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How to find Yoga Retreat locations in Indianapolis, IN
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Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Retreat venues

Do I need my own production or event insurance in Indianapolis?
Yes. All renters are required to carry Comprehensive Liability and Property Damage insurance with liability coverage of no less than $1,000,000.
What protection plans are available for bookings in Indianapolis on Giggster?
Giggster offers Damage Protection coverage that you can add to a booking at checkout. Learn more about Giggster's Damage Protection coverage.
What types of locations can I book in Indianapolis?
You can choose from 42 types! Just search for locations in Indianapolis at, then click 'Filters' to look for something specific.
How many Yoga Retreat locations are available in Indianapolis?
Right now, there are 2 Yoga Retreat locations available in Indianapolis.
What payment methods does Giggster accept for Indianapolis bookings?
You can pay for your booking with a credit card, or with ACH or wire transfer for bookings over $4k.
What is the cancellation policy for Indianapolis guests on Giggster?
Refund options vary, based on when the booking is canceled. Learn more about Giggster's cancellation and refund policy.
What are the cleaning and safety policies for Indianapolis locations on Giggster?
Now more than ever, your health and safety is our number one priority. We've outlined specific health and safety requirements for both hosts and guests. Learn more about Giggster's COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures.
What locations available near Indianapolis?
You'll find up to 42 different types of locations in Indianapolis. Just start a search at and narrow things down with the 'Filter' option.
Is there an extra cost to add more attendees to my Indianapolis booking?
Yes. Pricing tiers are based on group size. For example, if you booked a space for a group of 1-5 for $30/hr, the price per person is $6/hr. Each additional person would increase the rate by $6/hr.
How much are average location rentals in Indianapolis?
Rental rates vary with the type and features of the location, but the average rate in Indianapolis is $100 per hour.
Why should I choose Giggster over other platforms offering rentals in Indianapolis?
Giggster's got your back — and we know our stuff. Our Customer Support team is knowledgeable and accessible, we offer white glove Select service to help you find the perfect location, and we're experts on the unique needs of production teams.
What is the price range for Yoga Retreat locations in Indianapolis, IN?
Booking prices vary with the property type, features, and rental length, but generally a 1-hour booking will be in the range of $32767 to $0.
How do I book a Indianapolis location on Giggster?
When you find the right venue, you can connect with the host to get additional info and work out the details. Once everything is all set, you can book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Learn more about booking locations.
How do I cancel a Indianapolis reservation request?
You can contact our team to request a cancellation. Learn more about our cancellation policy.

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Find Yoga Retreat locations in Indianapolis, IN

About Indianapolis

Once you've taken your first step into Indianapolis, Indiana, you'll be mesmerized by its midwestern charm. From its delicious barbeque and sweet-tasting cornbread to its thriving music scene and distinct neighborhoods, this vibrant city is full of life. As the second largest city in the Midwest with over 870,000 people, Indianapolis is one of America's great cultural hubs.

Not only has it been voted one of the most livable cities in the United States, but it is also known for its incredible outdoor recreation opportunities. Whether you're looking for a relaxing stroll through White River State Park or a thrilling zip line adventure at Eagle Creek Park, there's something to do in Indy for everyone.

Planning a yoga retreat in Indianapolis is an excellent idea, as it boasts many incredible venues, from modern studios nestled downtown to peaceful retreats located minutes away in rural Indiana. The city is also home to numerous sanctuaries tucked away in nature preserves around town, perfect for anyone seeking peace and solitude on their journey toward physical well-being and mental clarity.

Yoga Retreat Options in Indianapolis

  • Yoga Instructors
    You need a reliable yoga instructor for a successful retreat. An expert can provide guidance on breathing techniques and poses and share a personal journey of self-discovery. Indianapolis yoga instructors often have years of experience teaching in different settings and can help design a personalized program tailored to match the needs of each group or individual.

  • Outdoor Activities Specialists
    Incorporating outdoor activities into the program can add variety to the itinerary while allowing participants to explore the beauty of nature around the yoga retreat location. A specialist can organize activities such as hiking, kayaking tours, and rock climbing excursions, allowing attendees to take advantage of natural scenic views while discovering more about themselves.

  • Sound Healing
    Sound healing has been used throughout history as a tool to induce relaxation and promote inner peace. During sound healing sessions, vibrations are emitted through various instruments, such as gongs or crystal bowls, to restore balance within the body's energy systems. This energy work can be incorporated into yoga practice to deepen meditation and enhance spiritual growth.

  • Healthy Food Caterers
    Nourishing meals made from wholesome ingredients are essential during a yoga retreat, as they help fuel participants' bodies and provide them with the nutrition needed to give them energy throughout the day. Work with Indianapolis caterers who are well-versed in preparing different dishes, including vegan or vegetarian options.

Yoga Retreat Vendors in Indianapolis

  • SomaBolo Bodywork
    Founded in 2009 by registered yoga teacher Brandon Joe Rutten, SomaBolo Bodywork is a mindfulness-based wellness company that brings mindful health to the Indianapolis community. With over 15 years of yoga practice, Rutten's mission is to promote a deeper sense of mindfulness that benefits physical and mental well-being. SomaBolo's unique techniques make yoga accessible to people of all ages and abilities, offering yoga workshops, Acro Yoga classes, Acropeutics sessions, Thai Bodywork, and more. SomaBolo's private classes are tailored specifically to the client's needs, working with them to create a practice suitable to their body.

