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Rustic Loft Studio in Bushwick

Welcome to our rustic loft studio, a beautiful open-concept 675 sqft loft/photo studio in the heart of Bushwick, featuring 11 ft ceilings, hardwood floors, gorgeous emerald velvet sofa set against a rustic white brick wall. The studio is NOT a natural daylight studio. Perfect location for small to medium photoshoot productions with all studio equipment included in the rental price. **4th floor walk-up** The building has freight elevator access, available when advanced notice is provided. The studio has air conditioning via a window unit, providing cool and comfortable temperatures *No Central AC* and a space heater for the winter months. * Time management and professionalism are crucial, productions must be wrapped and studio must be vacated by the end of your booking session time, otherwise Overtime Charges will apply. *Overtime rates are 1.5x regular booking rate. Below is a list of studio gear and amenities currently available with a list of what is to come. STUDIO GEAR 2 Profoto D1 Air 250 W/s Monolights 2 Westcott Basics 45W LED Continuous Lights w/ white umbrellas 1 Profoto Air Remote 2 Profoto 3' RFi Octa Softbox 1 Profoto RFi 2x2 Square Softbox 1 Rectangle Softbox continuous lighting 1 Matthews Hollywood 40" C-Stand with grip arm 1 RPS Studio 41" Silver/Gold Reflector (circular) Savage Universal 12x12 ft backdrop system Savage Universal 107"x12 yd seamless background paper (Pure White 66 - Fashion Grey 56 - Black 20 - Evergreen 18 - Ruby 67 - Blue Mist 41 - Flamingo 92 - Orchid 29 - Pecan 53 - Sea Green 23 - Crimson 06 - Tulip 37 - Coral 03 - Deep Yellow 71 - Tangelo 82 - Marmalade 43) 1 Tripod 1 Matthews full applebox 4 Impact Saddle Sandbags 15 lbs 4 Steel A clamps Gaffer tape AMENITIES/PROPS Emerald velvet sofa Vanity makeup mirror with director’s chair Accent wall featuring teal verdigris and tropical palm backdrops Wooden table Full length gold accent mirror Wardrobe rack with hangers Handheld Steamer 2 Bird of Paradise palm plants Bluetooth Speaker All the backdrop colors shown in the photo gallery swatch are available and included in the rental price.

Category and style

Photography Studio

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
675 sq ft
Main floor number:

Location Rules

No adult filming
No smoking
No pets
No cooking
No alcohol
No loud noises
Productions must be wrapped and studio must be vacated by the end of your booking session time
Maximum of 8 guests
No glitter or confetti, this applies to confetti balloons as well, no exceptions.
No liquids, oils or creams on models/subjects while posing on the sofa
No footwear on the sofa to prevent scuffs/scratches
Do not stand on or move the sofa
No food or beverages on the sofa
Do not use stove/oven or shower


Air Conditioning
Hair/Makeup area


Air Conditioning
Hair/Makeup Room
Lighting/Grip Equiment
Paper Backdrops

Crew access

Freight Elevator
Exact location provided after booking

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