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How to rent Group Work spaces in Washington, DC
Find the right space for your next Group Work. Browse a wide variety of local Group Work spaces through out Washington, DC and book your venue in minutes on Giggster.

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Top Group Work spaces

Looking for a unique Group Work space? Save money by booking directly with local hosts

Highly-Equipped Office for 4 People
From $23/hr
Highly-Equipped Office for 4 People
Washington, DC
Our windowed office is the perfect place to work/meet, can accommodate 3-4 people inside this office. With lobby, pantry, and relaxation room. Safe and secured building.
From $23/hr
Comfortable and Clean Private Office Space - 8th Floor
Washington, DC
We have a small office room that is good for 3 people for any private meetings. With easy access to kitchenette to make your cup of coffee while on a meeting or any business production.
From $69/hr
High Class Conference/Boardroom
Washington, DC
The ultimate business environment in one of DC’s high-end commercial neighborhoods. A clean and professional meeting/conference room with great amenities, in the 8th floor of a secured building in Washington.
From $69/hr
Clean and Polished Conference-Training Room
Washington, DC
The ultimate business environment in one of DC’s high-end commercial neighborhoods. This is a clean and polished conference room in the DC area. Great amenities! This training room can accommodate up to 16 seating capacity. Breakout lounge and pantry is just right beside this Conference room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for Group Work spaces in Washington, DC?

The price differs based on the length of rental, but majorly 1-hour booking will be in the range of $23 to $69

Which Group Work spaces are most popular in Washington, DC in 2021?

How do I book a location on Giggster?

Once renters find a property they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information, and if everything looks great, book and pay for the location in a couple of clicks. Giggster will handle payment processing and all other backend details to guarantee everything on the project goes smoothly. Detailed instruction

How do I cancel a reservation request?

You can read the booking conditions on this page.

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Find Group Work spaces in Washington, DC

About Washington DC

The nation's capital came into existence in 1790, and following periods of highs and lows it transitioned into the current city we know. It's also an international point of interest as a center of power and politics. An estimated 700,000 people call Washington DC home, and it serves as proof that the city offers plenty of opportunities.

When exploring the city, it's hard not to get caught up in the thrill of taking a walk down the streets of history. Great things happened in this city and there are 160 monuments as well as more than 70 museums dedicated to recounting these events. History buffs and art lovers are not the only well-represented groups because the city is also a Millennials magnet. Georgetown University is partly responsible for it alongside the cute cafes and other attractive businesses that cater to this lot.

The city has inspired an endless list of incredible ideas, and you'll equally find a group work space in Washington DC highly productive.

Group Work Space Options in Washington DC

Co-working spaces foster a sense of community while bringing together like-minded individuals. From techies to budding entrepreneurs; these collaborative spaces provide a more conducive place to work rather than your local coffee shop. Here are some of the highlights you should look out for when renting one of these spaces.

  • Location
    The location of your chosen group work space matters because it influences timely attendance. You want to go for a space that is conveniently located so that you, your teammates, and your clients don't spend too much time on the commute.

  • Furnishings
    The biggest advantage of using group work spaces is the fact that most are furnished. You'll have a desk, chair, and couches at your disposal. Perhaps you might need to bring in an item or two, particularly when renting the room for a long period but you'll have enough to get you started.

  • Equipment
    Again, it depends on the particular group work space but some are also equipped with standard office machines. That includes computers, printers, and a company phone. Whatever else you need for your specific purpose, the office equipment rental stores in Washington DC have you covered.

  • Amenities
    Most group work spaces in Atlanta also include several amenities in the rental cost. That usually includes a Wi-Fi connection, a reception service, meeting rooms, access to a kitchen, and parking. You can also choose to source for customized services or get the services you need that are not part of the lease agreement.

  • Signage
    There are also group work spaces that offer clients dedicated office spaces or rooms. In such instances, put up the necessary signage so that your clients can easily find you in the space.

Group Work Space Companies in Washington DC

Whether you are a local or not, help is needed to identify the best group work space in Washington DC and the process of setting it up to suit your needs. Local professionals can offer a helping hand.

  • Mindy’s Catering
    The Washington DC area has been served with style by Mindy’s Catering since 2000. This family-owned company can come to your work space no matter if your needs are for 10 people or 100. Do you need a Classical Continental Breakfast to start the day? Perhaps you need individually boxed luncheon meals. Mindy’s can provide whatever you require.

  • Bridge Furniture & Props
    Established in 2006, Bridge Furniture & Props is the go-to supplier for commercial, event-design, film, and photography communities. They offer catalogs of distinctive furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, cleared art, and more.

  • Heritage Signs & Displays
    Heritage Signs & Displays offers commercial printing, event display, interior graphics, and custom signage services. It's a veteran-owned business that has been in operation since 1977.

Pros and Cons of Group Work Spaces in Washington DC

Washington DC is undeniably a beautiful city that offers plenty of opportunities. The city still has its shortcomings that are worth knowing about before you completely settle for a group work space in Washington DC.


  • Entertainment
    Washington DC provides plenty of entertainment options to keep the history buff, art enthusiast, and food lover well preoccupied. Any of these options are a great way to wrap up your inaugural group workspace session.

  • Weather
    The city has distinct seasons and experiences a mild climate. The spring and fall seasons are particularly beautiful, and also the best time to explore outdoor group workspaces in Washington DC.

  • Diversity
    Everyone feels at home in Washington DC because the city is diverse. All ages and career types are at ease.

  • Public transportation
    The Amtrak and MARC rail stations as well as the metro, which is what the locals call the subway, make the process of navigating the city easier. The city is equally accessible via three major airports including Northern Maryland (DCA and IAD).

  • Millennials love Washington DC
    With about 20% of the population made up of millennials, it's safe to say that the city has several attractive features and businesses. Likewise, it's a great place for millennials to kick off their startup at a work space.


  • High cost of living
    Washington DC is expensive and you might end up spending more on accommodation in the case of colleagues who need to move into the city.

  • Traffic
    It's best to settle for an accessible group work space in Washington DC to avoid losing time caught up in the city's traffic.

  • The weather
    The weather in Washington DC can also end up being a setback during the winter and summer months. You'll have to adjust your plans accordingly to either have heating or cooling systems in place.

  • The food scene is lacking
    If you are planning to develop a food-related venture, Washington doesn't really offer the diversity you would expect to bounce off of.

  • Unfriendly locals
    Much like New York City, the locals in DC are considered an unfriendly lot. It’s simply because everyone is always on the move and working hard to achieve their goals.

Famous Locations in Washington DC

  • The White House
    With fascinating facts like a secret passage that the nation's former head of state J.F. Kennedy used to sneak in Marilyn Monroe, it's undeniable that The White House is an interesting monument. It housed almost all the U.S. Presidents and their families. Tourists simply enjoy taking photos from outside.

  • National Air Space Museum
    History-making aircraft that also traversed space are housed within the National Air Space Museum. Some of the notable crafts found in the museum include the Spirit of St. Louis, the Apollo 11 command module, and the Wright Brothers’ original Flyer.
  • Washington Monument
    The Washington Monument stands 555 feet above the ground. At its base, a Reflecting Pool mirrors its impressive height. There are also 50 American flags surrounding the base of the monument.