  • Healing Moments with FREE
    At Healing Moments with FREE, you’ll work closely with a highly skilled practitioner in the realms of energy healing, Reiki, and transformational coaching. With an innate ability to empower those who feel lost or broken, its primary goal is to help individuals reach their full potential through a variety of healing experiences and practices such as Reiki sessions, sound healing, life coaching, and detox soaks. It aims to facilitate renewal and transformation on all levels, helping everyone on a journey to becoming their best self.

  • Everbowl
    Everbowl is rapidly expanding with over 50 stores nationwide, with a mission to make healthy food options more accessible. The unique focus on using all-natural ingredients in their power-packed bowls and smoothies sets them apart from competitors who rely on fast and fried options. Everbowl understands the struggle that comes with catering healthy food for events, so it offers flexible catering options that cater to all needs and preferences. From small home or office gatherings to large-scale concerts and sporting events, Everbowl ensures that quality, delicious food is accessible to everyone. Everbowl's menus are sure to bring people together and create a memorable gastronomic experience.

Pros and Cons of Yoga Retreats in Indianapolis

Organizing a yoga retreat in Indianapolis can be a great way to help participants relax, explore their physical and mental capabilities, and escape the city's hustle and bustle. However, like any other location, Indianapolis has pros and cons that should be considered before choosing it as a retreat destination. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of Indianapolis as a yoga retreat location.


  • Indianapolis is both affordable and accessible due to its central US location, which makes it easy for people from different parts of the country to attend.

  • The city is home to numerous yoga studios, making it easier to find teachers and accommodations for your retreat.

  • Indy has plenty of natural attractions, such as Eagle Creek Park or White River State Park, where participants can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or biking.

  • The city also offers plenty of cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, theaters, etc., providing more options for relaxation outside of regular yoga sessions.


  • Due to its Midwestern location, temperatures vary widely throughout the year, so you must plan accordingly for outdoor activities.

  • While buses and train services are available within the city, it can be difficult to get around without a car due to limited service outside downtown Indy.

  • Downtown Indianapolis is relatively compact, but suburban areas tend to have more spread-out features, making planning your route more challenging.

  • For those who choose not to use public transportation while visiting Indianapolis, finding affordable parking spaces can be difficult, depending on where you’re staying or visiting.

Tips on How to Organize Yoga Retreats in Indianapolis

Yoga retreats allow attendees to relax and explore the world of yogic practice. Many factors go into making a successful yoga retreat, but one of its key components is the location. This guide will explore tips on how to organize and optimize your yoga retreat locations in Indianapolis.

  • Consider the Location: Choose a location with comfortable lodging, plenty of space for activities, and access to nature. Also, consider accessibility; make sure that getting to the site isn't too much trouble for those coming from out of town.

  • Plan Appropriate Accommodations: Sleep is essential at a yoga retreat, so ensure you provide adequate accommodations for everyone. If possible, select rooms with private bathrooms and tranquil views so that your guests can truly relax while they’re there.

  • Focus on Comfort Food: Eating is part of the experience at a yoga retreat; provide nutritious, comforting meals that will nourish the body while also being enjoyable to eat. Many people opt for vegetarian options when planning meals for yoga retreats, but it's also essential to offer dishes that appeal to different dietary preferences.

  • Stimulate Minds and Bodies: Physical comfort during a yoga retreat is crucial, but you should also organize stimulating activities throughout the event. This could include lectures on topics related to yoga or other wellness practices such as meditation or breathwork, outdoor activities such as hikes or walks, and group discussions about various aspects of health and well-being.

  • Make it Memorable: You want attendees to leave with something that will remind them of their experience, so consider distributing take-home gifts or favors. You might want to have local artisans give demonstrations or offer spa treatments to enhance guests' experiences and create lasting memories.

Famous Locations in Indianapolis

  • IMA 100 Acres
    The IMA 100 Acres in Indianapolis is an extraordinary destination that fuses art and nature in an exhilarating way. Known as the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, this off-the-beaten-path area provides a unique experience that blends a range of unique installations with the beauty of nature. Travelers can enjoy exploring the wild grass labyrinth, marvel at the eclectic Funky Bones art display, or take a stroll through the enchanting gardens and woodlands. Whether you want to take a relaxing walk along the nature trails or spend time near the tranquil lake, there's always something to see and do at this remarkable location.

  • Books Alley
    Just steps from the Central Library, visitors can find Books Alley, a vibrant space showcasing a stunning mural by international graffiti artist Mantra. The mural, which can be seen at the entrance of a living alley, features a larger-than-life old-fashioned library filled with books and curiosities. Mantra's use of rectangular windows filled with block glass transforms the appearance of the wall into that of a giant bookshelf, perfectly fitting the theme of the neighboring library. The artistic addition to the public space offers an engaging representation of the love of knowledge and literature.

  • Oldfields
    The Oldfields estate, located on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, offers a glimpse into life in the 1930s. Also known as Lilly House and Gardens, this beautifully restored country estate is a historical treasure, providing an intriguing and informative experience for visitors. Visitors can also enjoy the picturesque Oldfields gardens, which offer a peaceful and serene retreat regardless of the season. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a must-see destination for art lovers and history buffs alike, and the Oldfields estate and gardens are an essential part of the experience.