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60s 70s Dated Dream House in Brooklyn

This is your last chance to shoot at this location. We’ll be closing this location early 2021. New production locations in the heart of the New York City Area! Huge East Village Vintage Manor East Village Bright Manhattan Collegiate Library Downtown Manhattan Holy Chapel Wood-Paneling, Carpet, Colourful Rocky's House South Brooklyn Mission Mansion Vintage Wallpaper Carpeted House in Queens Large, 6 Story, Vacant Private School in Brooklyn Unrenovated 70s Style Home in Staten Island Ornate, Luxe, Manhattan Greystone Texture Vintage Rainbow House in Queens Park Slope Vacant Mansion   60s 70s Dated Dream House of Brooklyn Constantly working on adding new locations to fulfil the needs of your creative, visual project. Film and Video productions (as opposed to still photography) have an additional fee of +$150/hour (i.e. 280/hr (base) + 150/hr (film surcharge) = $410/hr for film and video productions (ie. documentaries, music videos, feature films, short films, interviews, art films, fashion films, social media campaigns with video components, etc.). This surcharge is due to the need for multiple scouts, heavier footprint, wear & tear, and EQ associated with these shoots. This location is not available on Saturdays in observance of Shabbat and all crews must wrap out before sundown on Fridays. We do not accommodate discounts and cannot be flexible with minimum hours. You cannot book this location for a few hours. Do not message to ask. This lowers our conversion rate and damages our SEO. We will say no. Large impact network/commercial filming will require a customised fee schedule. This property is a film location located in Brooklyn, Kings County. This NYC Film Location offers a variety of different looks, all with an authentic, vintage vibe, difficult to find in New York City. This location is perfectly suitable for photo and video productions of different sizes. The authenticity of this location comes through up until the smallest details such as the classic chandelier. Natural light shines through the curtain immediately resulting in a unique mood. The location has a variety of different colours and rooms with different ambiances all blending together into one, extraordinary aesthetic. This house reminds many of the 70s. We manage several locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn and have an extended amount of experience in production. When you book one of our spaces, you'll be connected to an on-site representative who will be with you throughout your production to orient you in the space and answer any questions. Please note, some rooms are upstairs. A certificate of insurance is required of all productions with a standard 1 million policy. Upon booking this location it's required to sign a Location Agreement.

Category and style


Americana/Anywhere America, Bohemian, Dated/Retro, Mid-century Modern


Truck / motorhome on site parking: Street

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
1400 sq ft
Lot size:
3000 sq ft
Main floor number:

Location Rules

No adult filming
No smoking
No pets
No cooking
No alcohol
No loud noises
All crews over 25 must hold offsite
Any changes to the location by Art Dept. must be discussed in detail prior to shoot and approved.
All garbage must go out with production.
Parking is as available on the street.
All deliveries and pick ups must be made during your booking time. This is a private residence, not a studio.
Use of restroom(s) for a crew of 15 people or less is allowed


Air Conditioning
Hair/Makeup area


Large Shower
Conventional Ceiling
Wood Doors
Asphalt/Concrete Driveway
Garage (Detached)
Carpet Floor
Dressing Room
Dated/50's to 70's Kitchen
Texture Walls
Wood-Paneled Walls

Crew access

Street Level
Featured Reviews
Laurie B.
2 months ago
Such a special find! There are few of these kinds of authenticity dated locations in the New York region. The location worked perfect for our short film project. Andrew and his team were very considerate to our needs.
Exact location provided after booking