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Modern North Hollywood Home
  • $85/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (14)
  • 14
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Newly renovated, modern, contemporary open floor plan. Two master bedrooms. Two queen size bedrooms. Three full modern bathrooms
Old Tudor-esque home w/ Silver Lake view
  • $90/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (34)
  • 34
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
This is a Tudor-esque Old Hollywood home, built in 1912. The deck overlooks Silver Lake. The living room has a vaulted ceiling that is 24 ft high and a window that is 14 ft high. There is a loft overlooking the living room and the dining room flows into the living room. Fireplace is visual only. Balcony from master bedroom with french doors. Lots of garden. Beautiful and old.
Classic 80's House Views of DTLA and the Mountains
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 4.9 (6)
  • 6
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Perched on the top of the hill this classic 80's suburban house (think 80's Spielberg) has magnificent views of Downtown LA and the San Gabriel mountains. The house is placed on a HUGE 32,000 sq ft lot with multiple levels. A private road that leads to a cul-de-sac is where you'll find this hidden gem.
Family ranch-style home on quiet West LA street
  • $95/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (6)
  • 6
  • Instant book
  • Los Angeles, CA
Family ranch-style home with large open-concept kitchen on peaceful street in West LA. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms are kids/teenager rooms with murals - one girl, one boy. 2 living room/den areas. Grassy backyard with stone/brick porch and built-in BBQ. Detached garage. Ample street parking, walking distance to metro.
Need help finding the perfect Outdoor Party venue?
Need help finding the perfect Outdoor Party venue?
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What people say about Outdoor Party on Giggster

Liam C.
$ 975
5 hours
15 people
3 years ago
Great place for an outdoor party! Bar, pool, jacuzzi, and plenty of space. Nice host. Perfect venue!
Valentina N.
$ 1170
6 hours
20 people
4 years ago
Nice big house near CalArts for a party. The stone front porch and back patio make this a great outdoor space for an event. There is a bit of landscaping, but also plenty of space for guests to hang out.
Evie W.
$ 4320
12 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Perf place for an outdoor party! Bar, pool, jacuzzi, and plenty of space. Nice host!
Carah H.
$ 500
5 hours
55 people
3 years ago
Such a great option for an outdoor party in CalArts. The house has this large front porch made of stone and a backyard patio. There is a bit of landscaping in the yard, but also plenty of space for guests to hang out.

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About Outdoor Parties

There is something special about an outdoor party that’s hard to define. Maybe it’s the chance to soak up the fresh air and connect with nature. Maybe it’s feeling the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair. Or maybe it’s the magic of celebrating under a beautiful night sky and a blanket of stars.

Whatever the reason, outdoor parties can be truly memorable occasions — provided you find a great outdoor party venue. Choosing the wrong space for your event can destroy the ambiance you were hoping to create, but getting it right will ensure that your celebration is a roaring success?

But how can you find awesome outdoor party spaces? Keep reading to find out.

The Best Outdoor Party Venues

Outdoor party venues, just like their indoor counterparts, come in a huge range of shapes, styles, and settings. Some of them lend themselves to casual, laid-back celebrations, while others are better suited to sophisticated soirees. With this in mind, you’ll need to have a clear idea of the sort of event you’re planning before you start comparing outdoor party locations.

  • Pools
    What could be more relaxing than a party beside the pool? With a cool drink in your hand, a chilled-out vibe, and the chance to cool off if the mercury rises too far, pool parties are the perfect summer social event. With a private pool and stunning mountain views, this hilltop home is a genuine stunner.

  • Private Gardens
    A lovingly landscaped and perfectly maintained garden is a thing of beauty, and a wonderful setting for a cocktail party or high tea. With lush surroundings that allow you to immerse yourself in nature, they lend an air of sophistication to any event.

  • Public Parks
    Planning a community event or company picnic where family fun is the name of the game? Look no further than the best public parks and green spaces near you. They offer the perfect environment for a BBQ, a cook-out, family-friendly games, and plenty of good times.

  • Outdoor Patios and Courtyards
    Whether it’s a hidden courtyard in an inner-city laneway or a coastal patio with stunning ocean views, patios and courtyards are versatile outdoor event venues. Some are intimate and secluded, others are eye-catching and extravagant, but all are memorable spaces for an outdoor celebration.

  • Rooftop Spaces
    Rooftop parties are always memorable affairs. With your own private space, beautiful views, good friends, and the night sky above you, it’s easy to feel like the rest of the world is so far away.

What to Look for in Outdoor Party Spaces

Rather than just choosing the first outdoor party venue you find, it’s a good idea to compare a range of options to find a space that’s right for your needs. Here are the factors to consider as you search for your dream space.

  • The Perfect Outdoor Party Vibe
    The first thing you need to do is work out what sort of atmosphere you want to create for your party guests. Some celebrations call for a loud and colorful festival-type atmosphere, while others need something a little more refined and subdued. Some are casual, others are formal, and then there are those that are somewhere in between. Once you know the sort of ambiance you need, you can start searching for a venue that suits you.

  • Convenient Location
    Want all of your guests to arrive in the mood to party? Find an outdoor party space that’s easy for them to get to and from. Consider travel times by road and public transport when choosing a venue, and it’s often also a good idea to find a location with plenty of private parking.

  • Size
    How many people are on your guest list? How much space do you need? What about the layout? Finding an outdoor party venue of a suitable size is a bit of a balancing act, as choosing a space that’s far too big or simply too small can quickly ruin the atmosphere of any event.

  • Essential Amenities
    When you’re comparing venues, it helps to have a checklist of all the essential features you want in an outdoor party space. For example, does it have adequate restroom facilities, is there a kitchen or catering on-site, is it easily accessible, and does it have a PA system? There are many factors to take into account, so consider your needs carefully before you start comparing outdoor party locations.

  • Wet Weather Alternative
    Finally, don’t forget to think of a Plan B if the weather doesn’t come to the party. If the venue you choose has a wet weather alternative available at the same location, it’ll make it much easier to deal with any changes in Mother Nature’s mood.

Outdoor Party Inspiration

Need some extra ideas for your next outdoor party? Here’s some inspo to get you thinking outside the box.

  • Cafe Patios
    Planning a relaxed brunch? Find a cafe with a breezy alfresco area, a mouth-watering menu, and of course food coffee. On a sunny summer’s day, where else would you rather be but soaking up the warm weather in this Malibu beachside cafe?

  • Beachfront Homes
    Want to party like an A-list celeb? Find a beachfront mansion with a spacious patio or balcony overlooking the ocean? And if you’re on a tighter budget, search for a rustic beachfront shack with an outdoor space where you can practically feel the sand between your toes.

  • Rooftop Bars
    To give your occasion a truly special feel, book a private rooftop bar for yourself and your closest friends. With the sparkling lights of the city and great views all around, you’ll be able to relax and make the most of your own intimate, secluded party space.

  • Lush Landscaped Gardens
    From engagement parties to family reunions and garden parties are ideal for a wide range of occasions. Find yourself a pristine patch of landscaped private garden to create a memorable party environment.

  • Just Cruising
    No one said your outdoor party venue had to be in a fixed location, so why not take to the high seas (or river or lake) and book a party cruise? Find a craft that offers plenty of space for celebrating in the open air and you’ll be all set for a party that’ll make a splash.