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Modern Workspace
  • $50/hr
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  • Santa Monica, CA
Satellite Centers offer a mix of coworking, private office rentals, workstations, meeting and touchdown space, virtual office plans, mail services, print/scan/copy facilities and videoconferencing — available 24/7 to members and during the working day for non-members. Each Satellite Center includes high-speed broadband Internet, ergonomic seating, community events, VoiP phone plans, virtual office plans, computer and admin support, and free coffee.
Need help finding the perfect Group Work space?
Need help finding the perfect Group Work space?
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Michael E.
$ 900
6 hours
60 people
4 years ago
Nice location for a group project work day. The offices have everything you need and having many separate spaces for our team to work was really useful. Thanks Aida!
Francisco C.
$ 180
3 hours
10 people
3 years ago
Nice work space for a group. Modern, creative, and excellent location.
Vaidehi T.
$ 200
4 hours
10 people
3 years ago
Picked this one for a group project work day. The offices had everything we hoped for and more, including lots of several rooms for our team groups. Thanks Aida!
Sou B.
$ 300
2 hours
20 people
3 years ago
Nice work space for a group. Modern, creative, and excellent location.

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About Group Work

Whether you’re a student or professional, you’ve likely worked in groups at one time or another. It’s an excellent way to make an informed decision and increase productivity. Working with others also enables you to see situations from different perspectives.

But to maximize its benefits and enjoy group learning, it’s crucial to work in a collaborative space that encourages strong teamwork. Before picking an indoor or outdoor group work location, the lighting, sound, writing space, and comfortable seating must be considered. It should also feel open, inspire your team to think differently and allow creativity and communication.

While offices and classrooms remain effective and reliable, taking your group out of your usual environment can better foster camaraderie and drive your brains into action. They will get excited to come together in a flexible workspace and feel more motivated. They might even be so impressed, so they’ll look forward to the next group work.

The Best Group Work Venues

With so many private and public properties transforming into event venues, you no longer have to spend hours on the web looking for a site to hold your activity. Say goodbye to dusty, old meeting rooms and hello to bright and innovative spaces that will fill your group with inspiration.

  • Rooftops
    Your team will surely enjoy the outdoors and get inspired working on the rooftop. It’s a fab spot for a group that requires ample space to spread out. By taking your work squad out of the office and into an area that will push your creative juices flowing, you’ll be able to accomplish more and complete your task on time.

  • Dance Studios
    You can do a lot of things in a dance studio besides showing off your dancing prowess. Open, spacious dance studios can be rented for group activities and events. Some are equipped with movable furniture, but others are just blank spaces. Depending on your goal or task, you might need to bring chairs and tables or sit on yoga mats. But if you’re looking for an expansive area with additional room, consider moving to a different location like an equipment office and warehouse.

  • Coffee Shops
    People in history have actually done their best work in coffee shops, so it only makes sense to take your team to these spaces to meet and discuss. Their warm, relaxed, and inviting environment will increase your focus, thereby accomplishing more. If there are only a few members, you can organize a time when the café isn’t busy. But if you have a large group, you might have to book the entire place to avoid distractions.

What to Look for in Group Work Spaces

Your workspace plays a vital role in turning your group work into an experience that keeps your team members engaged and focused. When you know what you’re looking for and put together a few elements, you’ll be able to pick the best group work venue to achieve your goals.

  • Environment
    The temperature, noise, moisture, décor, and lighting in a group work room can significantly affect your output and ability to concentrate. That’s why it’s essential to visit the location before booking while thinking about the activity you’ll have. Check out the libraries, art galleries, and museums in your area. They often have ideal settings for group meetings.

  • Flexibility
    A restrictive environment can deter your productivity and limit your performance. If you want to be creative in work, you’ll also want to work in a setting where you can let your imagination run wild. Think of animal sanctuaries and botanical gardens for team-building activities. After a tour or a relaxing stroll, you can use their rental spaces and get ready to work. Open design venues, like industrial spaces and warehouses, also offer endless décor opportunities.

  • Technology
    WiFi, sufficient electrical outlets, speakers, and other technological accessories are now a must in workrooms. They allow convenient collaboration, simplify presentations, and support the formation of concepts and ideas.

  • Layout
    The importance of visiting the venue beforehand cannot be overemphasized, so you know what to expect. Does it have comfortable seating, break-out rooms, or semi-private areas? If you can envision your group working there without dealing with any issue, it might be a suitable space to rent.

  • Services and Supplies
    Not all group work studios offer the same level of service, so choose one that meets your needs. Confirm if they provide audio-visual services, pens and pads, and computer facilities, like PCs, scanners, printers and projectors. If you want to mix work with fun, you might want to pick a location close to entertainment areas.

Group Work Inspiration

Part of achieving fruitful collaboration is selecting an interactive venue that will keep you driven no matter how tedious your project may be. So instead of meeting at your usual spot, consider other group work sites to energize your team and make discussions more fun.

  • Trust Building at Parks
    Trust building activities can be awkward for some participants, so you must pick a space that will allow them to be comfortable. No matter the size of the group, parks are great spaces to use. The cool breeze, beautiful landscape, and green space will make anyone feel at ease. Plus, its expansive area provides limitless options for any type of trust building activity you want to have.

  • Group Report Writing at Community Centers
    Perhaps, you’re looking for a group work room, but the library isn’t easily accessible to everyone. Ditch the school campus entirely and head to a community center for a quick group discussion. Many community centers have learning facilities and rooms your team can use for studying and completing your report.

  • Group Presentation in Theaters
    With a built-in stage and convenient seating, theaters are undoubtedly ideal settings for presentations. They often come with audio-visual equipment and appropriate lighting, so you don’t have to worry about the installation and setup. The structure and layout of the venue are also added perks, as the audience and evaluators have a clear view of the slides and everyone presenting on stage.

  • Outdoor Peer Review
    If you’ve been assigned to do peer review as a group activity, take your team outside and discuss in the fresh air. Find a picnic table or take your squad to a botanical garden near you. Often, you just need to get out of the confines of a study room or office to get a new take on the subject.