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Sarah's listing

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Pros: The space had a great layout and a lot of areas to use for my professional photo shoot. There were a lot of options in the place, and my photographer got some great shots given the space. Additionally, the owner was quick to respond leading up to the scheduled date I booked and was extremely friendly. After contacting her several times the day of the event (read next part), she offered to extend my time to make up for the lost time from trying to find someone. I thought it was sweet of her, but I booked the photographer for a designated time where it didn't make a difference for me and my budget, though thank you for offering! I know she was out of the country at the time and tried her best to accommodate given the circumstances. Cons: First, it was stressful trying to find parking in the area, especially since the street was closed on the day I booked the site for construction work. I had to circle for 20-30 minutes until someone finally moved their car, and I was told parking "is easy." Secondly, the owner provided a number for someone on-site; however, the number was incorrect and I had a hard time trying to get a hold of someone the morning of the booking. For the first 20-minutes of my booked time, I could not get into the building. Luckily, a mailman let me into the gated driveway, but I had no access to finding the designated person since the buildings were not numbered once inside the gate. Glad I eventually bumped into the designated person on-site, but I had to ask every person going into the building which was stressful. Thirdly, I was hoping to utilize the computer area shown in the images for this booking, and when I opened the room door to it, it was cluttered with several items and unusable. My photographer and I were disappointed since we wanted to use that space but did not think it was worth cleaning up given the time that had already been interfered. Lastly, the bathroom had used tampons in the garbage and used towels where it looked like the place had not been cleaned in the rooms off the main room. Clearly, someone stayed there, and I would have thought it would have been cleaned before renting out the space. This was my first time using Giggster, and not sure if that is typical. Overall, the space did the job that I needed it to do, the owner was friendly and meant well given the circumstance that morning, but it was extremely difficult to park and find the locations since specifics were not provided once arrived on site.