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Modern Dance Studio I in San Marcos
  • $50/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (22)
  • Instant book
  • San Marcos, CA
Our modern dance studio is well-lit, spacious and best suitable for for photoshoots/ film shoots, meetings, events. Its 1100 square feet dance studio comes with with wood floor. Full floor to ceiling mirrors on 3 walls and nice color wall, which makes the studio look bright and colorful.
Downtown LA Skyline Rooftop White Setting
  • $99/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (14)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Amazing skyline view of Los Angeles. Said by many to be the best city view in all of Los angeles! The location is in the middle of Downtown LA just a few blocks away from the infamous LA Live. The rooftop sits atop a six story 50,000 sq ft building that dates back to the early 1900's as a former musical instruments factory. The rooftop itself is 8,000 sq feet and has 360 degree views of Downtown Los Angeles, USC and historic south Los Angeles. Booking Details: _ Free on site gated parking for 2/3 cars, possibly more if needed. In addition to free street parking in the area. _ Restrooms on site _ Free electrical hookup _Other areas of building can be available for filming (Freight elevator, Stairwell, parking lot...) CHECK US OUT ON INSTAGRAM: DTLA_Rooftop Also check out our other locations: Mediterranean Mansion in the hills!, Mom & Pop Market, Sewing factory
New York style warehouse loft with Central A/C
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (46)
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
This beautiful New York style warehouse loft is located in the fashion district, close to the 10 freeway. 10,000 sqft of shooting space! RoseWolff Studio is the ideal location for commercials, workout videos, yoga classes, seminars, magazines, headshots music videos and much more! It offers one concrete side with gorgeous cemented beams and one wood side with hardwood floors and beams. Windows wrap around the entire building, letting in natural light throughout the entire day. The space has three points of entry, one of which is a freight elevator. It has 2 bathrooms, a make up room and a private roof access with breathtaking views of the Los Angeles skyline (extra fee applies). There is central A/C in the entire building and each room has 3 different circuits of 30 amps each. Lots of different textures at this location : exposed brick, metal door, concrete beams, wood beams... Rate is based on the crew size. Discount applies for a full day. Free street parking all around the building. Site rep available for an extra fee. Available to use at the location : 1 Steamer 2 industrial fans 2 dollies 3 Z racks 2 backdrop moveable wall (white) 1 Makeup table with 2 director chairs Check out the 3D Tour : ********No parties here********
Functional & Large Conference Room in Downtown Rolesville
  • $70/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (0)
  • Instant book
  • Rolesville, NC
Our brand new conference room is perfect to host your: Board Meetings Training Sessions Team Off-sites Corporate Meetings and much more! Featuring: Projector/Screens Tables/Chairs (inquire about specific setup) Ample Breakout Space Kitchen w/ Sink Coffee/Water (inquire about our large coffee pot if need) Vending Machine Free Parking Staff will be onsite to help with any additional needs. Outside food/beverage allowed. Included in your booking Amenities Location,WiFi,Tables,Chairs,Projecto,Screen,Whiteboard,Monitor,Conference Phone, Printer, Restrooms, Breakout Space, Wheelchair Accessible, Kitchen and Parking Space(s)
Need help finding the perfect Collaboration space?
Need help finding the perfect Collaboration space?
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What people say about Collaboration on Giggster

Adalyn R.
$ 2000
5 hours
25 people
4 years ago
Collaboration space in DTLA for creative (or really any) industry. Space is clean and the light is very good. Very cersatile and affordable.
Michael M.
$ 510
6 hours
60 people
4 years ago
Workspace in perfect location for collaboration. We used the tables, open space, and couch areas and had a productive session in this nice Culver City studio. Danny, the host, was great to work with.
Mayci B.
$ 300
6 hours
10 people
3 years ago
Collaboration space in DTLA for creative (or really any) industry. Space is clean and the light is very good. Very versatile and affordable.
Marketta S.
$ 99
3 hours
35 people
2 years ago
Perfecly located workspace for collaborations. We used the tables, open space, and couch areas and had a productive session in this nice Culver City studio. Danny, the host, was great to work with.

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About Collaborations

Collaborations are all about teamwork. From personal collaborations involving friends and family all the way to a corporate collaboration where two large organizations collaborate to create new products, these events are perhaps one of the more popular choices for groups wanting to achieve a result.

Many things go into making a perfect collaboration. For more personal collaborations, a simple piece of décor would suffice, but for larger projects and partnerships, larger pieces of décor and equipment would have to be involved in the venue chosen to achieve a suitable environment where both parties can be productive. Collaborations are unique in that there are many types and ways to plan and execute them, from cloud collaborations to community collaborations in which everyone has a say.

