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Soulful Gyrotonics and Conditioning Pilates Room

Edmonds, WA
Pilates is a method of body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago. Originally called “The Art of Contrology” or the “Art of Control,” Pilates offers over 500 exercises on the mat and different apparatuses. Each exercise is meant to be done with the 7 Principles of Pilates and 5 Parts of the Mind throughout the workout. 7 Pilates Principles: Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, Flow, Breath, Rhythm 5 Parts of the Mind: Intelligence, Intuition, Imagination, Memory, Will This is a rental for the Gyrotonics and Pilates room. Additional Services: -Massage - 80-135/ hour (please confirm for the therapists schedule) -Pilates - 80-135/ session -Gyro- 70/ session You can also checkout the Balanced Therapeutic Massage Room and Buyout options.

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Cemetery, Event Space, Dance/Fitness/Gym, Salon/Spa


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1500 sq ft


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