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Photo & Video Studio for Rental
  • $30/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (75)
  • 75
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
The Studio is a fully equipped rental studio in Manhattan, NY for photo & video shoots, equipped Green Screen Studio. We cater to both established and up-and-coming designers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and fine artists. 200sf Studio 308 is conveniently located in Tribeca on 373 Broadway Open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm. The studio features: PHOTOGRAPHY → Flexible Scheduling, → Godox MS300 300 Watts Monolight Strobe with 31×47 Rectangular Softbox (External Diffuser, Internal Diffuser) → Godox SK 300 Watts Monolight Strobe with 31×47 Rectangular Softbox (External Diffuser, Internal Diffuser) → Wireless Trigger For Canon/Nikon/Sony → Fashion Grey, Black or White Background Paper (107 in x 36 ft) There is fee of 20 dollars per pull of paper → 80″x 80″ 2 V Flats VIDEO → 3 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits with APP Control, Bi-Color Variable 2300K~6800K with Digital Display Brightness of 10~100% for Video Photography, CRI97+ TLCI97 Led Video Light Panel +Barndoor → 10 x 20 ft. Green Muslin Backdrop, Photography Background Screen, Green Chromakey, LNAPL20G PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY → Photo Studio Light Box 20″ Adjustable Brightness with Lighting Kit 120 LED Lights, Color Temperature: 5500K & 4 Colors Backdrops (Black, White, Grey, Orange) MISCELLANEOUS → Wardrobe Rack → Hair and Makeup Area → 2 Winsome Oakley Stool, 24″ → 2 Winsome 53780 Tabby Stool, White, 30″ → Wifi → AC → Fan → Spring Water Cooler → Elevator ALL ABOVE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE For an additional fee we also have a: → Canon 5D Mark II $30 → Canon 50mm $10 → Canon 24-105mm $20 → Flashpoint 1220m 600W $40 → Genaray Torpedo LED Daylight Focusing Flood Light $30 → Neewer AD400Pro 400W GN72 Flash Strobe Monolight with TTL HSS 2.4GHz N Wireless Remote System, 0.01-1s Recycle Time, 30W LED Modeling Lamp $40 → 27.5 inches Folding Beauty Dish Octagonal $20 → 60″ Silver Umbrella $20 → 40″ White Umbrella $10 Due to the 2019-2020 outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), our studio is taking extra precautions with the care of every client to include health history review and enhanced sanitation/disinfecting procedures in compliance with CDC guidance. Total cast and crew limited to not more than 4 people.
Midtown Blackout Music Video Photo Studio RGB LED
  • $55/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (44)
  • 44
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Midtown Manhattan Blackout production studio with the biggest RGB Light Wall, X light Wall & 3D Wall in NYC. This studio is perfect for Music Videos & Dance Videos & Photo Shoots. This space has a beautiful makeup area with a hair salon sink & chair surrounded by two 6'x5' full body mirrors. The space also comes with a burnt red clawfoot tub with gold feet and faucet set. The space is partitioned by 10' high black velvet curtains.This space is STUNNING!!! The space comes with 2 continuous Good lights with stands, 2 c-stands, 3 tier backdrop holder, 2 sandbags, 3 extension cords, 3 clamps, a portable steamer & a power strip at no extra charge. Additional Strobes, Lights, soft boxes, light modifiers & wireless triggers can be rented as add-ons.
Bright Daylight Photo Studio Midtown Manhattan
  • $59/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (51)
  • 51
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
★4 HOUR MIN. BOOKING★ OVERTIME = 1.5 TIMES Super bright, spacious photo and video production space {780 sq ft studio } in the heart of Manhattan. ★★★★★PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE FOR VIDEO RATES ★★★★★ ★ Studio manager is on site Direct sunlight from 8:30 am until sunset. ★★★★★ Please leave the STUDIO the way you found it and that way we do not have to charge you a RESET FEES of $30 ★★★★★ ★★★★★YOUR SET UP AND WRAP UP TIME IS WITHIN YOUR BOOKING HOURS ★★★★★ ► All the equipment we have if for you to use for FREE. ► Ceiling = 12ft ► Seamless paper = 24 different colors, with 107inches length of the paper. *** If you wish to use any paper background it is $25 per pull ⬛ DIRECT SUNLIGHT TONS of direct sunlight that floods through the 4 east facing windows at 8:30 am Also TONS of light pouring in from 3 Large south facing windows DIRECT sun light until sunset. ⬛ PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION A C E 1 2 3 N Q R W 7 S All trains to Penn Station and buses to Port Authority AMENITIES 2 freight elevators available 24 hours 3 passenger elevators 24 hours concierge and security 1 dedicated Restroom for our studio ⬛ EQUIPMENT LIST : STANDS ►2 x c stands ►1 x avenger medium roller ►1 x medium boom arm ►2 X Heavy Duty Air Cushioned Impact background stands ►1 x Impact HD crossbar LIGHTS 2 x flashpoint strobes ( 1 X -- xplor 400 watt) ( 1 X -- 400 Watts MonoLight ) 1 Alien Bee Strobe 1 x Lowell DP light 1 x universal Remote trigger ★LIGHT MODIFIERS ►1 X Glow Ez lock 48” deep parabolic softbox with Grid + baffle ►1 X Photek SoftLighter Umbrella (60 inches) ►1 X black flag ►1 X Profoto beauty dish ►2 X vflats ►2 X show cards TAPE ►2 x rolls of Gaffers tape ★MUSIC ► 1 X Portable Bose speaker with Bluetooth and Aux BACKGROUNDS (24 rolls of color 107-inch seamless paper (1 of each color)) →Neutral grey→Jet→Slate grey → beige →Ivorine→Nutmeg →Bright orange → Orange→Forsythia →Sunshine → Leaf →Spruce → Deep Blue → Marine blue→Edgewood → Sky-blue →Plum→Brick →Scarlet→ Watermelon →Carnation pink CLAMPS ►2 x small a clamps ►2 x Large a clamps POWER CORDS ► 3 x extension cords MISC. ►2 x apple boxes ►1 x small capture station on wheels ►1 X Make up Station STYLIST UTILITIES ►10 Wooden hangers ►Garment Rack ►Steamer CHAIRS ►4 stools on wheels ►2 Directors chair ★ We have 2 security surveillance cameras and its will only be used in case of any disputes. ★ Our Studio manager does take a look at the camera once in a while just to make sure everything is going well at the studio. ★ Please leave the studio the way you found it and that way we do not have to charge you a cleaning fees. ★ Please do not DRAG anything on these floors. ★★★★★ ❤ ✽ HELP US HELP YOU GET A CLEAN WHITE STUDIO ✽ ❤ ★★★★★ Book our space for Photo Shoots, Portrait Photoshoot, Podcast, Film Shoot, Product Shoot, Fitness Video, Music Video, Web Series Shoot, Workout Video
Bright Loft with many different areas + Rooftop
  • $150/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (45)
  • 45
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Big & Bright Warehouse Brooklyn LOFT, with amazing natural light and many different areas to use as different backgrounds. The space is HUGE and able to host comfortably up to around 30 people for a production (films, photo shoots, commercials, etc). The completely windowed wall is facing South, which gives the most perfect natural light all day long. The curtains can be open or closed to avoid shades moving. Most productions teams don't even bring lighting equipment, the natural light is more than enough for most projects. You can see a 3D virtual tour of the space here: Our spaces within The Loft: Main Living Room Area: - Fully equipped open Kitchen (fridge can be used to store food) - Dining area with 8-10 people table - Living room / lounge area - Hammock - Swing - Piano - Desk area - Big White wall / Background wall / Projections wall - South-facing windowed wall Master Bedroom: - Queen Size Bed - Swing - Full length Mirror - Blackout curtains - Big Space for angles and maneuvering - South-facing windowed wall Backstage Room: Ample Changing / Makeup / Storage room - Mirrors - Sofa bed - Desk - Clothing Rack - Steamer - Props - Blackout Second bedroom: - Queen Size bed - Desk - Clothing Racks Entrance: - Full length Mirror - Bench - World Map outline - Bathroom (with bathtub) We are on the top floor of the building and we are facing a church, so the space is very quiet as there is not street noise. There is a massive elevator that can fit anything in one go. The apartment has been recently renovated by Lucia Puron (amazing interior designer) with a beautiful design featured in VOGUE and many other magazines. At the top of the building there is a big rooftop with hammocks available upon request only with an extra fee. You can see Manhattan and Brooklyn, and during the summer this place is the venue for many parties and chill out sessions. (This is not included in the rental, please ask about availability and rates) Some of the decoration / plants / wall art may change, please ask if there is anything specific that you need from the photos. RULES - PLEASE READ -No shoes policy: the crew can wear shoe covers / booties or socks. The talent can wear shoes only while on camera. -All props and equipment must be appropriately padded to avoid scratching the wood floors. -Take pictures before starting so you know where to put things back. -Furniture and decoration must be put back on its original place. -No nails, screws or damaging stickers on walls. If you remove the art from the walls, make sure to hang it back exactly as it was. -All furniture can be moved and re arranged except for the piano and kitchen appliances. Please lift and do not drag. -No hand towels are provided since Covid. Please bring your own. -The upper lofted areas are off limits. Also the closets in the bedroom. -If you are using the bed, please bring your own bedsheets - queen size. -Pets are allowed on a case by case basis. -No smoking or fire making. -No parties are allowed on this space.
Bright Huge Photography Photo Studio Manhattan
  • $55/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (28)
  • 28
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
