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One Love Cannabis Store
  • $25/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (10)
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
One Love Cannabis Store is more than a cannabis store, we're a hub for the community. This store was specifically designed to enable other small businesses or community members to take full advantage of this busy downtown location by hosting events/workshops/pop-ups. This store was designed to make everyone feel welcome. Our store is newly renovated with bright colours and lighting. The natural wood used throughout gives you a very laid back and Caribbean vibe. Our sitting area in the back will make you want to kick up your feel much like you're at home. We also can't wait for you to check out our outdoor sidewalk space. We consistently host events outside with live DJs, and food vendors which could have over 50 people dancing, chatting and just mingling.
Luxurious Urban Atelier and Lounge
  • $90/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • Instant book
  • Bronx, NY
This Luxurious Boutique has a back of store Atelier. Magical, elegant, and luxurious is just a few words to describe the look and feel of this uniquely designed space. Contemporary and sophisticated, with varying shades of purple, gold accents, tufted chairs, floral decor, customizable ambient lighting, Color change L.E.D lights, and a movable floor plan, allows for a variety of perfectly photographable events that look great from every angle. Conveniently located on the edge of the Bronx Hub Shopping Center, minutes away from the popular 149th St-Third Ave, this event space is easily accessible and in a high foot traffic area. This makes it ideal for both public and private events. There are plenty of restaurants nearby that offer catering and delicious quick bites. Events Perfect For This Venue: Photoshoots♦ Productions♦ Video Shoots ♦ Film Shoot♦ Movies ♦ Commercials ♦ Interviews ♦ Exhibits/Showcase ♦ Product Launch ♦ Art Recording ♦ Showcase/Performance Venue Amenities: Color Change LED Lights, Wifi, AC, Restroom, Street level access, Bluetooth Speaker, Chairs, Luxury Sofa & Lounge chairs, Projector, Bar Cart, Work Desks, Reception Desk, Coat Rack Venue Rates: The Atelier(400 Sq. ft) Mon. - Thurs. $60/hr *2 hr minimum* Fri., Sat., & Sun. $80/hr *2 hr minimum*
Bright Contemporary Pop Up Retail Space
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (10)
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
We are a home for designers, artists and creators to be showcased in an airy, bright and modern setting. The true purpose of our space is to foster meaningful connections between our designers, our customers, our space and our products. The events that we host are an extension of this mission, and we welcome a diverse range of creative contributors that reflect our sensibilities, aesthetic and philosophy. Unlike other rental spaces, our space offers an existing, holistically designed environment which can be adapted in a multitude of ways. We prefer to work with clients closely, offering an integrated retail space - with every element and item being carefully chosen to work into our aesthetic. Our rental clients can simply show up with their products or event plan with the knowledge that all other elements are already in place - in a cohesive, thoughtful way. Our space offers a versatile backdrop for a multitude of possible uses, including (but not limited to): • Workshops • Gatherings & Meetings • Gallery Shows & Exhibitions • Shop-in-shops, Trunk Shows, Pop Up Shops • Photoshoots (Still & Video) • Personal or business parties (wedding/baby showers, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, product launches, etc). PRICING Due to the specific needs of each client and personalized nature of each rental, we prefer to quote pricing on a case by case basis. Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rentals are available. Exact rates are subject to time of day, day(s) of the week and season. Please inquire for a quote specific to your needs and timing. BASE PRICING Daily rates: $500/day for weekday rentals (Monday - Thursday); $800 - $1000/day for weekends (Higher rates may apply for busier retail periods) Long term rentals (Weekly/Monthly): Please inquire. Please note - private events can certainly be accommodated. However, as we are a fully operational shop, prices may need to increase to cover potential loss of sales for the shop closure. Space Highlights: • south-facing, street-level corner lot • ample natural light via large wrap around windows along entire store front • entirely white interior allows for a blank canvas and multiple ways for customization • 12ft ceilings for an airy, gallery like feel • 2 integrated shelving wall units • easy public transit access (streetcar/bus/subway); street parking easily available • outdoor area available for seasonal use • POS system available (Debit/Credit) • access to our arsenal of fixtures, displays and event supplies • additional add on services available (event branding/design elements, invitations, decor - additional charges apply) • partnerships with other Toronto based creatives/suppliers for catering, photography, floral services • access to bar set up, glassware, service ware (additional charges may apply)
East End Pop Up With Storefront
  • $15/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (1)
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
Small store front with foot traffic in East Chinatown, situated between Leslieville and Riverdale. Old storefront perfect for pop-up or workshop for upto 5 participants. Large work table(s), kitchenette, 3 piece bath & sidewalk A-Frame available. 250 square feet retail/studio or office.
Need help finding the perfect Mixer venue?
Need help finding the perfect Mixer venue?
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What people say about Mixer on Giggster

Adam H.
$ 300
3 hours
20 people
3 years ago
Good warehouse studio space for a creative mixer. Nice floors, older warehouse feel, and a very open space with stage/raised area at one end.
Jasper B.
$ 1000
5 hours
25 people
3 years ago
Lovely site for a mixer---if you don't own a place this close in, or your place is not a hillside palace, then this is a great place to host. Bill was helpful and available and we felt very welcome. Thanks!!!
Vincent B.
$ 600
6 hours
25 people
4 years ago
Perfect spot for a mixer after work. Nice bar, nice open bootth seating, and a good location. No complaints!
Trevor E.
$ 600
6 hours
45 people
4 years ago
DTLA redone warehouse-style bar/distillery makes for an airy event space. Mixer at GreenBar was a success, especially thanks to Bennett!

