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I totally forgot to leave a review for this place since I had such an awful experience with Reagan... & my only awful experience with Giggster He made false claims and tried to squeeze money out of me & insisted on keeping everything via text (to his personal phone number) My message "lets take it on with Giggster. This is an outrageous claim. The rug was rolled away and never used and replaced with pink rug, the white marks are definitely not from us. Nothing we had could have made those marks." Let's just leave the text he sent me "No worries, we can do that. Just a heads up though, I was part of the founding team at Giggster, and was with Alison last night who handles and approves damage claims. Not trying to squeeze money out of you guys, as I'm a veteran host and done over 350 shoots. I'm just telling you this to let you know it will probably be more economical/better for your renter profile resolve outside of Giggster on damages, because I can 100% guarantee that they will take my word on damages" Let's just say I would not recommend booking this place. -Tony
Reagan was such a wonderful host—he was so helpful and flexible. The space itself was perfect for our event of 15-20 people. I highly recommend this space :)
Reagan was very accommodating and a great host.
Great place with a variety of corners and looks to shoot. Host was also very great and easy to work with!
The place was awesome and so were the hosts! Clean aesthetic That can work with anything.