The Vandenberg House

The Vandenberg House


Established 2015, Historic and intimate Victorian house on the Eastend of Toronto. Seating 28 / Standing 40
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The place was very cozy, the host was very kind and responsive to all my questions. I highly recommend it.
This is a beautiful space for any type of event! We loved the location, the cleanliness, and layout of the space. The management is super attentive and kind. We especially loved the tables and chairs that were included with the rental. It was very practical and the style helped make our event feel more comfortable and 'at home'. We will be renting again!
Great space! Highly recommend for more intimate events!
In terms of accuracy from photos to actual location, my advise would be to visit the location before booking, booking solely based on the photos and you will be disappointed, for one the space is actually very small, not a lot of manipulation that can be done with the space, 8 adults walking around and the space seemed somewhat crowded, we got a flower wall that was virtually useless, absolutely no space for it, kitchen also quite small no more than 4 adults can be there at once without bumping into each other. The bathroom was clean. When renting the location there is a smell, not a bad smell, but an old smell, but I guess it has to do with the fact the location is quite old, so make sure you come with scented candles or something to override that- I do also have to say the location was not ideal, it’s way to far out and hidden, that was the topic for most of the guests, so be prepared for complaints from guests who have to come to that location, first comment when coming in was “ who chose this location”, and that’s not what you really want to answer at that time, parking was a nightmare, absolutely no parking, paid parking was available up and down the streets, which my guests were also displeased with, because it’s pretty much occupied and full, my guests were running back and forth to top up on parking meter, however pretty much every guest left with a parking ticket including myself, parking enforcement were up and down the street diligently. Communication- Very difficult to get hold of host, you will not be able to reach her via phone at all all correspondence is only via email or the website messaging portal. Confirmations and documents after booking was provided days or maybe weeks later after one or two reminders. The space did not meet my expectation at all if I am being honest, when I did visit the location a week prior to the event I was petrified as to how I was going to make it work, there is a massive table in the center of the room that an extra 75$ I believe would be charged to have it removed, and there is no option it needs to be removed as it takes up 70% of usable space. Extra decor was needed 1500 worth of decor to get the baby shower to look decent. Lastly there is a 75$ cleanup fee, please be carful with this this fee, you are responsible for the cleaning, don’t be confused. We were there an extra hour and a half cleaning up because we did not come prepared to clean as we were advised that we were only responsible for removing our items and ensuing no damages, nonetheless we cleaned up the space. The host was very nice but many of my guests did have to come into the kitchen to say the host wants to know when we will be leaving. a little embarrassing. But no big deal. All and all the shower was a success, we made the place look nice. Would I book the location or recommend, I would have to say no, I couldn’t do that with a clear conscious, if I was strapped and left with no option and needed a space, I wouldn’t because there are thousands of apartment units I can ask someone to utilize, so even then no.
The location was amazing and the venue was so quaint and cozy and provided everything we needed! Will definitely be using Vandenberg House again!