No matter the collaboration you have planned, it's wise to consider the venue as the chosen location can either make your task of setting up a collaboration space easier or much more tedious. Considering a few factors like safety, accessibility and location is a good way to filter out collaboration spaces that don’t fit the bill.

The Best Venues for Collaborations

Before you begin looking for services to aid you in your upcoming collaboration, it would be wise to think about the chosen venue. These spaces can aid you in achieving a theme and atmosphere that can make everyone attending more productive and creative in their thought processes.

  • TV Studio
    Perfect for virtual collaborations, television studios have everything you need to set up a virtual event. From the green screens that are present on-site to the professional-grade cameras and video equipment that can capture multiple angles, a television studio is a perfect place for anyone seeking a quick virtual collaboration location.

  • Event Spaces
    These large and open spaces are great for larger collaborations and can usually hold many people. Generally, this means that you can wheel in larger equipment onto the venue should it be required. Moreover, event planners and designers have free reign over the design of the venue, seeing as it's usually bare, and you can be sure that they can design the venue to look exactly the way you have envisioned it.

  • Restaurants
    Restaurants are unique locations that can hold a wide range of events, collaborations included. Arrangements can be made with the owner to book off the entire area or sections of it, which is great for smaller collaborations. These locations are generally quaint, which is perfect for private collaborations or small-scale ones.

  • Outdoor Venues
    When considering outdoor venues, you can be sure that there is ample space for many people. The only factors that need to be considered when renting these venues may be the access to power outlets and other features such as restrooms and access to Wi-Fi. However, all those things can be planned and arranged, which makes outdoor venues a perfectly viable option.

  • Offices
    Many offices nowadays are designed differently which makes for interesting collaborations. What makes these locations viable for all sorts of collaborations is the features that are already found on-site, including Wi-Fi, presentation rooms, and ample chairs and tables. From box-styled offices that have cubicles to modern offices that make use of more open layouts, it's wise to consider what office you decide to rent, as that can affect the productivity of those who are coming to your collaboration.

What to Look for in Collaboration Spaces

When looking for a possible collaboration venue, thinking about what features are present can make it easier for you to plan and work around the features on-site to create a memorable occasion. These features can make or break the event, so choosing a site with many advantages is always a positive.

  • Safety
    Depending on the collaboration, extra safety features may be required. Should your collaboration involve expensive equipment, you may need to ensure the safety of both your gear and the people attending. From extra fire extinguishers to security cameras, think about what security your collaboration needs so that everyone can feel safe whilst on the premises.

  • Location
    Choosing a collaboration location that can be reached by everyone is always a good thing, as it can ensure that everyone arrives on time and the collaboration can proceed smoothly. Choosing a location that is close to downtown for example is a great way to ensure that everyone can reach your collaboration place, whether it's through public transportation or private vehicles.

  • Wi-Fi Connection
    Collaborations not only take place on-site but can extend all the way to remote branches. Ensuring that everyone is part of the collaboration by having a stable Wi-Fi connection can ensure that information is never lost, and the information shared within the collaboration site can also be stored online.

  • Accessibility
    All sorts of people may attend your collaboration and it’s your job to ensure that everyone can enter and exit the facility. Making sure that your location has ramps and accessways for wheelchairs is always a positive. Also, ensuring that there are sufficient entrances and exits can make it so there is no crowding when entering or leaving the premises.

  • Size
    Choosing a collaboration space that has enough size to capacitate all the attendees can make it a comfortable experience for everyone. Obtaining a sizable location can make everyone feel less cramped and more comfortable.

Collaboration Inspirations

There is no end to the spaces you can use as a collaboration venue. Whilst you may be thinking of some, here are a few to help your imagination flow.

  • Team Collaboration at an Office
    Most offices are perfect for small to medium-sized collaborations as they already have features that you require, meaning you don’t have to spend extra into getting equipment onto your chosen office location.

  • Community Collaboration at a Warehouse
    Ideal for larger events, warehouses can host a community collaboration between two organizations. The large and open space can allow many participants to attend and contribute to the brainstorming taking place on the big day.

  • Virtual Collaboration in a Studio
    Studios have everything you need for a virtual collaboration; all you need to bring is yourself and a few pieces of equipment like your own PC or tablet. Then, just like that, you’re ready for virtual collaboration.

  • Company Collaboration at an Outdoor Venue
    Perfect for larger companies who wish to test out new equipment in open spaces, outdoor venues offer you the flexibility of having a venue that can be customized to fit your need whilst not bothering anyone as you’re located far from settlements.