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Gorgeous meeting room on Upper West Side
  • $60/hr
  • New
  • 4.8 (10)
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
Conveniently located in between Upper West Side and Midtown. This is a beautiful ground level meeting room with decorative fireplace, 10" ceilings, sofa, armchair, coffee table, desk with Apple desktop. It can accommodate up to 6-10 people for a comfortable private meeting, film, photo shoot or a small private event. Easy to book on a short notice. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I will try to accommodate your requests as much as I can. Looking forward to hosting your next meeting. Previews are welcome. Please inquire.
Beautiful, Flexible Hollywood "Art Gallery"
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 4.5 (2)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Unique and photogenic room that we refer to as our "Art Gallery" but it has been used for almost any look over the years - from a Fire Chief's Office to a theater dressing room. The stained glass windows let in a lot of light and it is quiet enough for good sound recording for dialog heavy scenes.
Bright Meeting Room
  • $20/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (7)
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
Bright private office with wall to wall windows and lots of natural light, northern exposure. COVID-19 PROTOCOL * Please note we are taking extra care to thoroughly clean the space and disinfect high touch point surfaces. * We ask that everyone wear masks in the building common areas. As this is a home, it is mandatory that masks be worn by the crew at all times in the unit, and by talent whenever not shooting, no exceptions. * To minimize risk to your crew and to building residents, there will be no in and out privileges during your booking period. * If you or a member of your crew have traveled outside of your health district within the last 14 days, or are showing signs or symptoms of C-19 you will not be permitted access to the space and we ask that you do not proceed with your booking. -
Cool & Crafty Startup Office With Sleeping Pods
  • $33/hr
  • New
  • 4.7 (2)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
1200 sq ft storefront off of Hollywood Blvd with 14ft ceilings, concrete floors, full kitchen, full bath. There are two custom built 10ft co-working tables with office chairs, sound booth, 2 computer on an airplane wing table, 5 monitors on the wall, and 7 sleeping pods. Please note: the price is negotiable based on your hours and if the location must be fully private/empty or can be shared with the co-living residents.
Need help finding the perfect Training space?
Need help finding the perfect Training space?
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What people say about Training on Giggster

Ricardo W.
$ 624
3 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Comfortable and cool DTLA space for a hackathon or any kind of training! Really enjoyed the outside deck for breaks, and there was lots of space inside for all the groups to work. Thanks so much!
Trey C.
$ 1400
4 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Perfect raw space to set up equipment and people for an industrial training shoot. Truck access and extra power on site came in handy. Dressing area was a bit small but worked.
Sofia M.
$ 99
3 hours
25 people
4 years ago
Nice space for a small off-site training. Beautiful locale and the host was very supportive. Recommend!
Devin Y.
$ 300
4 hours
15 people
4 years ago
Small group training session fit perfectly in this cozy space. We're a start-up, so money is tight. But this is a place that gave us the room we needed on the budget we have. Really appreciated the Brians help!

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About Training Spaces

Whether you’re training friends in a new hobby or planning a corporate workshop to improve workflow, training is a vital activity that allows more knowledgeable individuals to pass their knowledge on to the newer generation. Depending on the topic of the training event, a more robust space may be needed to ensure that the site does not get damaged.

Not only do training events deepen the bonds of trust and camaraderie, but these events allow individuals to grow in their field of expertise which, in a corporate environment, is always a good thing. When finding a unique location whose theme aligns with the training event, may make it easier for you to set up and run the event successfully.

Before you begin planning out all the services and seating arrangements, it would be wise to consider some factors pertaining to the upcoming training location. These factors may be anywhere from size to accessibility, and these aspects can make or break your training event so choosing a venue that has everything you need can relieve you of some of the pressure and allow you to focus more on the planning.

The Best Training Venues

When looking for a potential training place, taking into consideration your training course and the type of people attending your event can help. Let these factors influence your decision into choosing a venue that conforms to the theme of the training event.

  • Studio Spaces
    Although these areas are generally smaller, studio spaces are great venues for training workshops that take place over the web. E-training courses don’t really need a large space since most of the attendees are going to be online, allowing you to focus more on additional equipment like extra lighting and quality sound and video recording equipment. Consider a stylish downtown studio for your next training event.

  • Warehouses
    Ideal for large corporate training workshops, warehouses are open spaces that can accommodate a large audience and still have space for larger equipment and machinery. Many modern warehouses don’t have central columns which allow you to bring in larger equipment and as a bonus, attendees can fully focus on the topics being discussed without having to worry about being obstructed.

  • Offices
    What better way to host a workshop than in an office? Whilst many offices are the standard, division-type offices with many sections, many modern offices make use of open spaces which means that your attendees may feel more comfortable learning in an environment that doesn’t feel so confined. Moreover, offices generally have great Wi-Fi connections as well as other presentation equipment which makes it much easier to finalize your venue without having to consider alternative solutions. Think of a creative office space like the one found in Los Angeles to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Outdoor Venues
    Outdoor options are a great pick for many types of training events, ranging from safety training courses to team-building exercises. Whilst outdoor options are almost readily available, it's wise to consider the weather conditions and equipment like protective covers to ensure that nothing will catch you off guard.

  • Theaters
    Whilst these venues are usually utilized for art and performances, theatres can serve as a suitable training site in a jiffy. These venues are best used for presentations where everyone is focused on what’s happening on stage as individual training sessions can be a bit more difficult with the layout of the venue.

What to Look for in Training Spaces

Finding the perfect venue is never impossible. When considering all the options available out there, the only thing you may need to consider is the various features and amenities that are located on the premises of the training venue.

  • Layout
    With some venues like theatres having only a few entrances and exits, ensuring that your potential training location has sufficient exits and entrances is vital. In addition, making sure that these accessways are never obstructed is also crucial as it is essential to let everyone gets in and out of the venue safely.

  • Size
    With every venue having a different capacity, it's wise to consider how many attendees will be present at your event to allow you to look for a venue that has the space for your projected headcount. This can prevent any crowding and allows attendees to feel more at ease.

  • Acoustics
    Sometimes your training course consists mostly of presentations. If your venue has good acoustics, it allows sound to carry throughout, which reduces the need to buy sound systems for your voice to be heard.

  • Safety
    Especially vital if your training course is going over more dangerous topics like fire safety courses or cooking courses as well as if your venue is going to have expensive equipment on the premises, ensuring that there are sufficient safety measures on-site is vital. This can be anywhere from security cameras to multiple fire extinguishers and safety kits.

  • Parking
    Ensuring that the venue chosen has several parking spots allows attendees to come in their own vehicles without having to worry about having to scour the streets to look for a parking space. With every venue being different, considering alternatives like renting out parking spots, if your venue doesn’t have any dedicated parking spaces is suggested.

Training Inspiration

With the sky being the limit, you get to pick virtually any venue as a potential training location. Whilst it may be difficult to think of all types of event spaces, having an idea of what some of them may look like can help you get started.

  • Corporate Training at a Modern Office
    With all sorts of corporate training taking place, an office can serve as both an area to train and practically apply the new skills that your attendees have learned.

  • Virtual Training at a Podcast Studio
    Ensure that your voice can be heard, and you can be seen clearly by utilizing a podcast studio for your next virtual training session. These venues already have everything you need, so all you have to prepare is what you’re going to say.

  • Safety Training at a Warehouse
    Warehouses are usually built from flame-retardant materials, like concrete and metal, so utilizing these spaces as safety training sites are a viable option.

  • Team Building Training at an Outdoor Venue
    Many outdoor locations can be customized to include fun activities such as obstacle courses and searching activities which can help deepen the bonds between team members.