★2 HOUR MIN. BOOKING★ OVERTIME = 1.5 TIMES Very bright and spacious for Photo studio for Photography / video production. {850 sq ft studio } in the heart of District in Midtown Manhattan. Studio managers on site. ★★★★★PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE FOR VIDEO RATES ★★★★★ The studio has direct sunlight from 8:30 am until sunset. ★★★★★ Please leave the STUDIO the way you found it and that way we do not have to charge you a RESET FEES of $30 ★★★★★ ★★★★★YOUR SET UP AND WRAP UP TIME IS WITHIN YOUR BOOKING HOURS ★★★★★ All the equipment we have if for you to use for FREE. Ceiling = 12ft Seamless paper = 24 different colors, with 107inches length of the paper. if you wish to use the paper as a background it is $25 per pull ★DIRECT SUNLIGHT We have TONS of direct sunlight that enters through the 4 South facing windows at 8:30 am ★PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION A C E 1 2 3 N Q R W 7 S All trains into Penn Station and buses into Port Authority ★AMENITIES : 2 freight elevators available 24 hours 3 passenger elevators 24 hours concierge and security 1 restroom dedicated to our studio ★EQUIPMENT LIST : ► 2 x c stands ►1 x avenger medium roller ►1 x medium boom arm ►2 X Heavy Duty Air Cushioned Impact background stands ►1 x Impact HD crossbar LIGHTS 2 x flashpoint strobes ( 1 X -- xplor 400 watt) ( 1 X -- 400 Watts MonoLight ) 1 Alien Bee Strobe 1 x Lowell DP light 1 x universal Remote trigger ★LIGHT MODIFIERS ►1 X Glow Ez lock 48” deep parabolic softbox with Grid + baffle ►1 X Photek SoftLighter Umbrella (60 inches) ►1 X black flag ►1 X Profoto beauty dish ►2 X vflats ►2 X show cards TAPE ►2 x rolls of Gaffers tape ( 1 white, 1 black) ★STYLIST UTILITIES ►10 Wooden hangers ►Garment Rack ►Steamer ★BACKGROUNDS (24 rolls of colored 107-inch seamless paper (1 of each color)) →Neutral grey→Jet→Slate grey → beige →Ivorine→Nutmeg →Bright orange → Orange→Forsythia →Sunshine → Leaf →Spruce → Deep Blue → Marine blue→Edgewood → Sky-blue →Plum→Brick →Scarlet→ Watermelon →Carnation pink ★CLAMPS ►2 x small a clamps ►2 x Large a clamps POWER CORDS ► 3 x extension cords ★CHAIRS ►4 stools on wheels ►2 Directors Chair ★MISC. ►4 x apple boxes ►1 x small capture station ►1 X Professional Make up Station, Hollywood Vanity lights ★ We have 2 security surveillance cameras and its will only be used in case of any disputes. ★ Our Studio manager does take a look at the camera once in a while just to make sure everything is going well at the studio. ★ Please leave the studio the way you found it and that way we do not have to charge you a cleaning fees or a studio reset fees of $30 ★ Please do not DRAG anything on these floors, we have made it a point to have everything on wheels so that there is minimal or no damage to the floors :-) Book our space for Photo Shoots, Portrait Photoshoot, Podcast, Film Shoot, Product Shoot, Fitness Video, Music Video, Web Series Shoot, Workout Video, Filming, Video Shoot, Casting, Apparel Shoot, Clothing Shoot, Commercial Photoshoot, Fashion Shoot, Head Shot, Photo Shoot, Promotional Video, Product Shoot, Promotional Photos, Editorial Photo shoot, Fashion photography studio, Photography studio
Spacious Daylight Photo Studio in Midtown
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (37)
  • 37
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Our 600 sqft studio in Midtown Manhattan is perfect for your next photo or video shoot! The studio is flushed with daylight and comes with lighting equipment included in the price and a wide choice of seamless backgrounds! The studio is steps away from A, C, E, 1, 2, 3, N, Q, R, W, 7 & S trains and 1 block from Port Authority. Studio has large windows facing south - so you get a lot of daylight as the sun moves through the sky throughout the afternoon. If you are looking for sunrays, the best time is between 10am-4pm. We will greet you on your arrival to and make sure that you are well settled in the space and have what you need. Comes with all the standard equipment and fixtures you need to have an amazing production with your crew. We typically respond within an hour, can show you the space if you would like to see it before booking and remain in touch to help answer any last minute questions. **PLEASE NOTE** - To keep the studio affordable for our clients, we don't charge a standard cleaning fee. Therefore, we request our clients to upkeep the space and leave it in the way it was presented to them at the starting of their session. If the space is left unclean or disorganized, we will need to charge you a cleaning fee of $35. - We offer 12 different colors of backdrops, and charge $20.00 per seamless pull. If you would like another color, please let us know 72 hrs in advance, and we will stock it for you for $80. Send us a message if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hosting you! Key features: - Large studio: 600 sqft - Direct sunlight for high-end portraits - Right next to the Port Authority, 