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Boho Vintage Historic Light Factory

  • 10 people
  • 2 hr min
  • 700 sq/ft
PLEASE *READ EVERYTHING* BELOW BEFORE SENDING BOOKING REQUEST INCLUDING UPDATED SEASONAL RATES ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ☼ COVID UPDATE: (09/01/2021) ------------------------------ ✓ PRIVATE STUDIO LOCATED IN A LOW TRAFFIC COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL BUILDING ✓ ONLY BOOKINGS WITH 10 PEOPLE OR LESS PERMITTED ✓ FOLLOW ALL BUILDING PROCEDURES POSTED AT THE MAIN ENTRANCE AND HALLWAY DOORS ✓ PROPER SOCIAL DISTANCING PRACTICES ✓ WEAR MASKS *BY LAW* UPON ENTERING/EXITING THE BUILDING AND INSIDE THE STUDIO ✓ STUDIO IS CLEANED AND SANITIZED BETWEEN EACH BOOKING ✓ HAND SANITIZER AND PAPER TOWELS PROVIDED IN STUDIO ✓ CONTACTLESS CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT ------------------------------ We want to make this as easy and comfortable to all guests but also ask you to be patient and understanding due to the nature of the situation as this effects everyone. We apologize for the inconvenience and your full cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Thank you and stay safe, be well, be kind. ~ LIGHT FACTORY STUDIO TEAM ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ⊟ FACTORY STUDIO: ------------------- WANDER; To walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way. SPACE; a continuous area or expanse which is free to create, and unoccupied of social conformity. 𖦑 YOUR SPACE: -------------- Welcome to the LIGHT FACTORY STUDIO! A 700 sq/ft. hard loft creators space located in Toronto’s historic east end. Originally a knitting and textile factory in the early 1900s, this industrial-age gem has changed several times since the Second World War to be home to a furniture company, a greeting card manufacturer, and a pant factory. In 1997, it was converted into live-work artist studios. This brick + beam third floor walk-up has many unique features including 14’ ceilings, original hardwood floors, beautiful textured backgrounds, boho-vintage styling, and large industrial north-west facing windows making it ideal for that diffused golden-hour natural light. Every corner and wall is a curated mini set with carefully selected items for you to arrange and rearrange however you want. This location is ideal for fashion, editorial, and portrait photography, along with commercial film shoots. But more than just a vibing photography studio, it's also your versatile multipurpose space that can fulfill almost any creative need. Welcome entrepreneurs, brands, agencies, photographers, influencers, creators and light-seekers! Your space to be + create Find your light ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ◷ PRICING: ----------- LIGHT FACTORY has affordable rates for everyone. Our minimal approach provides a staged, versatile room with a that offers amateur and pro shooters the ease to focus more on their craft and less on expensive studio rentals. Our prices are prorated based on the number of hours you book so the hourly rate lowers as the number of hours you book increases! Because of the demand, weekends have a higher rate than weekdays. However everything is negotiable so don't hesitate to ask for something that doesn't fit your budget! ﹩FALL WINTER/2021 WEEKDAY M-F RATES: -----------------------------------------  2 HOURS @$50/h = $100  3 HOURS @$50/h = $150  4 HOURS @$45/h = $180  5 HOURS @$45/h = $225  6 HOURS @$45/h = $270  8 HOURS @$40/h = $320 10 HOURS @$40/h = $400 12 HOURS @$40/h = $480 (+$10 cleaning fee) ﹩FALL WINTER/2021 WEEKEND S+S RATES: ----------------------------------------- *Weekends have a $5 more per hour rate  2 HOURS @$55/h = $110  3 HOURS @$55/h = $165  4 HOURS @$50/h = $200  5 HOURS @$50/h = $250  6 HOURS @$50/h = $300  8 HOURS @$45/h = $360 10 HOURS @$45/h = $450 12 HOURS @$45/h = $540 (+$10 cleaning fee) ◷ FACTORY HOURS: ------------------- MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7AM → 9PM SATURDAY + SUNDAY 8AM → 8PM ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ◰ FEATURES: ------------ ✓ Famous Leather Couch ✓ High-speed Internet + Wifi ✓ August Wifi Lock ✓ Keyless Code Entry ✓ Google Nest/Hub ✓ YouTube Premium Music ✓ 48" LCD Display w/Mobile Stand + HDMI ✓ KEVIN.MURPHY Hair Styling Products ✓ Keurig Coffee ⊕ MORE: --------- ✓ Backdrop pulley system ✓ Vanity/make up station ✓ Light filtering roller blinds ✓ LED neon sign art ✓ Clothing rack + hangers ✓ Steamer ✓ Rolling work table ✓ Producers station ✓ Living plants ✓ Vintage street light ✓ Police locker ✓ Fun props ✓ Casual seating area ✓ Kitchenette + large island ✓ Refrigerator ✓ Toaster oven ✓ Bathroom + shower ✓ 12 school chairs ✓ Air conditioning + heating ✓ Ceiling fan ✓ Freight elevator access ✓ Zula the Elephant ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ⚡ INCLUDED IN STUDIO RENTAL: ------------------------------- ✓ 1 GODOX STROBE LIGHT ✓ 1 OCTAGONAL SOFTBOX 31” ✓ 1 FLASH SYNC CABLE ✓ GVM 30W BI COLOUR LED ✓ 1 C STAND ✓ 1 LIGHT STAND ✓ 48" LCD TV + HDMI ✓ 2 STAND BAGS ✓ CLAMPS + TAPE ⊞ BACKGROUNDS: ------------------ ✓ CONCRETE WALL ✓ WHITE WALL ✓ BLACK WALL ✓ JUNGLE PRINT ✓ WHITE BRICK ✓ HARDWOOD ✓ WAXED CANVAS ✓ PAINTED CANVAS ✓ BASIC PAPER ROLLS (Paper stock always changes so inquire to see what we have before your shoot) ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ⚡✩BYOG✩ (BRING YOUR OWN GEAR) You provide the gear, we create the space...thats how it works. We are not a full service photography and equipment rental studio so make sure you pack EVERYTHING you need for your shoot. If there is any specific lighting you need, bring it. Otherwise the natural light is stunning! ⚡⚡NO FLASH/STROBE shooting after 6PM in fall/winter months, and 8PM in summer months. The residential building next door is very close and strobes firing at night is simply too intense and extremely annoying for the kind people who live there. Continuous lighting is ok, but no flash photography after dark. Thank you for your cooperation! ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Category and style