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About Mixers

Mixers allow like-minded people to come together and have a great time while networking. Business mixers allow staff members to get better acquainted in a non-professional setting to further foster their professional relationships. Companies also host mixers as a way of attracting new investors or recruiting strategic business partners.

Mixers are usually not as formal as fundraisers and they lean more towards the same atmosphere as the company holiday party. As the person in charge of organizing the mixer, you should put your best foot forward so to speak for the success of the occasion. Folks will only get in the right mood for the event if there's hype built around the mixer. That involves making the right decisions related to the function beginning with where to host it.

Even for company mixers, it's best to take the event out of the office. Consider various types of venues to find the best one near you.

The Best Mixer Venues

Whether you are organizing a social or business mixer; one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is choosing the best venue for the occasion. The stakes are higher because you want to get the most value out of the mixer venue while also making sure that it's a location that will truly impress your guests.

  • Shopping Malls and Retail Centers
    Shopping malls and retail centers are ideal business mixer locations. For starters, they represent where business takes place and most have various spaces where you can host such events. These venues particularly work for informal company mixers that aim at bringing together businesses that operate within the same complex or location.

  • Upscale Hookah and Cigar Lounge
    An upscale hookah and cigar lounge provides the right combination of casual, intimate, and elegant. It suits social mixer events as well as business mixers for staff members who want to interact away from the office setting.

  • Workshop Spaces
    Workshop spaces work as mixer locations for artistically-inclined events. For instance, they favor crafts programs, pottery classes, DIY events, fairs, and mini-festivals. In the same case, they suit mixers that bring together creatives to mingle while engaging in an artistic session.

  • Commissary Kitchens
    Commissary kitchens are perfect locations for hosting various food-based events. Most feature a front-of-house space where you can host diverse occasions. The scale of the kitchen can support a decent number of people who come together to learn how to cook a certain dish or participate in a cooking competition.

What To Look For In Mixer Spaces

Much like planning any type of gathering, pulling off a successful mixer is pegged on the location. There are certain aspects that you should keep in mind during your search for the best mixer site for your function.

  • Capacity
    It's expected that a mixer will gather a sizable number of people to mingle within the chosen space. The rule of thumb is to go for a mixer location that provides enough room to move around. However, it doesn't mean settling for a larger space than needed because the atmosphere you want for a mixer should be cozy but not restricted.

  • Catering
    The type of mixer event determines whether or not you'll need full catering services. Often than not, bite-sized snacks are ideal for such occasions because sit-down meals might defeat the purpose of the function. You want participants to move around the room, and if they sit down to a meal, they'll settle in one spot.

  • Service Staff
    With bitings served at most mixers, you'll need service staff moving around the room with trays stacked with the treats on the menu. An alternative is to set up food stations in different areas around the room so that guests are compelled to move around. In either case, it helps if the venue provides service staff to handle the meals.

  • Presentation Equipment
    You'll need certain types of equipment when hosting a mixer event. That includes microphones, projectors, and PA systems. If that's the case, settle for a mixer location that is equipped with these items or one that can connect you with a rental company that leases such equipment.

  • Bar Service
    It's a great touch to serve welcome drinks to the guests as they arrive at the mixer venue. A location that provides bar service is an added plus because it's more cost-effective compared to outsourcing this aspect. Likewise, it helps if the venue provides an in-house mixologist to prepare cocktails for the guests.

Mixer Space Inspiration

Perhaps you have your eye on a mixer location but can't figure out how to fuse it with the theme of the occasion. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing through the process of organizing the best mixer yet.

  • Scavenger Hunt at a Shopping Mall
    A scavenger hunt is a classic mixer idea that is suitable for social gatherings. The whole idea is to have guests work together as a group to uncover a series of items hidden around the mixer location. Each guest should be given a different clue to encourage them to collaborate with others so that they can collectively locate the hidden items, and a shopping mall is the best venue for such an activity.

  • Karaoke Night at a Hookah and Cigar Lounge
    Get your guests to showcase their vocal chops by hosting a karaoke night at a hookah and cigar lounge. There's no better icebreaker and group bonding activity than by having everyone croak their way through beloved duets. Making it even more challenging by choosing acapella hits for the occasion.

  • Group Art Project at a Workshop Space
    For a crafty group, host an activity-based mixer aimed at having the group come up with collaborative works of art. It could involve pottery, sculpting, painting, or drawing, with one person or group working on half the work while the other completes it. That will instantly get everyone talking which is the whole purpose of a mixer.

  • Cocktail Mixer at a Commissary Kitchens
    Foodies and professionals involved in the culinary business will love attending a hands-on mixer hosted at a commissary kitchen. The event can take on the format of a cooking competition pitting groups against each other or a cooking class whereby everyone gets to learn how to cook something new.

  • Speed Networking at a Retail Center
    Warm up the room by scheduling a speed networking activity as part of your mixer event. The goal is to have folks make their way around the room and hold meaningful conversations with as many people as possible. If done right, participants will also leave with great business connections.