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Cafeteria Dining hall
  • $99/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Glendale, CA
Very beautiful dining hall cafeteria inside community center. Available everyday . Ask me any questions you have
Well-lit and Ventilated Versatile Open Space
  • £90/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (4)
  • 4
  • Instant book
  • London, UK
Whether you'd like to host a launch party, exhibition, panel event or even a pop-up shop, our beautiful lounge is the perfect spot! A well-lit and ventilated open space with cosy furniture and an outdoor patio, the lounge has a fully equipped kitchen unit, as well as independent A/C and heating. Managed by onsite staff, we can accommodate all your event's needs (e.g. additional furniture, catering, flower arrangements, projector, etc.) - Just let us know and we'll sort it out!
Santa Monica Office Space
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Santa Monica, CA
Come and enjoy this open, scenic space for whatever your heart desires! We have 4 rooms, each with their own theme (USA, South America, Europe, Asia) and a conference room that seats 14. You’re able to rent one room or several. The price listed is for ONE ROOM with included use of kitchen. If you’re interested in renting multiple rooms please let me know. Almost all rooms have an ocean view and the USA room has a view of the Santa Monica pier. Perfect for meetings or production. There is a full kitchen available for use and restrooms on site. Parking available at $15 per car in the building’s lot. Receptionist on site to answer any questions immediately.
Beautiful Clubhouse on the Harbor
  • $65/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (19)
  • 19
  • Instant book
  • Oxnard, CA
Large, natural light filled clubhouse with a deck/patio area directly on the Channel Islands Harbor. Recently remodeled with large entry doors, sliding glass doors with a view of the harbor, an updated kitchen and bar area. Located in the front of a quiet apartment community. Bathroom access is available on the deck. Located minutes away from Hollywood Beach.
Need help finding the perfect Cooking Class space?
Need help finding the perfect Cooking Class space?
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What people say about Cooking Class on Giggster

Ryan M.
$ 148
2 hours
10 people
4 years ago
Adorable and bright space! I teach cooking class for Japanese specialty. 15 students all enjoy the space. Very open space for my class. Will use more times. Thank you!
Riley C.
$ 585
3 hours
25 people
4 years ago
We presented our cooking class for fourteen students at this lovely home. The kitchen was handy, though we did most of the work off in the dining room. Worked well for our purposes!
Avery M.
$ 1200
6 hours
20 people
3 years ago
Great kitchen and good light for a cooking class. My client only had 8 friends on this, so we had plenty of space. I would use this house again.
Andrea P.
$ 585
3 hours
25 people
3 years ago
I used this space for a cooking class. Smaller than I had hoped, but the apartment was cute and clean. Pleasant open kitchen.

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About Cooking Classes

Cooking is a serious business that goes beyond your average household kitchen. From dining establishments that offer unique food experiences to the events industry, it's safe to say that there's always a cooking-related shindig happening somewhere.

Hosting a cooking class gives various occasions deliciously fun twists. Guests benefit from an elevated experience by watching a professional chef at work or getting their hands-on cooking class experience. That’s why celebratory gatherings like birthday parties, bridal showers, and reunions are increasingly going the cooking-themed route. Food entrepreneurs also regularly host cooking classes and other culinary events as part of their marketing efforts.

The icing on the cake is when guests sit down to dig into the delectable spread they had a hand preparing. It begins with finding a suitable cooking class space for the special occasion and getting the heavy lifting done by browsing selections of event venues.

The Best Cooking Class Venues

Perhaps you are about to launch a new food-based product and want to host a demo cooking event. On the other hand, you could be planning a food festival or simply hosting a cooking class-themed celebratory gathering. In either case, the process starts with identifying the right cooking class venue and we've rounded up a few unique options.

  • Ice Cream Shops
    Your guests or potential clients will enjoy attending a culinary-based event at an ice cream shop. There are selections of ice cream parlors that include fancy ambient lighting or whimsical vibes. Several of these party venues also come with on-site kitchens as well as truck or motorhome parking.