34th Street Penn Station and Times Square. - 12+ seamless colors, fabric backdrops and green screen - Strobes, softboxes, umbrellas included! - Air conditioned, Wifi, Steamer, Clothing racks, Alexa powered speakers + Spotify - AV cart, Posing stools, Posing table and Chaise sofa. Seamless Colors: - Super White, Black, Stone Grey, Pure White/Cream, Coral / Light Pink, Tulip / Pink, Blue Mist, Studio Blue, Orange, Canary / Yellow, Olive Green, Cocoa / Brown - Don't find what you need? Let us know, we can get it for you before your shoot. ADD-ONS: Seamless Backdrops - $20 per pull Green Screen - $30 (flat fee) Godox VL200 - $30 (flat fee) Godox VL300 - $40 (flat fee) Additional Godox QT400IIM flashlights - $50 per item/max of 2 EIZO ColorEdge CS2420 24" External Monitor - $50 (flat fee) Additional Beauty Station - $50 (flat fee) Complete list of equipment: 1 X Godox VL200 1 X Godox VL300 1 X Godox XProC TTL (Canon and Nikon) 2 X Godox 14"x63" Beehive Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox 1 X Beauty Dish with Grid and Diffuser sock 2 X Impact Umbrella Silver - Medium 2 X Profoto Umbrella White - Medium 1 X Matthews Flag 18 X 24 1 X Dolly - Small 2 X Impact 8' Air-Cushioned Light Stand / Backdrop Stands 1 X Adjustable Crossbar 2 X Impact Folding Wheeled Base Stand 2 X Stands with Godox S-Type Speedlite Bracket for Bowens 1 X Boom Stand with Rollers 2 X Impact Deluxe Varipole Support System 6 X Sandbags 2 X Apple Box 4 X Clamps 3 X AC Extension Cords 1 X Paper Knife 1 X Folding Ladder 1 X Posing Table 1 X AV Cart 1 X Ring Light 18’’ 1 X Steamer 2 X Mirrors 2 X Folding Tables 1 X Record Player 1 X Mini Fridge 2 X White Rolling Tables 2 X Posing Stools 1 X Red Sofa Chaise 2 X 8'V-Flats (Black and White)
Tin-ceilinged NYC Loft Studio
  • $200/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • 2
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Centrally located in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, our 2500 square foot, white-walled loft studio is the perfect location for your upcoming photo/stills shoot, corporate/off-site meeting, or showroom. With over 15 years of experience we can provide a perfect venue for any event you can imagine and our staff is on hand to make sure that your rental goes smoothly and successfully. Our studios come equipped with a built-in Bose sound system, 55" HD monitors on stands, and hi-speed wifi. In that way, the studio is also set-up for off-site/Zoom capabilities as needed. The studio comes with a kitchen with a full suite of electric appliances, as well as props for any kitchen shoot. The kitchen also has an exposed brick wall to offer another look/backdrop as needed. There is a small production office and two single-stall restrooms in the studio as well.
Vibey Rock Space In The Heart Of Hell's Kitchen
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • 2
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Very cool, vibey rock space in the heart of Hell's Kitchen... use for small event, photo/film shoot, pop up, podcast, gallery, client meetings, biz event, etc. The space is located in the world famous “Music Building”, former musical home of Madonna, Blondie, Billy Idol, Interpol and Metallica to name a few. The soundproofed space was used as a Rock Music School since 2009, so it has memorabilia, posters, X-Mas lights as the main lighting, no windows, and the lived-in authentic feel of an old school NYC Rock club. Before that, the space was the practice space for the band The Strokes, and dating back to the 80's it was a jam room for the whole building, where the likes of Peter Tosh and Keith Richards jammed. So there is a lot of good Rock mojo in the space. The main room is 400 square feet, but there are two small "lobby" areas, with couches/chairs for additional seating.
Modern Industrial Loft Space in Manhattan
  • $290/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • 2
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Located in the heart of Manhattan’s art district, Chelsea and Hudson Yards, our space has been a staple venue spot for high-end clientele such as Versace, Elle Magazine, Nick Jonas, Ava DuVernay, and many more. We have moved to a new home, but we will continue to be the same elegant and prestigious backdrop to your event, production, or off-site.
Boho NYC apartment: Location 4050
  • $375/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Boho NYC apartment Hourly rate shown is based on a still photo shoot with a crew/talent size of 15 or less for a minimum of 10 hours. To inquire about availability and rates for filming and/or larger impact bookings, send a message with the following details: - Job Name: - Job Type (Film, TV, Commercial, Photo, Music Video, etc.): - Dates Needed: - # of Hours Needed: - Specific Times Needed: - Areas of Location Needed: - Cast & Crew/Attendees Size:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for Filming locations in New York, NY?

