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David's listing

40 reviews

David was wonderful and very helpful. Had a great time shooting here.
Location is great! The only issues were with parking and getting the permit. The neighbors don’t like it when people park on the street which is understandable but we had to do a shuttle and park at the college nearby. You’re also under film LA and they require you to hire a film monitor to make sure you’re not being disruptive in the neighborhood which drives the cost for using the location up significantly.
David was great to work with and incredibly kind. The place was perfect for what we needed, and looked very retro and lived in. Definitely give yourself extra time for set dressing. There are lots of kids toys and other items at the back of the living room that we had to load in and out for our shots. We had no problems with the neighbors, but were warned that they are a little fussy. All cast and crew had to park away from the house.
This location had a PERFECT living room for what we need and David, the homeowner, was very kind and helpful for us. The only consideration here is that it's in a neighborhood that is flagged on FILMLA, so it requires a FILMLA rep + retired police officer on site, which is an extra $1,500 cost at least.
David was an absolute pleasure to work with. His location was perfect for what we needed. An ideal location for a small crew. Highly recommended. Be aware of difficult neighbors, but not a problem at all if you have all the proper Filming Paperwork. Thanks David for a wonderful shoot!