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Sky Lit Gallery Near The Village
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (5)
  • Instant book
  • Montréal, QC
This is an exquisit gallery-style space in Ville-Marie with two very large skylights, 12-foot ceilings and an adjustable lighting system. Easy access with parking for two cars or trucks and a private entrance and small garden.
Modern Event Party Meeting Room
  • $95/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (3)
  • Instant book
  • Markham, ON
This space is a professionally designed newly renovation studio units for rental, friendly details such as laminate flooring, brick walls, stone walls, glass windows, 16′ modern designed open ceiling. The space located in the centre of the busy commercial district of Markham. Easy access to 404, 407 and Highway 7 in 5 mins. Markham B Room is standard empty party room with table and chairs,flexible for your customize set up, fit for any exhibition, meeting, gallery, gathering, party and so on. All equipment included with rental, there is no hiding fee. -Tax extra. Our rate have no hidden charge. Rental including: - 16 foot high ceilings, Laminate flooring - Speaker Desktop - Audio workstation - Free high speed WiFi Internet - 4 6ft folding tables and 40 armchair s, 40 folding chairs, - Remote control projector/screen, Bluetooth Speakers, - Ensuit washroom and kitchen, - Microwave, kettle, garbage bag, Toilet and kitchen towels, - Air Conditioning - Free parking. - Loading area on the ground level - Space allow alcohol with permit. - Space allow outside catering with no charge - Space allow outside furniture with no charge. - Professional cleaning service. -$50 garbage disposal charge is optional, available to be waived if renter take away the garbage after party. -$50 2 wireless microphone charge is optional. -No cooking, no smoking, no Cannabis or any Non-prescription or illegal drugs in studio. -Available 24/7. ……………………………… Markham B room features: Our rate have no hidden charge. Rental including: - 4 6ft folding tables and 40 armchair s, 40 folding chairs, - projector/screen, Speakers, - ensuit washroom and kitchen, - microwave, kettle, garbage bag, Toilet and kitchen towels, - Free parking. - Space allow alcohol with permit. - Space allow outside catering with no charge - Space allow outside furniture with no charge.
Co Working Art Studio And Gallery
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (1)
  • Instant book
  • New Westminster, BC
*We are now taking Production & Corporate bookings only Tuesday-Friday (7:00am-Midnight) in our 2,500 square foot co-working art studio and gallery.* We do not book for anything less than 8 hours. This is a shared space and artists will be working in their studios so production and events during the week must generally not affect the artists unless by previous arrangement. SORRY: We DO NOT accept bookings for weddings or personal family events on This Open Space. Our space has 13 foot high ceilings, lots of natural light, wood floors and is located in New Westminster’s heritage Distillery district in a 1929 former winery warehouse. We have hosted a variety of productions during the week including photoshoots (editorial, natural light, wedding, engagement, sets), video shoots, film productions, product launches, long table dinners, art shows, training and rehearsals as well as fundraisers. Features: Included in the rental are 21 banquet size tables, 110 vintage school house chairs, 3 small cocktail tables and a reception desk. We also have a rental vault of items that are available at an additional cost including string lights, love seats, easels, decor items, etc. The ceiling has large beams on which we have installed hooks for hanging lighting and there are a number of pipes that have been left in the ceiling that can also be utilized. There are two bathrooms; one is large and can double as a change room/area. We have a complete kitchen facility, lacking only a stove. We are happy to provide catering partners upon request. Free parking for 5 is located in the front of the building and up to 20 spaces in the back are available during the day. More parking spaces become available after 6pm. We have a front entrance only with a loading dock that can accommodate large trucks, as well as a another front entrance with a ramp. We are very conveniently located across the street from the Braid St skytrain station and transit links and we are 1 minute off Hwy #1 at the Brunette interchange. Notes: We do not recommend our space during the week for production or events that includes absolute quiet as there is a dog daycare on the lower floor of our building. There is intermittent dog barking between 7am-6:00pm during the week; we are also close to the railroad so there are also train noise at various times throughout the day.
Boutique Salon And Art Gallery
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
Old world style boutique salon featuring a 12ft ceiling throughout the space. Large open floor plan. Warm lighting. Space is very versatile. Can be used for hair shows, travelling barbers, pop ups, art shows, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.
Need help finding the perfect Art Exhibit space?
Need help finding the perfect Art Exhibit space?
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What people say about Art Exhibit on Giggster

Hunter A.
$ 175
5 hours
30 people
3 years ago
Very scenic space for our art exhibit. The bare industrial feel was what we were looking for---no real finishing. But the space is safe, clean, and the host was very accomodating.
Josephine W.
$ 1200
6 hours
40 people
4 years ago
Great natural location for an art show. Nice spacious interior with stone fllor made for a great exhibit venue. I can recommend this location for events.
Keysi D.
$ 870
6 hours
20 people
3 years ago
Atmospheric natural location for our art show. Nice spacious interior with stone floors made — works great as an exhibit venue. Can absolutely recommend.
Krishna P.
$ 2125
5 hours
60 people
3 years ago
spectacular space for our art exhibit. The raw industrial feel was what we were looking for — no real finishing. But the space is safe, clean, and the host was very supportive.