The price differs based on the length of rental, but majorly 1-hour booking will be in the range of $30 to $850

Which Filming locations are most popular in New York, NY in 2022?

How do I book a location on Giggster?

Once renters find a property they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information, and if everything looks great, book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Giggster will handle payment processing and all other backend details to guarantee everything on the project goes smoothly. Detailed instruction

How do I cancel a reservation request?

You can read the booking conditions on this page.

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Find Filming locations in New York, NY

About New York

New York City’s stunning skyline, bustling streets, and culture-rich atmosphere make it one of the most captivating places in the United States. From world-renowned sites like the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center to Fifth Avenue’s chic shops and Times Square's bright lights, NYC scenes are unforgettable.

New York is a popular filming location, thanks to its famous attractions and big-city aesthetic. Locations for filming in New York are abundant.

Thousands of films feature NYC settings. From the glamorous Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the sci-fi series Men in Black and the holiday hit Elf, many movie favorites have been set in The City That Never Sleeps.

The sights and production support New York City has to offer are second to none.

Production Options in New York

There’s no shortage of production locations in New York. Whether you’re looking for traditional film studios and standing sets, a house, or a commercial-style setting, you’ll find it here.

  • A quaint street-side smoothie shop is perfect for a small-town vibe or weekend outing in the city.

  • Overlook the historical SoHo neighborhood and Manhattan from a stunning rooftop apartment.

  • Take over a standing set equipped with all your filming needs, including lighting, sound systems, and green rooms.

  • Channel authentic New York vibes from an industrial loft.

  • Inspire creativity in an intimate, artsy meeting space or nab a large meeting space that can house the whole crew.

  • Nestle in a treehouse in the woods, get cozy in a country home or lakehouse, or shoot in style in an ultra-modern home.

  • Max out the zen vibes in a yoga studio or historic pool house.

  • Book one of the Silver Cup Studios’ professional-grade shooting stages.

  • Establish an excellent entertainment backdrop in a trendy night club, on the water, or on a rooftop overlooking the city.

Production Companies in New York

There are numerous production companies in New York City. A few associated with famous films, shows, and companies include:

  • Merchant Ivory
    This production company has been in the filmmaking industry for 50 years. It has contributed to the Oscar-winning film Howards End and wrote 2017’s Call Me By Your Name.