Photography Studio


Available parking lot or parking structure nearby

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
700 sq ft

Location Rules

Catering allowed
𖦑 SPACE RULES: ––––––––––––– You and your guests are responsible for observing these guidelines. Failure to to do so will be grounds for early termination of booking, loss of future access to the studio and/or damages charges. We ask that everyone respect the space, neighbours, leaving the rooms clean and furniture, props and plants returned to their original locations in order to avoid additional cleaning fees. I, THE RENTER, AGREE TO: ––––––––––––––––––––– ✓ Be a kind and professional human at all times. ✓ Be considerate of neighbours and the entire building as a whole. ✓ No shoes, food or drink on furniture. ✓ Absolutely NO GLITTER! ✓ No strobe/flash shooting after 7pm or dark. ✓ No bare feet. (Hard wood floors are old and can be dangerous so it’s for your own/models personal safety). ✓ Be careful with all furniture, props and plants. ✓ Lift / carry furniture across floors. Do not drag. ✓ Put everything back in its original place. ✓ Damages to lights, set or props will be resolved through security deposit. ✓ Pay a $50 minimum for anything missing from the studio after booking on top of the full value of the item through security deposit. ✓ Be gentle with delicate light filtering blinds. ✓ Use anything in the studio at own risk. ✓ Be 100% responsible for own safety and safety of others. ✓ Not hold the lessor liable for injury, death incurred on the premises. ✓ Assume all responsibility for personal property/equipment incidentals or theft that may occur on site. ✓ Be 100% accountable for any damages that may occur. ✓ Advise studio in advance if you need any specific backgrounds set up. ✓ Keep noise levels reasonable. ✓ Turn off main lights when finished. ✓ Conduct myself in ways that would make my mother and father proud. ✓ Perform a random act of kindness on day of booking. ✓ Create awesome content and have fun! ◷ TIME: –––––– ✓ Your booking starts at the time it says on your reservation, not when you arrive (so please be on time). ✓ Please knock when you arrive. DO NOT just walk in. ✓ Studio closes at 8:00pm. All bookings must be wrapped and vacated from the building. ✓ Time overages will be resolved through security deposit. ✓ Additional hours/time overage is charged at a rate of $50/hour. ✓ If you are more than 45 minutes late without giving any prior notice you will be considered a no show and your booking will be forfeited without refund. ✓ Wifi lock records all entries and exits. 𖥧 CLEANING: ––––––––––– ✓ Leave the studio the way you found it. ✓ If you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP. ✓ This is a shared space, please be courteous to the next guest and clean up after yourself. ✓ Cleanliness is Godliness so cleaning fees are applied for proper deep cleaning, sanitization, and general good heath and maintenance practices—not to clean up after careless guests. Any excess mess, spills, unnecessary food waste, etc. that goes outside the general cleaning fee with be taken out of the security deposit. ⊟ BUILDING RULES: –––––––––––––––– × NO LOITERING OR SHOOTING IN HALLWAYS × NO SMOKING IN STUDIO OR BUILDING × NO PARTIES × NO LOUD MUSIC × NO EXCESSIVE DRINKING × NO PARKING IN RESIDENTS LOT × CLOSE AND LOCK LOADING DOCK DOOR WHEN FINISHED × DO NOT PROP OPEN BUILDING ENTRANCE DOOR × RESPECT EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING AT ALL TIMES × FREIGHT ELEVATOR USED FOR MOVING GEAR TO AND FROM STUDIO ONLY. NOT FOR SHOOTING OR CASUAL RIDERS × HALLWAYS ARE TO BE USED ONLY FOR ENTERING AND EXITING THE UNITS. NO OTHER USES ARE PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. × MASKS MUST BE WORN IN BUILDING AT ALL TIMES NO EXCEPTIONS BUT IS UP TO YOU ONCE INSIDE THE STUDIO SPACE THANK U Please enjoy the Wanderspace Light Factory Studio Find Your Light x.


Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning
Lighting/Grip Equiment
Outdoor Space

Crew access

Wheelchair / Handicap Access


  • Q: What's the maximum attendees I can have at this location?

    A: Jack allows 10 attendees on location

  • Q: What types of activities are allowed at this location?

    A: Jack allows production, events and meetings

  • Q: How many square feet is the location?

    A: Boho Vintage Historic Light Factory is 700 sq/ft

Featured Reviews
Stacy T.
a month ago
The space is exactly as advertised. Jack was very accommodating. The lighting in the early morning is beautiful.
Nelson C.
a month ago
Place is awesome. Will definitely book again. Host is responsive and very easy to deal with. Parking is tricky depending on time of day so arrive ahead of your scheduled time slot to find good parking. If you book this spot, you’ll be happy with it for sure.
Dope S.
a month ago
Great space would definitely recommend and book again.
Crystal L.
a month ago
The space was really great. lots of natural lighting and great props for photo shoot. overall good experience
Thomas S.
2 months ago
Jack was incredibly responsive and accomodating even with some last-minute time changes. I cant wait to use the space again.
Exact location provided after booking

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