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Spacious East Van Studio And Gallery
  • $85/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (165)
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
This Bright and Airy Studio & Gallery Space in The Heart of East Van is home to a Collective or Artists with Diverse Abilities Monday - Friday. Gallery Exhibition (Gallery only) $1700 per week. *Ask about our Discount for Members of the Eastside Arts Society. Entire space is available Monday-Friday 4pm - 11pm | Saturday - Sunday 8am-11pm. Gallery is available Monday - Friday while the collective is in the studio (8am-4pm). Please talk to us if you’re interested in using the Gallery while we’re in the studio. Gallery & Studio $475 per day Studio/Gallery viewings are available Monday-Friday 12:00pm - 3:00pm or may be accommodated after hours as per availability. Offering a number of amenities to suit your needs, including: -50 Person Capacity - Adjustable lighting -Adjustable heating and air-conditioning - Kitchen with a microwave, sink, dishwasher, and fridge - Garage door that opens up into a loading area in the back alley, offering fresh air - Wall mounted 75" smart TV - Built-in SONOS sound system (you will need to download an app), SONOS app can be tricky with iTunes, it prefers Spotify -Studio/Gallery Spotify account available - Skylights for natural light - High overhead ceiling - Exposed wooden beams in gallery - Floor to ceiling street front windows in the gallery, offering lots of natural light - Flip top tables on wheels that can be easily moved to create a format you desire. - 10 tables with 45 chairs -Wheelchair accessible entrances and washrooms Studio/Gallery viewings are available Monday-Friday 12:00pm - 3:00pm or may be accommodated after hours as per availability.
Quirky Victorian Art Gallery House
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (34)
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
Centrally located heritage building in Mount Pleasant. Built 1889 and repurposed 2016 as a gallery, artist studios, and community event space. Ideal for art shows, filming, meetings, screenings, pop up shops, photoshoots, & small social gatherings. Located steps away from the core of Mount Pleasant we host bookings in our main gallery with adjacent kitchen access available. Our studio tenants have 24 hour access to their work spaces but keep to themselves . A full lockout of the main floor is available for an additional fee. If serving alcohol & refreshments at your event a bar and staff can be provided upon request. Parking in back of building. The gallery has photography lighting, a projection screen, & projectors available (A fee may apply) Folding chairs and tables are available for all guests to use. 300/day for the main gallery. 400/day for the main gallery and adjacent room. 500/day for the gallery, adjacent room, kitchen, cave, and balcony. 700/day for small to medium film crews. 1000-2000 for large. A liaison fee may apply if required staff presence and continual support. If filming or photography occurs in the cave room credit is to be made to Zandi Dandizette for the artwork in all documentation.
Downtown Toronto Gallery And Event Space
  • $35/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (46)
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
This space is a new dedicated exhibition and programming space. We provide opportunities for artists and members of the public to rent low-cost space for exhibitions and programming of all kinds. This multi-use space will be available for workshops, presentations, meetings, and community events as well as exhibitions, performances and other artistic programs. Programming Space Features: Total Square Footage: 300 sq ft Gallery quality fluorescent lighting Polished concrete floors Fully accessible entrances and bathrooms Occupancy: 40 people Please note that artists are responsible for providing gallery attendants for their exhibitions, and planning any associated events and receptions. Accessibility: This is a fully accessible facility. There are no steps to enter the building or throughout. There are automated entrances. There is one gender-neutral washroom with grab bars.
Bright Airy And Spacious Studio Gallery
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (4)
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
Our gallery and studio based co-working space is in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada. At our foundation, we provide a creative working environment for emerging artists, designers, and entrepreneurs on both a permanent and short-term basis. The studio is divided into 2 dedicated spaces: a workroom comprised of individual workstations and an open-concept area dictated to showcase projects (gallery), hold meetings, photoshoots (lots of natural light) and workshops. Our goal is to provide a space that encourages a cross pollination of ideas amongst a broad spectrum of emerging talent, cultural contributors and innovators in their protective fields.
Intimate Boutique Retail And Event Space
  • $75/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • Instant book
  • Brooklyn, NY
Multi-faceted boutique/work space located in the South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have a diverse group of people who work with us from jewelry and fashion designers. We offer a quaint and modern space for you to host your private event whether it be a dinner party, pop-up shop, or gallery exhibition. We'd love for you to use our space to hone in on your creative goals.
White Box Retail Or Gallery Tribeca
  • $82/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (6)
  • Instant book
  • New York, NY
This stunning white boxed space is ideally located in a high traffic section of Tribeca. It is a minimal yet elegant space with beautiful interior. It is an immaculately clean space with track lighting, sleek hardwood floors and a large amount of white wall space, making it the perfect location to host your next pop-up, exhibit, product launch or event. Tribeca is an area full of renovated industrial buildings, filled with locals, office workers, tourists. It is a sophisticated neighborhood known for its boutiques, galleries and restaurants. It mixes brand new construction and older cast-iron buildings. This space is easily accessible and is a welcoming venue for your next event.
Art Gallery in Austin
  • $80/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • Instant book
  • Austin, TX
A new smooth and refined art exhibit in the heart of Austin, Tx. Inviting provocateurs to witness a unique Austin creative experience. The space will play host to a curated gallery with selected Creatives, Interactive watercolor classes, figure drawing classes, art events, business office, and a custom clothing/kicks boutique. The gallery creates and embodies an eclectic contemporary spirit that will inspire Austin in a fantastic way.
Need help finding the perfect Art Show space?
Need help finding the perfect Art Show space?
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What people say about Art Show on Giggster

