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Westwood Dormitory by UCLA with large Parking lot

$41/hour is for ONE dorm room that we have available, which will most likely have 2 twin beds or 1 full size bed. If you need 2 dorm rooms then double that price, and common area can be used if SHARED for additional small fee. Please do not expect to shoot across our building for $41/hour. Parking is $20 per car and $40 per van or truck. Non transferable. Westwood PodShare is located next door to the W Hotel and a few blocks from UCLA. We have 9,000 sq ft with 9ft ceilings of hallways, rooms, restrooms, showers, and a common room/lobby. We have 2 floors, with separate entries for both and a stairway to leads into the other. The hallways are long. We have a large concrete parking lot and a deck. Inside the rooms, we custom built bunk beds, and table tops. There are glass windows in every room facing the parking lot or Hilgard Avenue (Cathedral outside) that can be open or closed (some tinted).

Category and style


Americana/Anywhere America, Cabin, Contemporary Modern


Private parking for 9 cars

Truck / motorhome on site parking: On property

Available parking lot or parking structure nearby

Permit zone

Address most likely falls into the following permit zone: Los Angeles. Please confirm with the host.
Giggster offers in-house permit coordination services for certain projects. Call (323) 544-4600 to inquire about pricing or visit our FAQ section to learn more.

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
9000 sq ft

Location Rules

No adult filming


Air Conditioning
Hair/Makeup area


Dining Hall/Cafeteria
Front Desk
Bed & Breakfast
Boutique Hotel
Quarter/Half/Three-Quarter Turn Stairs
Straight Stairs

Crew access

Street Level
Wheelchair / Handicap Access
Featured Reviews
Noah H.
2 years ago
TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE SHOOTING HERE. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. We originally found DormShare (the business name of building in question) while scouting for our micro-sized commercial shoot. Although we did manage to eventually secure the location (with less than 24h left) and get our shoot off, it was absolutely a terrible, grinding experience that I would recommend to absolutely no one - except for maybe a very small student project with no other options. Actually, I wouldn't even recommend that. Just go shoot in your friend's dorm. Allow me to share some of our frustrations with this listing: - Photos on listing are misleading. It all depends on which rooms are occupied (location is an active hostel with tenants.) Almost every single room portrayed in the listing was occupied and unable to be used to film in. - Price on listing is misleading. Rate of 41/hr is for a single room and they WILL charge you more if you want to shoot in any other areas, such as the common room. - Quiet hours. You cannot shoot before 10AM, or past 10PM. This was a hard rule enforced by the host. - Parking. Expect to be charged $40 per truck and $20 per car. If you do not pay, they put a lock on your tire. Parking passes are non-transferable and apply only to the specific car you buy it for. - Window tinting. Almost all windows in the building are heavily tinted and you lose about 5 stops of light - severely limiting lighting and camera options. Host refused to let us remove tinting even with offer to hire a service to replace them afterwards. Take that as you will. - Horrible communication. Host admitted to me she 'doesn't check Giggster often,' but did not give me a phone number or alternative way to communicate with her. Meant I often waited 48 hours before getting a response to a simple message or question. Huge red flag as communication is key to an efficient booking. - Employees at DormShare try to be helpful, but ultimately were clearly inexperienced with helping out film crews. This made location scouting a struggle as they didn't seem to understand our need to view multiple room layouts and kept trying to get us to book 'the room film crews normally use.' - Employee (they only have 1 on duty at a time) was often busy with tenants (checking them in, solving disputes, etc) which left us waiting long times for simple requests. - Ultimately the host asked us to pay for the booking outside of Giggster due to the service fee Giggster charges. After everything that happened, it struck me as a money-grab. Especially because she charged us an extra hour at the end of the day (we had two guys outside packing up our grip truck for 30mins past our agreed upon end time) AFTER charging us nearly $300 for parking! There's probably more stuff I could have spoken about, but I think that paints a clear enough image. In between the misleading listing, lackluster communication, and inflexible host, I find it difficult to recommend this place to anyone for their own shoot. It really seems like they only put their location on Giggster to make some extra cash renting out rooms that aren't occupied by tenants.
Cynthia B.
3 years ago
The place is good, we were a very small cast & crew (less than 15) so the space worked great for us. We used a room in the 2nd floor, the staff was super, super, friendly, there weren't many guests in that area, so it was fairly quiet. Overall it worked great for us and the production went fantastic. However, the post is NOT accurate. We only had access to 2 rooms and shared use of the hallway, then we had to pay $10 per car extra for parking. The description of the property does not match what you'll get. We didn't need any of the other areas, so it worked good for us, but beware that you will not have access to the entire property as it says on the listing.
Exact location provided after booking