  • Big Mouth Productions
    Founded in 1997 and based in New York City, this award-winning production company worked on Michelle Obama’s film, Becoming.

  • Goodbrother
    Goodbrother is a video production agency in Brooklyn specializing in commercials, films, and documentaries, including Netflix’s A Little Bit Pregnant.

Pros and Cons of Filming in New York

Producing films in New York has its perks, though there are a few variables to consider, too.


  • Beautiful backdrops are all over the place, and there is more than one to fit every genre.

  • Getting a filming permit in New York is fairly straightforward. Some productions don’t even need a permit, including those with hand-held equipment only.

  • There’s a wide variety of filming locations, including historical museums, standing sets, unique homes, and famous outdoor spaces.

  • There are numerous NYC production companies, equipment suppliers, and actors and actors to work with.
  • Lodging and food options are plentiful, so your crew should be comfortable during your New York production project.


  • It’ll be difficult to achieve unique scenes in this city due to the thousands of shows and movies that have been filmed here.

  • Weather is unpredictable, and temperatures fluctuate throughout the year. Shooting outdoor scenes can be difficult to coordinate.

  • Transit challenges and delays can require extra planning when changing sets.

  • Getting a permit for filming may take some time.

  • Liability insurance is required when filming in New York locations.

Famous Locations in New York

The Big Apple is the most populous city in the United States, and it features dozens of famous sites perfect for filming backdrops.

  • Tiffany & Co.
    This high-class jewelry store is featured in numerous films, including Sleepless in Seattle and Sweet Home Alabama. Re-create luxury vibes in a nearby salon and spa, a pristine penthouse, or a rooftop setting overlooking Herald Square.

  • Brooklyn Bridge
    This iconic bridge can be spotted in Spiderman, Transformers, and Godzilla, to name a few. For a classic Brooklyn setting, settle into a historical brownstone, a funky apartment, or a restored Victorian home.

  • Times Square
    New York’s entertainment hub has been highlighted in films like Jerry McGuire, Conspiracy Theory, and Vanilla Sky. For easy filming access and an entertainment-esque aesthetic, set up nearby in a famous New York nightclub with a rooftop overlooking the West Side. Or capture street-front vibes from an authentic New York ticket booth in the heart of all the action.

The opportunities for filming in New York City are endless. Start planning your NYC film production now.

The New York City skyline

10 iconic filming locations in New York City

Few cities are as instantly recognizable on film as New York. Its dazzling skyscrapers, bustling avenues, classic brownstones, and distinctive bridges have been shot in every way conceivable. From the aerial swinging of Peter Parker in the “Spider-Man” franchise and Santa’s careening sleigh in “Elf” to the inside the Museum of Natural History in “Night at the Museum” and the halls of Grand Central Station in “Men in Black.”

Filmmakers have been drawn to New York City for as long as movies have existed. The first film shot on location in the city is thought to be 1896’s “Herald Square,” a plotless micro-documentary known as an “actuality,” a format common in the earliest days of movie-making. And in 1901, “What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City,” one of the first narrative micro-films shot in New York, showed a woman’s skirt being blown upward by a sidewalk vent—a scene which would be recreated by Marilyn Monroe in 1955’s “The Seven Year Itch.”

Today, it is not uncommon to walk down a New York street and see a film or television production in progress. As of June 2022, more than 25 television shows have been filmed in the city, as well as five feature films. The city is also home to the most popular filming location in the world: Central Park, which has made a cameo appearance in 352 movies.

From mid-century classics like “On the Town” to more contemporary favorites like “Do the Right Thing,” Giggster researched New York City filming locations and highlighted 10 spots across the city from famous films—complete with addresses—that you can visit on a cinematic expedition.

Jackson Hole Airline Diner
Gary Burke // Getty Images

The diner where Henry and Tommy steal a truck in ‘Goodfellas’

- Location: Jackson Hole Diner, 69-35 Astoria Blvd N

Located in Astoria Heights, the Airline Diner served as the backdrop for Henry and Tommy’s truck theft. In “Goodfellas,” the diner is positioned close to Idlewild Airport (now John F. Kennedy International Airport), and the duo waits there, watching for truck shipments going in and out of the airport to pass through. Wearing suits and smoking cigarettes, the two lean against a car with the colorful lights of the diner and a bleak gray sky behind them. As an unsuspecting truck driver pulls into the lot and goes into the diner for some food, Henry and Tommy casually get into the truck and take off, leaving behind the irate driver.