Rowan W.
$ 1200
6 hours
55 people
3 years ago
Set up like a gallery for an art show, this location was perfect. Yes, it's a warehouse, but it has higher end finishes. Very versatile space. I would recommend it.
Logan W.
$ 195
3 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Lovely DTLA space with long walls for an exhibition of art. Visitors could walk along the whole show and still have room to see individual works without being overwhelmed by everything in the show. Nice site manager in Matthew, and we really appreciated this space!
Milda G.
$ 1000
5 hours
15 people
3 years ago
Tasteful DTLA building with large, long walls for displaying art. Allowed our visitors to walk through the whole exhibition, and still have enough room to see individual works without being overwhelmed. Matthew, the site manager, is incredibly nice.
Estephanie W.
$ 320
4 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Already set up like it was meant for an art show, this location is perfect. Yes, it's a warehouse, but it has higher end finishes. I would recommend it.

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About Art Shows

An art show is a memorable and exciting experience for artists as well as attendees. Artists get a chance to showcase their work to a new audience, while art enthusiasts get a chance to be entertained, inspired, and maybe even find a new piece for their collection.

But staging a successful art show is no easy feat. Planning a show takes a lot of hard work and effort, but perhaps the most crucial job of all is finding the best art show venue. Finding the right space for your exhibit will completely transform the way the audience experiences your art — or the work of a group of artists — not to mention play a huge role in getting more people through the door.

So how can you find the right art show space for your needs? Keep reading to find out.

The Best Art Show Venues

The best art show venue is one that matches the style and theme of your work. It’s also one that ensures a pleasant experience for all attendees, is situated in a convenient location and comes at a reasonable price. Here are just a few of the popular options worth considering when searching for an art show space.

  • Art Galleries
    Where better to host an art show than in a gallery space? With the venue tailor-made for showcasing works in the best possible light, and already established as a local hub for arts and culture, your pieces are sure to draw plenty of attention.

  • Warehouses
    Old industrial buildings can also double as wonderful venues for a wide range of events, including art shows. With their rustic architectural features and fascinating history, abandoned or repurposed warehouses make a unique and memorable backdrop for any art exhibit.

  • Function Rooms
    They may not be as different or interesting as some other spaces on this list, but function rooms are a practical solution if you’re struggling to find the right art show location. They offer flexible layouts, experienced staff, and all the amenities you need to stage a successful show.

  • Private Homes
    The best thing about choosing a private home as an art show venue is that homes come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. From humble homes to opulent mansions, mid-century modern to contemporary chic, you can find a home that complements your works perfectly. Offering Victorian architecture and a convenient location, this heritage home is a unique art show space.

  • Loft Spaces
    Lofts have spacious layouts, high ceilings, and often interesting architectural features. Add an abundance of natural light into the mix and you’ve got the ideal setting for an intimate and engaging art show.

What to Look for in Art Show Spaces

Choosing an art show venue is a lot more complicated than just selecting the first gallery space you come across. Instead, you’ll need to take a range of key factors into account to ensure that the venue has everything you need to run a successful exhibition. Here’s what you need to consider.

  • Atmosphere and Ambiance
    From tailor-made gallery spaces to lofts, community halls, and even old industrial buildings, every venue has its own unique ambiance. Some are bright and airy, others dark and moody, and many have their own distinctive history. So, take a moment to think about the atmosphere you want for your space and how it will impact the way attendees interact with your art, then start comparing suitable options.

  • Size and Layout
    Next, think about how many people will be attending the show. Will the venue have enough space to allow all attendees to experience your art the way they should? Will it encourage discussion and conversation without making people feel like they’re standing on top of one another? Also, remember to consider the layout of the art show venue and how guests will flow through the space as they admire each work.

  • Essential Facilities
    Now it’s time to ask yourself which facilities and amenities you want and need in a venue. For example, does it have private parking, is it easily accessible, and is there restrooms available? In addition, you may need a space for the guests to chat and mingle and a place to manage any sales. Put together a list of essentials and then keep it close at hand when comparing venues.

  • Convenient Location
    The best art show spaces are venues that sit in a convenient location. That usually means they’re centrally located, highly visible, and easily accessible by road as well as public transport. The simpler a venue is to get to, the simpler it will be to get people through the front door.

  • Price
    Finally, the cost to hire a venue will also be a major consideration. Work out your budget ahead of time and be careful not to get sucked into overspending on a space you can’t afford.

Art Show Inspiration

Need some more ideas to help you find the perfect art show space? Check out the inspiration ideas we shared below.

  • Blank Canvas: Gallery Space
    Gallery spaces are already set up for the sole purpose of showcasing art. They allow you to highlight each piece just the way you want and give attendees the space they need to admire and interact with your art. With its white walls, concrete floors, high ceilings, and abundant natural light, this gorgeous gallery space is simply stylish.

  • Light and Bright: Loft
    Bright, airy, and inviting, lofts help create an intimate atmosphere for your art show. Some also offer hints of an industrial past, which can add a memorable complement or contrast to the work on show.

  • A Unique Twist: Old Industrial Building
    Some abandoned warehouses have a spooky, haunted vibe. Other old industrial buildings have been lovingly restored, and then there are those that have been repurposed as distinctive event spaces. There’s a unique array of old industrial sites on offer, so shop around to find one with an eye-catching setting for your exhibition.

  • Center Stage: Theater
    Not all art is meant to be hung on a wall as a static display. Modern art is often interactive, uses multiple media forms, and even an element of performance. If that’s the case for your next project, find an intimate theater space that will let your art take center stage.