  • Art Galleries
    Scores of art galleries also double up as event venues these days. Selections come with game rooms, high ceilings, and full kitchens making them suitable for hosting myriads of occasions. Art galleries typically work for birthdays, corporate meetings, baby showers, and pop-ups. This venue can also serve as a unique cooking class space.

  • Ranches and Farms
    If you have a food festival or any other large-scale culinary-based event coming up, consider hosting it at a ranch or farm. To start with, such locations are ideal for cooking classes because of the space factor. They allow you to have a larger guest list and also make use of the great outdoors.

  • Hotels, Restaurants, and Commercial Kitchens
    Hotels, restaurants, and commercial kitchens are perhaps the most popular cooking class locations. For starters, these venues come with full kitchens alongside chefs and waitstaff. Naturally, each venue varies but a majority also include beneficial amenities and services as part of the space rental package.

What to Look for in Cooking Class Spaces

Whether you are hosting a cooking class as part of a social gathering or for business-related functions; the aim is to offer your guests a memorable experience. Beyond selecting the best cooking class site, several other considerations determine the overall experience your guests will have.

  • Space
    The amount of space available at the event site is a key consideration when organizing a food festival, cooking showcase, or any other occasion with a sizable guest list. Beyond just accommodating your guests, the venue should be suitable for cooking-related activities as well as your specific event.

  • Layout
    It’s ideal to go for a cooking class location with a layout that supports your planned activities. This is especially the case if you are hosting a food festival, cooking demo, or product launch. The venue layout should be flexible for changes or off the bat, it should suit your planned activities.

  • Equipment
    When hosting a food-based event, it's natural that you should settle for a venue with a fully-equipped kitchen. Alternatively, the cooking class space should be able to accommodate any specialized equipment or furnishings you might want to bring in for the occasion.

  • Ambiance
    Whether you are launching a food product or throwing a culinary-themed party for a foodie; you still want to choose a venue that exudes the right vibe. Most cooking class spaces are versatile and allow you to dress them up as you please for the occasion.

  • Amenities and Services
    Most venues include lists of services and amenities as part of the rental package. Heat is part and parcel of any cooking activity, and therefore, the venue should have cooling systems in place. It's also helpful to settle for a venue that provides an in-house waitstaff team alongside chefs if needed.

Cooking Class Inspiration

Cooking classes aim at teaching the participants how to prepare signature dishes or different cooking techniques. If you are trying to figure out which cooking space aligns with your specific event, here are a couple of inspirations of how to make practically any venue work for your occasion.

  • Cooking Shows at Film Studios
    Film studio locations are the perfect spots for hosting cooking class shows. A majority come decked out with both filming equipment and ready-built sets with kitchens/cooking stations. You'll also have the option of using their in-house crew or your own when recording a cooking show.

  • Cookout at a Private Residence
    With out-of-town guests attending a special occasion, you can treat them to a cookout hosted at a private residence. The relaxed feel is what sells these locations and most also double as accommodation options. You can rent a modern studio space or a stately estate to give your guests the desired experience.

  • Cooking Classes at Workshops or Workspaces
    There are plenty of multi-use workshops or workspaces that can also work for a cooking class event. Most provide the square footage needed to transform the space into your ideal event space. The locations differ from one to the other, but most come with a kitchen and allow catering. A rustic general store and cafe may be the optimal spot.

  • Food Festival at a Ranch
    If your food startup is gearing up for its first festival, then you'll leave tongues wagging for the right reasons by locking down a picturesque ranch location. Most of these event spaces are secluded which gives you and your guests privacy as well as a tranquil atmosphere. In turn, the location works for concerts, filming events, and weddings.

  • Cooking Competition at an Art Gallery
    With a food product ready to hit the shelves, hosting a food competition at an art gallery will create a lasting impression. Selecting a few food influencers to whip up dishes using your product doubles up as a great marketing tool. Art gallery venues present Instagram-worthy spaces and several also have kitchens on site.