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What an amazingly pleasant and productive shooting experience we had here! The host and manager, were both incredibly accommodating, giving us easy access to the space, not hovering while we were working, but also being incredibly responsive, whenever we had questions. They even tried to round up some more extras for us to help us further shape our scene. Speaking of that, the bar, just has a fantastic vibe and very beautiful and usable practical lighting throughout. I found myself just augmenting things slightly for the tone I was going for, but this space did not require a big lighting lift. For added perspective, consider that we shot the opening scene to our project here -- so we really needed the right space to set the tone. This bar was absolutely it. And I could easily see it playing well across the spectrum of a vibey dive bar, a more sophisticated club, and even a place for an intimate dialogue scene. Between the 360 bar with all its angles, the booths tucked into corners, the dance floor, and the practical lighting, this place offers a broad palette for you to create scenes with. Add to that incredibly accommodating hosts and easy nighttime interiors shot in the middle of the day and you'd be silly not to seriously consider shooting here.