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Versatile Private Event Space
  • $43/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (5)
  • 5
  • Instant book
  • Toronto, ON
*No outside food or alcohol is permitted* **This venue is best suited for people aged 25+** Thanks for reaching out and considering Tallboys Craft Beer House to host your event.   We’re located a short 5 min walk from Ossington Station Just west of Shaw on the north side of Bloor. The event space is capable of hosting any type of performance or gathering, including live music. is available at the moment.   The price for our event space is $300+HST. It is a private, intimate and cozy space capable of accommodating up to 30 guests.  The $300+HST room charge is a flat fee and no other costs are involved with booking the space.  Last call on weekends is 2am, and the event space must be vacated by 2:30 am, this would constitute as one booking date. Last call from Sunday - Thursday is 12:30am, the event space must be vacated by 1am. No cover charges are permitted to be collected by the event host.
Bright And Beautiful Event Space
  • $80/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (2)
  • 2
  • Instant book
  • Port Coquitlam, BC
Beautiful cafe / bakery retail front space available after cafe hours for private event. Upstairs space includes own bathroom, kitchenette, two large bright windows with two separated office rooms. (Booking is for one or the other, not together).
Brewery In East Austin, Texas
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (1)
  • 1
  • Instant book
  • Austin, TX
Large enclosed production space where beer is brewed and canned that leads way to a comfortably furnished tasting room and outdoor patio with cocktail tables, banquette seating, and 60ft. handmade bar.
Unique Restaurant Private Space
  • $100/hr
  • New
  • 5.0 (1)
  • 1
  • Instant book
  • Raleigh, NC
This space is perfect for anyone wanting to host a birthday dinner/party, bridal party, or anything that requires a private restaurant space. This space is located in the heart of downtown Raleigh and offers city views driving to and from the location. The abundance of seating and great lighting adds to the vibe of the space. Feel free to decorate the space with balloons or any decor that fits your liking. We hope that you will love the space and feel free to message with any questions. We aim to accommodate as best as we can so if there is something specific you need from this space please let us know.
Need help finding the perfect Poetry space?
Need help finding the perfect Poetry space?
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What people say about Poetry on Giggster

Quintana M.
$ 1040
5 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Totally psychedelic! Hosted a poetry slam in this colorful and crazy space! Wacktacular! Love the space!
Oleda D.
$ 624
3 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Quiet and secluded house with lots of room, booked it for a poetry event. Felt very private and at the same time had enough space to fit a good number of people in. Comfortable and nicely put out.
Angell S.
$ 832
4 hours
20 people
3 years ago
Good space for a poetry reading. Nice to have the extra rooms for people to chill out, and the main room is cozy but has a great vibe.
Susanne E.
$ 7425
9 hours
60 people
3 years ago
Small theater, the perfect size for a reading — intimate atmosphere but big enough to accomodate a bigger crowd of poetry-lovers if needed. Great location and parking is easy.

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About Poetry

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you’re searching for a poetry venue, we’ve got a space for you! Poetry readings let you experience poems the way the author intended them to be experienced. Rather than just reading the printed words yourself, you get to listen to the emphasis on different words and syllables, and you get a deeper understanding of the true meaning of the poem.

If you’re hosting a poetry reading, however, there’s one crucial decision you’ll need to make: finding the best poetry space. The right venue will offer everything you need for an immersive and enchanting experience — a direct connection between the poet and their audience, comfortable surroundings for all attendees, and an atmosphere to match the poems being performed.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how you can find the perfect poetry reading venue.

The Best Poetry Venues

The best poetry venues combine practical features with something a little harder to define. While location, size, layout, and amenities are all important, the space also needs to draw the audience in so they can experience the poems being read on a new level. Here are some popular locations to consider if you’re ready to start comparing venues.

  • Art Galleries
    Poetry is creative and inspiring, so where better to host a recital than in an art gallery? With high ceilings, whitewashed walls, and eclectic works lining the walls, a gallery is the perfect setting for some spoken word.

  • Cafes
    Good coffee and good poetry go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even better, the right cafe can offer the ideal cozy and comfy vibe for an intimate poetry recital. Get yourself a steaming-hot cup of coffee, maybe a sweet treat to eat too, then sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Lounge Bars
    Looking for a poetry venue that’s exclusive, suave, and simply oozes understated style. With gorgeous leather lounges, mood lighting, and a definite speakeasy vibe, a lounge bar could be just the space you’re searching for. These elegant parlor rooms are chic, sophisticated, and perfect for a poetry recital.

  • Rooftop Patios
    Some lines (and some entire poems) are best enjoyed when shouted from the rooftops. So if the weather permits, taking your recital to a secluded rooftop patio is a great way to take your art to the next level.

  • Event Spaces
    These multipurpose venues are jacks of all trades. They may not be as unique or character-filled as some other options, but they are extremely practical and can be tailored to suit a variety of needs.

What to Look for in Poetry Spaces

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a poetry venue. Take the following into account when comparing spaces to find a location that perfectly suits your needs.

  • Ambiance
    First, think about the vibe you want to create at your poetry reading. Will it be serious and intense, or a little more laid-back and casual? Do you need a cozy and intimate space or something that feels a little more spacious and extravagant? Finding a space that matches the poetry being recited will give your audience a more immersive experience.

  • Location
    A convenient location is a must for your poetry venue. Look for a place that is centrally located, easy to access, and has plenty of parking. You may also want to consider what other attractions are nearby, such as bars and restaurants, for audience members planning a full night out.

  • Size
    The venue you choose will need to have enough space to seat your audience comfortably. At the same time, you don’t want to select a space that’s too large for your needs, as this will destroy the ambiance and lessen the connection between the poet and the audience.

  • Essential Facilities
    Now it’s time to think about all those must-have features you need at your poetry venue. This list could vary greatly depending on the event you’re planning, but some of the factors to consider include accessibility, bathroom accommodations, and layout as well as AV equipment and furniture.

  • Price
    Finally, don’t forget that price is always an important consideration when choosing a venue. Set yourself a budget before you start comparing venues and be careful not to fall in love with a space you simply can’t afford.

Poetry Inspiration

Searching for inspiration to help make your next poetry reading a truly memorable occasion? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Cozy Cafes
    Grab a cup, pull up a chair, and get ready for a memorable evening of the spoken word. Casual, cozy, and offering spectacular views of the Austin skyline, this downtown cafe is a wonderful creative space.

  • Beautiful Bookshops
    There’s something about the smell of books that is enough to put a smile on any keen reader’s face. So why not host your poetry reading at a charming independent bookshop? It’s the perfect setting in which to celebrate the written word while doing your bit to generate support for a local small business at the same time.

  • Thriving Theaters
    Reading poetry is as much about the performance as it is about the words on the page. Let the poet take center stage and choose a theater as your next poetry recital venue. This will ensure an excellent connection between the audience and the poet, and really add a sense of theater (pun intended) to the occasion.

  • Gorgeous Gardens
    Nobody said your poetry space had to be indoors. In fact, some works lend themselves quite perfectly to an outdoor setting, and a lush garden could be the ideal environment for your next recital. When the audience feels a connection to nature and the great outdoors, this could help your work resonate with them on a completely different level.