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Clean and Cozy Office for 4 People in Charlotte
  • $25/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (3)
  • 3
  • Instant book
  • Charlotte, NC
Our virtual offices are perfect for those who need a space for quick meetings, interviews, remote work etc with an impressive reception area where clients are greeted by our staff! Features include: WiFi Phone Dry Erase Boards Breakout Spaces Receptionists Free Parking Inquire about our other options if you need additional space. There are lots of options for catering from nearby restaurants. Please inquire for recommendations.
Need help finding the perfect Presentation space?
Need help finding the perfect Presentation space?
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Kensley K.
$ 200
2 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Nice location with good light for our event. Presentation went well and the space seems very flexible---you can really make it how you want it to be. Nice crew, nice space.
Edgar W.
$ 325
5 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Thank you Yoann for your help! We did a presentation at thiis modern office/coworking space and the space was well-suited to what we needed. There is some parking, which was nice too. Recommend!
Hailey J.
$ 130
2 hours
60 people
4 years ago
Space to show presentation during the day with light was very good. Warehouse but not too big. Anna is very nice to host us and we are grateful.
Wesley D.
$ 390
6 hours
20 people
3 years ago
For a presentation, this large house was a good choice. The space is neat and not cluttered and Jing was a good host. This is a nice modern style house for events.

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About Presentations

Presentations are a staple in both the corporate world as well as in our private lives. Whether you’re presenting a new business proposal to potential clients or doing a presentation on climate change in front of your peers, the presentation venue and the way seating is laid out can influence how impactful your message is.

Presentations help make a statement and deliver a message to bigger groups. Although traditional presentations are mostly orally delivered, presentations these days make use of various video and audio equipment to capture the attention and interest of their target audience. With each presentation being a different topic, having a venue that can adapt to different presentations is vital and can allow for everyone presenting to make an impact.

A proper presentation location can synergize with the prepared presentation topic and can help keep the audience engaged while the speaker moves through a range of topics. With each presentation catering to different audiences, finding a venue that accommodates the right number of attendees as well as a venue that offers you all the needed features is key. After all, if you find the ideal venue, the only thing you may need to worry about is your presentation.

The Best Presentation Venues

When considering various presentation venues, thinking about the audience you’re going to be presenting to is important because if you cater to their preferences, you’re guaranteed an audience that listens to what you have to say. All you need do is let your imagination run free and think of an innovative venue for your upcoming presentation.

  • Theatres and Auditoriums
    Auditoriums and theatres both have a similar structure which allows for presentations of all types to occur. With the seats arranged so everyone in the audience can see and hear the speaker conducting the presentation, it's not uncommon to start integrating other forms of media in presentations, usually in the form of audio and video displayed on a screen that’s on stage, to further capture the attention of the audience and to keep them engaged.

  • Conference Rooms
    Ideal for smaller to medium sized presentations, conference rooms usually have everything you need to ensure that your upcoming presentation is a guaranteed success. With each conference room having a range of extra features and capacities, it's wise to look for a venue that can cater to the number of guests attending and one that has the needed equipment for your upcoming presentation, like projectors or smartboards.

  • Warehouses
    These wide and open spaces have the advantage of being able to be customized freely according to your needs. With warehouses being large spaces, large structures can be set up within the venue including a stage or sound systems to ensure that everyone in the warehouse can hear what you’re saying.

  • Bars and Pubs
    Although unconventional, bars and pubs are a great substitute for presentation venues that aren’t too serious or professional. These venues are ideal for more casual events as the presentation blends in with the vibe and atmosphere that the bar or pub creates. Perhaps a restaurant with a bar and kitchen may be just the type of venue you’re looking for

What to Look for in Presentation Venues

Before you decide on a specific presentation venue, consider what you’d like to have available as amenities and features.

  • Safety
    With presentations usually having many people attending, it's wise to consider the safety of the overall venue to ensure that nobody within the presentation venue feels unsafe. This can be done by hiring perimeter security to prevent the entrance of anyone who looks like they could cause trouble.

  • Accessibility
    Having multiple ways to enter and exit the stage means that there is less delay in the setup of consecutive presentations, which allows for audience members to be paying constant attention. Having multiple ways to exit the venue means that everyone attending can safely evacuate if anything goes awry.

  • Features
    Considering the extra features that a venue has, including sufficient bathrooms and break rooms are important as they ensure that everyone participating, as well as attending, is comfortable.

  • Location
    Booking a venue that is easy to reach through public transport as well as private transport is important as it allows all sorts of people to attend.

  • Capacity
    Knowing how many attendees there might be for your upcoming presentation can help filter out various locations that cannot cater to the number of guests. When considering locations like warehouses, it's wise to take into account that although they generally are massive venues, there are some warehouses with minimal square footage that can function as a mini-event space perfect for presentations on a smaller scale.

Presentation Inspiration

Choosing the right event venue can bring your entire presentation to another level. With so many venues to consider, the only thing that might stop you, apart from your imagination, could be the availability of your chosen presentation site.

  • Historical Presentation in a Vintage Theater
    What better way to get your audience in the mood for some history than hosting your presentation at a historically significant theater? Put a vintage atmosphere in place and attendees are sure to be intrigued by your exhibition, lecture or demonstration. With history and the past in mind, consider a historical black box theater for your upcoming presentation.

  • Conservation Presentation in an Outdoor Venue
    These venues need to be planned to ensure that weather conditions are ideal, however, when you succeed in setting up outdoor venues, they can often match, if not exceed the beauty of indoor venues. Surely with nature surrounding the audience, a presentation on conservation is a guaranteed hit.

  • Corporate Presentations in a Conference Room
    You can never go wrong with choosing a conference room when planning a corporate presentation. These venues often feature multiple ways in which to enhance the affair, including projectors, smart screens and audio capabilities that allow you to showcase your presentation while wowing bosses, potential clients, or business partners. Looking for the perfect conference room may not be as hard as you think it is.