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Event Space In Gastown
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (6)
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
A homey, spacious environment behind a co-working space. You can transform this entire space, as pictured, into your meeting, production, or event.
Workshop And Theatre Space
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (3)
  • Instant book
  • Vancouver, BC
A large workshop space is available for rent. The studio is 1200 sqft in a clean, bright facility. It is fully equipped with finished floors, mirrors, a piano, music stands, and a PA system! Additionally, the building has ample free parking and is close to transit for the convenience of our clients. Everything is brand new and in excellent condition. COVID safe protocols in place—deep cleaned, sanitized, physical distancing, PPE available.
Private Stage And Bar
  • $59/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (35)
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
Perfect for hosting live music, a dance party, karaoke, book launch, birthday party or popup shop. We have a stage, lighting system, PA system with mics, smoke machine, projector, and pro audio engineers. We have a fully stocked and staffed bar. Available for rent anytime. Audio technician and security available as needed.
Bright And Modern Kid Friendly Space
  • $70/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (19)
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
Welcome to our nest, a bright, 900 sqft studio space equipped with a 3 piece bathroom, client waiting room, kitchen area, makeup station, and kids play area. It is ideal for capturing and celebrating baby and family milestones. This natural light studio is also perfect for portraits, promotional work, as well as hosting small events and workshops. - photo/video production - baby groups - birthday parties - book clubs Convenient main floor location near plenty of street parking. Visit on Instagram to see a video tour and photos of our studio in action!
Need help finding the perfect Social location?
Need help finding the perfect Social location?
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About Socials

A social activity refers to a pursuit that brings people together. Whether a show, party, event, or competition, it will give you a sense of belonging, joy, and positivity. It also allows you to engage with others, create and maintain new relationships, and form close bonds beyond your circle of friends and family. Although it isn’t always an easy feat, many still strive to host a social gathering due to its immense benefits to our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Whatever event or group activity you organize, choosing the right venue should be at the top of your agenda. It often makes the difference between a mediocre social function and an extraordinary event that people will remember for years.

While traditional social spaces are guaranteed reliable and beautiful, unconventional venues will spice up your event. They may feature stellar views, incredible architecture, and stunning interior elements. They are crucial in creating memorable experiences and even help increase attendance.

The Best Social Venues

Pick a social location that matches your budget and theme while delivering a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. No matter what activity you’re planning, these multifaceted venues can take your event to the next level:

  • Bars
    Bars are cozy social venues you’ll find everywhere in major cities and even in smaller towns. They’re perfect for casual parties and fun celebrations with close friends and loved ones. They can serve light bites or four courses, depending on your preference. But you may still want to check their menu or additional services to make sure they can meet your specific requirements.

  • Restaurants
    The best thing about renting a restaurant is having access to qualified staff to solve logistic issues and serve food and drinks. You also don’t need to worry about setting up the chairs and tables or cleaning up after the party. However, you’ll have to book far in advance, and unless you’re renting the entire place, you will have to share it with other customers.

  • Warehouses
    Their blank canvas interiors and wide-open spaces make an ideal site for any social activity. Most of the design and décor is up to you, so you have so much freedom to reinvent the area and transform it into a functional room. You might have to spend more on decorative elements and lighting, but it’s all worth it.

  • Concert Venues
    Need a more extensive area for your social function? Book a concert venue with AV equipment, entertainment features, and other amenities perfect for your activity. It may be a bit costly, but it also requires less equipment to set up or rent on your end. If it doesn’t work, consider renting a flexible event space instead.

What to Look for in Social Spaces

Although some still prefer a traditional venue, other hosts and event organizers are gearing towards a more unconventional social space. No matter your choice, the elements and features you’ll need are often the same.

  • Size
    You don’t want an event site that’s too small, but an excessively vast space is equally problematic. Therefore, find a venue that will match your expected number of participants. Evaluate the entire room, consider the seating, and imagine the activities they’ll have. If you think they won’t feel comfortable moving around and the place isn’t a good match, move on to the next location.

  • Accessibility
    Don’t compromise accessibility for price or style. It may be the perfect social space you imagined but not accessible for everyone. Consider your guests, sponsors, attendees, and staff. If most of them will be traveling from outside of town, check for hotels and accommodations nearby. Also, make sure they can navigate the area with ease, including those with mobility issues.

  • Parking
    Parking is a common concern in large cities. But even if you’re hosting in a small town, you’ll want to pick a venue with good parking arrangements. For large social functions, it may be wise to offer a valet service for guests.

  • Services
    Traditional spaces like hotel banquet halls and conference centers often come with essential services and amenities, like AV equipment, furniture, catering, and security. But if you prefer unconventional sites for your activity, confirm what additional services they offer and what equipment you need to rent or provide.

  • Mood and Ambiance
    The mood and ambiance in a room can affect the attendees' overall experience. That’s why it’s essential to create an atmosphere that aligns with your objectives and themes and encourages positive interaction. Also, keep in mind the message that your activity is trying to convey.

  • Social Inspirations
    The possibilities are endless when it comes to social activities. Whether you’re organizing a masquerade party, a fashion show, or hosting a social hour, unique social venues will take your event to new heights.

  • Family Reunions at Resorts
    Resorts are a one-stop location for celebration and accommodation. They’re an incredible gathering place to revel in spectacular views and relax while taking advantage of great entertainment, food, and drinks. You can also enjoy shopping and other exciting activities without leaving the property.

  • Outdoor Masquerade Party
    Bring the magic outdoors and organize a masquerade party at the garden, by the pool area, the beach, or the park. Pick a theme and get started with décor. It doesn’t have to be too fancy; some glitters, sequins, drapes, fairy lights, and a tent will do. Also, don’t forget to dress to impress and enjoy a fun-filled party night.

  • Movie Nights
    If you’re not up for anything physical and just want to chill, have a fun movie night with friends and family. You can rent a private theater space, watch in your entertainment room, or set up a projector and white screen on a rooftop or a covered patio. Don’t forget to prepare the snacks and dim the room for a more immersive experience.

  • Book Clubs
    Book club meetings typically occur in private living rooms or someone’s garden if it’s not too hot or cold outside. Members may volunteer or take turns hosting the activity at their houses. But a group size of more than ten members often requires a larger space. In that case, they hold meetings in different public places, like restaurants, cafes, community halls, churches, libraries, and book clubs.