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The Little White Church

Built in 1906, this iconic church has deep roots in the history of Pasadena, California. The building was originally constructed in 1906 at the corner of Los Robles Avenue and Walnut Street but was later moved to it's current location in the early 20th Century. The entire church has recently been restored with much care being taken to retain as many of the original elements as possible, such as the stained glass in the sanctuary, original walnut floors and the many arched windows throughout. The restoration has allowed for modern amenities such as central air conditioning, security system, and technology.


Private parking for 14 cars

Truck / motorhome on site parking: On property, Street

Available parking lot or parking structure nearby

Permit zone

Address most likely falls into the following permit zone: Pasadena. Please confirm with the host.
Giggster offers in-house coordinating for obtaining film and still photo permits. Call (917) 916-4914 to inquire about obtaining a permit, permit pricing or visit our FAQ section to learn more. Please note this number is not for contacting your location host, if you wish to reach out to the host please click Message Host on the location listing.

Location Rules

No adult filming
No smoking
No pets
No tape on floors or walls unless permitted by the owner
No open flame candles
Licensor will not be held liable for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the building
Licensee may move equipment or furniture on the Premise during the event with prior approval of Licensor.
If there is damage resulting from this the Licensee will be responsible for the repairs.
The Licensor has the right to use their own contractor to complete the repairs
Absolutely NO sacrilegious décor is allowed
No exposed candles – Licensee is entitled to use candles which comply with the City of Pasadena Fire Ordinance.
No gasoline and/or propane gas tanks allowed on premises (either inside or parking area)
Nothing should be attached to the church ceiling beams. They are decorative and cannot withstand extra weight
No racist, discriminatory, political, sacrilegious or obscene content of any kind is allowed
No hard-core or soft-core pornography whatsoever.
No tape on the walls or floor (painter’s tape could be allowed upon approval by Licensors, or Licensor’s representative)
No stunts, pyrotechnics, open fire, animals, blanks, squibs or other hazardous activities.
The LWC team member reserves the right to end the event if a guest provokes or causes harm
No vehicles are allowed to be left past the end of the venue rental period.
If a guest is deemed unable to drive, the client is responsible for having the guest’s vehicle taken by a sober driver.
If this is not possible $50 will be charged to stay overnight in the parking lot.
The car needs to be moved first thing the next morning if another event is coming in.
Any vehicle left over night is not the responsibility of the LWC.
All floors must be clean of debris, garbage, food, or waste at the end of the event.
It is the Licensees’ responsibility to leave the location in equal and/or better condition than it was delivered.
All trash is expected to be placed in the trash bin location prior to final walk through.
Decor, personal, and rental items all must be removed from the location by the end of the venue rental period.
Visual cueing during the event is the responsibility of the client/coordinator, not the site management.
Any planned visuals for the projector should be reviewed with the site manager at least one week prior to the event.
DJ’s are required to provide their own mixer.
House equipment can be unplugged or moved only if site manager approves.
Recorded music (DJ, iPod, etc.) can be played through the venue speaker. Guest is responsible for additional PA system.
Site Manager have final authority over all audio volume including but not limited to live music, recorded music, etc...
Bands must provide their own sound equipment.
All bands for reception need to be sound checked prior to guest arrival
Live music, if pre-approved, is allowed indoors and outdoors. Please follow all City of Pasadena Noise Ordinance rules.
After 10:00pm everyday, the doors must be closed to minimize the sound outside in deference to our neighbors
All amplified must remain inside after 10:00pm.
Music levels must abide by City of Pasadena Noise Ordinance rules.
Music can go as late as 1:30 am on the weekends and 12:00 am on weekdays inside building only.
No climbing on roof to place lighting on stain glass windows without written consent.
Wires, equipment, decor, etc. should not be placed on or through any landscaping unless Licensor makes an exception.
Plants are not to be trimmed or handled.
The site manager has final authority on the safety and usage of all decor.
Any additional lighting must be pre-approved by the Little White Church representative, and professionally installed.
Wax candles are allowed, but only in glass containers that surpass the flame by 5” or more.
LED or oil cartridge type candles are allowed in any size container.
Confetti requires an additional $50 fee to clean up.
Sparklers are strictly prohibited.
Glitter is strictly prohibited.
Flower petals are not allowed to be strewn on floor or ground. They’re slippery and stain.
uests of the event must be admitted inside the venue in an expeditious and timely fashion.
No pets are allowed on the premise during the event unless agreed in writing.
A hired (NON-GUEST) babysitter is required if the guest list includes more than five children
The LWC reserves the right to double the Site Manager hourly rate for the entire event if this rule is not followed.
Smoking is only permitted outside the property with doors closed.
Any lighting, speakers or equipment must have pads under them to protect the floors.
All furniture and rentals brought in need to be protected by a pad, felt or tennis balls to protect the floors.
Furniture must be used as intended. No sitting on the backs of the pews or chairs.
No stepping or sitting on tables, ping pong table, even without shoes.
NO DRAGGING FURNITURE. To move furniture, it must be picked up in order to be moved/carried.
Piano can only be moved by a professional piano moving company.
Do not screw, nail, tack or support anything on the church walls.
Decorations can only be put on walls with painters tape.
DO NOT hang, screw, nail, tape or support anything on the church beams.
All Little White Church furnishings must be handled/moved under supervision of the site manager.
Bartenders are responsible for the alcohol consumption rate at the event and are expected to monitor this at all times.
All ice tubs should be wrapped with a plastic liner on the outside to prevent condensation from puddling.
Any liquid spillage, garbage, napkins, broken glass, or food must be cleaned immediately.
Self-service of alcohol is never permitted at our location.
Only tabletop or stove fryers are allowed.
All trash is expected to be placed in trash bin prior to final walk through.
All trash is required to be double-bagged and you must provide your own trash bags.
Do not use anything in the kitchen that does not belong to you.
Things in the cabinets and refrigerator are property of others and should not be used.
Any pew removal needs to be requested and paid 10 days before the event.
There is a 15-minute grace period to leave the property at the end of the event.
The clock does not stop till the last car and/or person is out of the parking lot/church and the gate is closed.
No fires.
Nothing can be shipped or stored at the location prior to or following venue rental period, without written consent.
The Little White Church is not responsible for loss or damage.
No early access or next day pick up will be granted without written consent.
Final walk through with the site manager is required at the end of the venue rental period and event conclusion.
Vendors are never allowed to consume alcohol before or while performing services, including during load out.
Any vendor found consuming alcohol while working will be asked to leave immediately.
Do not park at the medical center. Doing so may cause your vehicle to be towed.
No alley parking is allowed. Alley is only permitted as a load and unload zone.
Event Coordinator/Licensee needs to get all required permits from the city before event.
Bring your own supplies and do not use what is not yours.
No one is allowed to come on the property till the Event Coordinator/Licensee is present and goes on a walk through.
A facility map needs to be signed before any set up begins.
The Licensee/Event Coordinator needs to be on site at all times.
The site manager needs to be able to contact the responsible party/event coordinator at all times.


Air Conditioning
Hair/Makeup area


Crew access

Street Level
Wheelchair / Handicap Access
Exact location provided after booking