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About Art Exhibits

The time has come for you to share your art with the world. It’s exciting, but you’re understandably nervous and a little intimidated about showing your creations to a wider audience.

The good news is that there’s always an appetite for art out there — the key is finding the best art exhibit space to let you showcase your work in the best possible light. From aesthetics and ambiance to key amenities and even the price, there’s a lot to consider when choosing art exhibit spaces. It’s worth the time and effort, however, as finding that special venue can completely transform the way the audience experiences your art.

The Best Art Exhibit Venues

Art exhibit spaces, like art itself, come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and designs. But with so many options to choose from, how do you find the art show venue that matches your needs? The key is to have a clear artistic vision before you start venue shopping, as this will help you narrow down your choices to the most suitable locations. Here are a few popular options to consider when searching for an art exhibit space.

  • Gallery Spaces
    An art gallery may be an obvious starting point for anyone hosting an art show, but sometimes the simple solution works best. Galleries come in a variety of designs and sizes, and they’ve got everything you need to share your talent. Even better, choosing a gallery means you can put your work on show in an established setting where art enthusiasts know they can go to find new and interesting work. This bold and vibrant gallery showcases eclectic Austin, TX at its finest.

  • Lofts
    Lofts are perfect for art exhibits for a number of reasons. They’re often spacious with high ceilings, boast plenty of natural light, have stunning architectural features, and sometimes have a hint of an intriguing history or industrial past.

  • Warehouses
    Speaking of industrial, old industrial spaces can also make the perfect backdrop against which to showcase art. They offer a completely unique setting, something gritty and raw, and can imbue your work with a real sense of authenticity.

  • Private Homes
    You might be surprised by the number of private homes out there that feature spaces suitable for an art exhibit. Even better, you can look for a home that matches the theme of your work, from mid-century modern masterpieces to homes with a relaxed coastal vibe.

  • Community Halls
    Community halls are often humble, unassuming spaces, but they’re a popular option as an art exhibit venue. They’re easily accessible places well known by locals, and they’re generally quite an affordable option too.

What to Look for in Art Exhibit Spaces

Choosing an art exhibit venue? Make sure to compare spaces online, then walk through your favorite venues if possible, before deciding on the ideal location. And while you’re comparing the available options, be sure to consider the following factors.

  • The Right Look
    As an artist, you probably have an image in mind of exactly how you want to present your work. The art exhibit space you choose will need to allow you to show your art in the best possible light. Rather than clashing with your work, the decor and architecture of the art exhibit space should complement and enhance your work.

  • The Ideal Atmosphere
    How will the feel of a venue influence how the audience responds to your work? Choose an art exhibit location that lets you create an ambiance that suits your creations, be that dark and moody, bright and cheerful, or anywhere in between. Also consider the layout of the space, how guests will flow through the exhibit, and whether it will allow them to admire each piece from every angle.

  • Essential Facilities
    Next, think about all those essential inclusions you need in an art exhibit venue. These may include private parking, accessibility, on-site restrooms, AV equipment, and an area for guests to mingle. This list could be quite long or relatively brief depending on your needs, so think about your must-haves before you start comparing spaces.

  • Size and Location
    The size of the space will influence how people experience and interact with your work. Also, try to find an art exhibit location in an easily accessible and highly trafficked location to help maximize your attendance. And if you can find a space in an area frequented by your target audience, you’ll be well on the way to organizing a successful show.

  • Price
    Finally, make sure you stick to your budget. Making a profit as an artist can be hugely challenging, so don’t spend more than you can afford. And remember to double-check whether the gallery or venue space expects a commission from any works sold.

Art Exhibit Inspiration

Art exhibit venues don’t necessarily have to be the traditional “white-box” spaces. So if you’re looking for some unique and innovative ideas, here are a few different options to get you started.

  • Tailor-made: Art Galleries
    With their white walls, open spaces, and perfectly positioned lighting, art galleries are already set up for the very purpose of showcasing art. However, it’s still vital that you search around for the perfect gallery space to accompany your work.

  • Create Your Perfect Space: Studio Spaces
    Sometimes the best approach is to create your own art exhibit space from scratch. To do that, you need to find a venue that gives you a blank canvas to work with — like a spacious studio — and then add lighting and decor to get it looking just the way you want.

  • Functional and Affordable: High School Gymnasiums
    School gyms and halls can be transformed into surprisingly effective art exhibit venues. They’re practical, easy to access, and usually come at affordable prices.

  • Something Special: Warehouses
    Choosing an old industrial building or warehouse for your art exhibition is a great way to help your show stand out from the crowd. This rustic brick warehouse offers a truly unique, moody backdrop against which the right works of art are sure to shine.