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Beautiful space but I'm not sure it was worth the hassle. Let me list the pros and cons for you: Pros: -Gorgeous space that my guests loved -Provided speaker system, benches and tables for me -Let me bring in food for my birthday party -Fast response time on communication -Could bring in alcohol with permit (easy to get) Cons: -Charged me $181 extra to bring in food -Charged me $25/hour for "security" (it was just a dude crossing off names on my list at the door) -It's 4 stories up -The bathrooms on that level were not clean and could not be used for my event. My guests had to go down 2 flights, down two halls, up another flight of stairs to go to the washroom. -Found out after I paid I would need to bring a guestlist including names of every single person invited (Plus ones included) - A month before they said there was "a noise restriction" on the space, which was surprising. When I asked about it they said they were given the wrong information and to disregard. - No garbage can, I brought my own (glad I thought of it) - Two weeks to go to my event and they tell me everyone MUST have photo ID no exceptions. At this point I have already touched base with all my guests about the invitations, and the names, now I have to contact all my guests again. I thought the guest list thing was a bit overkill and called to try and reassure them I wasn't throwing a frat party in their space. I was turning 30 and a lot of my guests were over 40, no one under 25. They were nice but wouldn't budge. My concern was one of my friends would be denied entry to the party if they forgot ID. The response was that everyone has to show ID to get into a bar, and my permit said that. I read my permit and actually it doesn't say that. It says that I am responsible to make sure no one underage drinks. It does not say everyone has to be over 19. Am I being picky? Probably. I laid it all out for you to make an informed decision. I think my biggest critique was that I felt like I found out about a lot of stuff AFTER I had paid. But that is the nature of this website, there was no contract. It was a great party, my friend brought lights on stands and everyone had a good time. Would I recommend it? No.
The space was wonderful! Nicole was an amazing host as she was able to cater to everything needed to create an unforgettable experience. Definitely would recommend!