hr
  • Austin, TX

How to find Modern Office spaces in Austin, TX
Explore Modern Office space in Austin, TX and book your location in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Office venues

Do I need my own production or event insurance in Austin?
Yes. All renters are required to carry Comprehensive Liability and Property Damage insurance with liability coverage of no less than $1,000,000.
What protection plans are available for bookings in Austin on Giggster?
Giggster offers Damage Protection coverage that you can add to a booking at checkout. Learn more about Giggster's Damage Protection coverage.
What types of locations can I book in Austin?
You can choose from 42 types! Just search for locations in Austin at, then click 'Filters' to look for something specific.
How many Modern Office spaces are available in Austin?
Right now, there are 196 Modern Office spaces available in Austin.
What payment methods does Giggster accept for Austin bookings?
You can pay for your booking with a credit card, or with ACH or wire transfer for bookings over $4k.
What is the cancellation policy for Austin guests on Giggster?
Refund options vary, based on when the booking is canceled. Learn more about Giggster's cancellation and refund policy.
What are the cleaning and safety policies for Austin locations on Giggster?
Now more than ever, your health and safety is our number one priority. We've outlined specific health and safety requirements for both hosts and guests. Learn more about Giggster's COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures.
What locations available near Austin?
You'll find up to 42 different types of locations in Austin. Just start a search at and narrow things down with the 'Filter' option.
Is there an extra cost to add more attendees to my Austin booking?
Yes. Pricing tiers are based on group size. For example, if you booked a space for a group of 1-5 for $30/hr, the price per person is $6/hr. Each additional person would increase the rate by $6/hr.
How much are average location rentals in Austin?
Rental rates vary with the type and features of the location, but the average rate in Austin is $302 per hour.
Why should I choose Giggster over other platforms offering rentals in Austin?
Giggster's got your back — and we know our stuff. Our Customer Support team is knowledgeable and accessible, we offer white glove Select service to help you find the perfect location, and we're experts on the unique needs of production teams.
What is the price range for Modern Office spaces in Austin, TX?
Booking prices vary with the property type, features, and rental length, but generally a 1-hour booking will be in the range of $32 to $833.
Which Modern Office spaces are most popular in Austin, TX in 2024?
How do I book a Austin location on Giggster?
When you find the right venue, you can connect with the host to get additional info and work out the details. Once everything is all set, you can book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Learn more about booking locations.
How do I cancel a Austin reservation request?
You can contact our team to request a cancellation. Learn more about our cancellation policy.

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Find Modern Office spaces in Austin, TX

About Austin

Austin is a city known for its vibrant and eclectic culture, often considered the "Live Music Capital of The World". Located in Central Texas, it is home to the University of Texas at Austin and a booming tech industry. It offers an impressive selection of businesses including some of the most popular restaurants and bars, world-class museums, innovative live music venues, and bustling nightlife.

In recent years, Austin has become more than just a hub for music and outdoor activities. Its economy is expanding rapidly with a focus on creative professionals from fields such as technology, fashion, event planning, media production, and many other industries. As such businesses have flocked to the city and modern office spaces have been set up to accommodate this influx of workers.

These offices are among some of the most advanced workspaces available in today's market with features like flexible seating arrangements designed to maximize creativity during work hours. Furthermore, these offices often come with amenities such as state-of-the-art fitness centers, nutrition programs, concierge services, and networking events that are geared toward improving their employees’ work experience.

Modern Office Options in Austin

  • Interior Design Services
    If you are looking for a professional and experienced team to help organize your modern office, then interior design services are the right choice for you. Design firms offer a wide range of services that cater to diverse needs and budgets.

  • Office Supplies
    A well-stocked office is an efficient one. Make sure to have all the essentials on hand, such as pens, paper, folders, and tape. You can find everything you need at your local office supply store.

  • A/V Equipment
    Creating a modern and efficient office space is important in boosting productivity, and quality A/V equipment is essential to the process. This includes items like computers, monitors, printers, and scanners. Be sure to consult with an AV specialist to determine which pieces of equipment are best for your needs.

Cleaning Services

Keeping your office clean and tidy is essential for maintaining a productive work environment. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a great way to ensure that your office always looks its best.

Modern Office Vendors in Austin

  • Spaces Designed Interior Design Studio
    Spaces Designed is a company that creates beautiful and modern spaces. The business was founded in 2005 by interior designer Komal Sheth in Austin. They offer interior design and remodeling services for both residential and commercial spaces and have a commitment to using high-quality materials and paying attention to detail in order to create eco-friendly spaces.