The real diner is about five minutes from Queens’ LaGuardia Airport and is now the location of a small burger chain called Jackson Hole, but the diner’s original retro design and neon Airline Diner sign has been retained. The diner still sees a steady stream of “Goodfellas” fans who come from all over to experience where the movie was filmed, particularly after the death of Ray Liotta in May 2022.

58th St and 6th Avenue, Manhattan
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The “I’m walkin’ here!” crosswalk from ‘Midnight Cowboy’

- Location: 58th St. and 6th Ave. intersection, Manhattan

The legendary crosswalk from “Midnight Cowboy” can be found only blocks away from the bottom of Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, and Radio City Music Hall. The iconic scene follows Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman) and Joe Buck (Jon Voight) as they walk together down the crowded, ritzy avenue and into the intersection, where a taxi nearly hits them. In what co-star Voight called an unscripted moment, Hoffman angrily pounds on the hood of the cab while screaming, “I’m walkin’ here!” This scene has become one of the most imitated in film and television history.

In an interview, Hoffman explained that the film’s small budget meant there wasn’t enough money to block off the street and hire extras. Instead, he and Voight walked down the pedestrian-filled street, wearing radio mics and using a hidden camera, trying to line up the timing of their dialogue with the changing traffic signals. According to Hoffman, the taxi ran a light and did, in fact, almost run into them, prompting an ad-libbed (but very earnest) reaction.

The 21 Club

‘Wall Street,’ ‘Manhattan Murder Mystery,’ and more at the 21 Club

- Location: 21 W 52nd St.

The 21 Club opened in 1930 as a speakeasy during Prohibition. Located around the corner from Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall, the restaurant has long been a symbol of old New York glamour and upper-class exclusivity, both in real life and on screen.

In Oliver Stone’s 1987 film “Wall Street,” the low-lit dining room serves as the backdrop for an illicit meeting between Wall Street bigshot Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) and aspiring stockbroker Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen). Gekko chides Fox for not wearing a nice enough suit, telling him, “You can’t come in here looking like this”—a reference to the 21 Club’s strict dress code, which required jackets and ties. Famously, Gekko orders the “off-the-menu” steak tartare topped with a raw quail egg, just before slipping Fox a check for $1 million.

The exclusive restaurant was also featured in the 1993 Woody Allen film “Manhattan Murder Mystery,” when Larry (Allen) and Carol (Diane Keaton) visit the 21 Club with their son on his birthday. The establishing shot of the Club features its famous outdoor wrought-iron railing, which is studded with colorfully dressed jockey figurines. In the lounge, they run into Marcia (Anjelica Huston), who stands in front of a large horse statue. The 21 Club, which officially closed in 2021, can also be spotted in “All About Eve” and “Sex and the City,” and while it doesn’t physically appear in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” Grace Kelly orders up a romantic dinner from the famed restaurant for her inamorata, played by Jimmy Stewart.

The main entrance of Green-Wood Cemetery, near the warehouse used as a bank in "Dog Day Afternoon"
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The street outside the bank in ‘Dog Day Afternoon’

- Location: 285 Prospect Park West

The First Brooklyn Savings Bank is a fictional bank that serves as the main setting for Sidney Lumet’s “Dog Day Afternoon.” However, based on true events, the bank was built to closely resemble the branch of Chase Manhattan in Brooklyn’s Gravesend neighborhood, which was actually robbed in August 1972.

To avoid discontinuities between shots of entering the building from the outside, the film crew transformed an empty warehouse into a bank between Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery. The warehouse-turned-film set no longer exists, but an aptly-named hot dog shop called “Dog Day Afternoon” half a block away commemorates the film set’s close proximity. The barbershop across the street from the bank where the police set up headquarters in the film is still a hair salon.

The Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY
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Mookie’s Bed-Stuy brownstone in ‘Do the Right Thing’

- Location: 173 Stuyvesant Ave

Filmed almost entirely on a single block in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” has since been immortalized through the renaming of that block: Do The Right Thing Way. Mookie and Jade’s brownstone still exists at 173 Stuyvesant Avenue, but both Sal’s Famous Pizzeria and the Korean grocery store were constructed sets on small empty lots on the corner of Stuyvesant and Lexington Avenues and were torn down after filming was finished.