  • Modern Redux
    Modern Redux is a company that specializes in vintage furniture from the mid-20th century. They were established in 1992 and have been operating for nearly 28 years. In that time, they have helped to encourage a renewed interest in mid-century modern furnishings and decorative arts among a new audience.

  • HQS Austin
    HQS Austin is a company that specializes in high-quality, customized cleaning and maid services. They have been in business since 2005 and pride themselves on their attention to detail and flexible scheduling. HQS Austin also uses the latest technology to make sure its processes are as seamless as possible.

Pros and Cons of Modern Office Spaces in Austin

Texas’s capital city, Austin, is a rapidly growing area with an expanding economy and population. As a result, modern office spaces have been sprouting up all across the city to accommodate the influx of businesses and organizations. Here are some pros and cons of modern office spaces in Austin:


  • Austin is a hub for technology, business services, and entertainment in recent years. It is home to many large companies, which in turn draws entrepreneurs who are establishing startups or hosting myriads of functions.

  • The city also boasts one of the most highly educated workforces in the US, with over 50% of workers having a Bachelor's degree or higher. This provides access to an abundant pool of talented professionals who can help your business succeed.

  • Austin has an attractive tax structure that allows businesses to keep more of their profits each year.


  • Finding a suitable location may be challenging due to Austin's limited amount of available commercial real estate properties that match a company's needs or budget constraints.

  • The city is prone to traffic congestion during rush hour which can be an issue if employees need quick access from one area of town to another or if clients need efficient travel times when visiting from out of town.

  • The hot summer weather makes it uncomfortable to work inside offices without proper air conditioning systems installed, potentially causing productivity issues among workers.

Tips on How to Organize Modern Office Spaces in Austin

Organizing a modern office space in Austin is an important task that helps create an efficient and productive workspace. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your chosen modern office space:

  • Use natural lighting. Natural lighting has been proven to boost employee productivity, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Using as much natural light as possible by removing heavy curtains or blinds and installing skylights can be a great way to make the most of your space while saving money on energy costs.

  • Take advantage of vertical space. Ceilings in offices tend to be higher than in other work areas, so taking advantage of this extra room with shelves, filing cabinets, and even hanging plants can help maximize the available floor area for other tasks or furniture needs.

  • Invest in ergonomic furniture. Ergonomics isn't just about comfort – it also increases efficiency and helps prevent work-related injuries from occurring over long periods of sitting or standing at a desk. Choosing chairs, desks, keyboards, and mousepads that are designed for ergonomic use can pay off over time in terms of both productivity and employee health.

  • Create separate areas for collaboration and quiet work. Different tasks require varied levels of focus and concentration. Allowing employees to have separate dedicated workspaces that they can move between depending on the task at hand will help them stay productive throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed or distracted.

  • Incorporate healthy snacks into the workplace. Dehydration and low blood sugar levels both significantly affect cognitive performance, so providing healthy snacks, like nuts, fruit, nuts bars, and vegetable sticks with hummus, keeps employees energized all day long without crashing mid-afternoon due to sugary foods or drinks like soda pop or coffee with creamers/sugars added later on in their shift.

Famous Locations in Austin

  • Butler Metro Park
    Nestled next to the lake with a stunning view of the skyline, Butler Park is the perfect spot for a romantic picnic or an afternoon stroll. The granite dock is a great place to relax and take in the sights, and the people-watching is excellent. Plus, since you're allowed to drink in this park, it's the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine with your honey. You can even turn your picnic into a makeshift happy hour.

  • Museum of the Weird
    Museum of the Weird is a great place to go if you're looking for a creepy and entertaining day out. The museum emulates dime museums, which were made popular by people like P.T. Barnum, and features a small collection of bizarre artifacts, including shrunken heads, fossils, and wax figures of classic movie monsters. Did you know that the apartment next to the museum was once Johnny Depp's residence? If you're interested in Hollywood gossip then you'll get plenty of it from the fun and friendly staff.

  • The Domain Shopping Center
    The Domain Shopping Center is one of the best places to shop in Austin. The center is home to over 100 stores, including high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus and Coach. Whether you're looking for a new outfit or just want to window shop, this is your spot. If you need a break from shopping, there are plenty of restaurants and places to relax. The AMC movie theater is usually packed on weekends, but if you're looking for a quieter experience, head over to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. It's perfect for beer lovers, as they serve up craft brews and food while you watch your favorite films.