Additionally, the Yes Jesus Last Baptist Church was created by adding a fake front to an apartment building. The production and costume design of the film is known for its warm colors, which contribute to the overwhelming sense of building heat and, eventually, fire, which drives the film.

Federal Hall in New York, New York
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Federal Hall in ‘On the Town’

- Location: 26 Wall St

Although the musical “On the Town” takes place over 24 hours in New York City, only about seven minutes of the movie were actually filmed there. The majority of the scenes filmed on location unfold in the first five minutes of the film, during the opening number, “New York, New York.” The scene features Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Jules Munshin visiting an array of iconic New York landmarks, including Federal Hall, as well as Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.

Located in the financial district, Federal Hall’s front steps, imposing columns, and bronze statue of George Washington have been featured in many other films—including “Ghost,” “Wall Street,” and “Kramer vs. Kramer”—as a visual marker of New York’s Wall Street.

Dinosaur playground in Riverside Park
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The conclave for the big meeting in ‘The Warriors’

- Location: Dinosaur playground in Riverside Park, 6681 Riverside Dr.

The opening gangs’ evening conclave in the cult film “The Warriors” is supposed to take place in Van Cortlandt Park in the northern Bronx, but was actually filmed at the dinosaur playground in Manhattan’s Riverside Park. Although the playground is home to two large fiberglass dinosaurs—a triceratops and a hadrosaur—they are not visible in the scene, which takes place in the oval-shaped, fenced area of the park.

Stone archways form the backdrop for the hundreds of gang members who gather there just before the police arrive and violence erupts. The scene is dimly lit with flaming torches and streetlights, and Cyrus (Roger Hill), the leader of the most powerful gang, addresses the crowd from a raised platform.

North Cove Marina

The yacht harbor from ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

- Location: North Cove Marina, 250 Vesey St.

The iconic FBI interrogation scene on Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) yacht was filmed in New York’s North Cove Marina, located on the southern tip of Manhattan near Rockefeller Park. The flashy, reflective windows of Tribeca and financial district skyscrapers frame DiCaprio as he stands on his over-the-top boat and greets the federal agents with a glass of wine in hand. From other angles, other yachts and the harbor can be seen in the background. The yacht itself is outfitted with a top-deck landing pad and helicopter and was inspired by the real Jordan Belfort’s yacht “Nadine,” which was originally owned by Coco Chanel.

The Manhattan Bridge as seen from Water Street and Washington Street in Brooklyn, New York
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The iconic shot of the Manhattan Bridge from ‘Once Upon a Time in America’

- Location: Water St. and Washington St. intersection, Brooklyn

The glimpse of the Manhattan Bridge caught between warehouse buildings in Brooklyn’s Dumbo was so emblematic of “Once Upon a Time in America” that it was used for the film’s promotional poster and DVD cover. The bridge is featured in the iconic scene in which Noodles (Robert De Niro) and his friends, young Jewish gangsters, are ambushed by a rival, Bugsy (James Russo).

As the gang hurries down the street and rounds the corner, the bridge comes into full view against a bleak, foggy gray sky, and police on horseback trot by. Tragedy unfolds only seconds later when the youngest gang member, Dominic (Noah Moazezi), runs into the Dumbo Archway only to find Bugsy there.

Today, the architecture of the neighborhood remains nearly the same. The Archway, which has not changed much aesthetically, now houses part of the Brooklyn Flea Market, while the warehouses now mostly house office spaces.

The Shakespeare Steps
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The ‘Joker’ stairs

- Location: Shakespeare Steps, 1161 Shakespeare Ave.

Located in Highbridge in the Bronx, the Shakespeare Steps, now colloquially referred to as the “Joker Stairs,” connect two avenues. At a turning point in the 2019 film “Joker,” Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck dances chaotically down the stairs wearing a bright red suit and clown makeup, representing his descent into madness. The steps in the film are grungy and dilapidated, contrasting with Fleck’s colorful suit.

Since the film’s release, the “Joker Stairs” have become such a popular tourist destination that residents of Highbridge have complained that their lives have been disrupted by visitors coming to the steps just for photo ops. Tensions between tourists and residents became so heated that U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued a statement asking tourists to respect residents of the neighborhood by steering clear of the stairs.